PM Johnson promises to 'level up' UK with post-pandemic plans in 'Queen's Speech'

Elizabeth read out the bills the government hopes to pass during the next year on everything from job creation and healthcare to stripping back post-Brexit bureaucracy.

She really needs to read this instead – The TRUTH about the British Monarchy; the "Golden Jubilee" (50 year reign) of the queen who never was and The GOSPEL of The Kingdom.

And before she gives royal assent to any more legislation, she and the British people really need to take The Oath to God seriously:

Elizabeth read out - "My government's priority is to deliver a national recovery from the pandemic... my government will level up opportunities across all parts of the United Kingdom."

What about God's Government?

The article continues...

With Britain's vaccination programme now far ahead of many other countries and the spread of the virus at low levels, Johnson, 56, is keen to revive his 'levelling up' agenda and re-set a premiership also clouded by accusations of cronyism.

Also part of the government's strategy to "build back better" from the coronavirus pandemic are education reforms...

Others criticised the omission of thorny issues such as the provision of social care to the elderly, disabled and others, which successive governments have avoided tackling.