Elizabeth II delivered remarks during the State Opening of British Parliament

May 11, 2021

State Opening of British Parliament

Elizabeth II Delivers Speech

Elizabeth II is pushing vaccines, 5G, and upholding democracy (demon crazy) across the world.

It's no wonder as she is the fraudulent usurper of Christ's Crown

Elizabeth speech starts at the 9 minute 11 second mark and ends around 18 minute 30 second mark

Elizabeth II delivered remarks during the State Opening of British Parliament. In her speech, the she outlined the government’s policies and proposed legislation for the new parliamentary session. She stated, “My government’s priority is to deliver a national recovery from the pandemic that makes the United Kingdom stronger, healthier, and more prosperous than before.”

"My Lords" and members of The House of Commons, "My Governments" priority is to deliver a national recovery from the pandemic. That makes the United Kingdom stronger, healthier, and more prosperous then before. To achieve this "My Government" will "Level Up" opportunities across all parts of the United Kingdom. Supporting jobs, businesses and economic growth addressing the impact of the pandemic on public services. "My Government" will protect the health of the nation, continuing the vaccination program, and provide additional funding to support the NH My Ministers will bring forward legislation to empower the NHS to innovate and embrace technology. Patients will receive more tailored and preventative care closer to home. Measures will be bought forward, to support the health and well-being of the nation, including tackling obesity and improving mental health. Proposals on social care reform will be bought forward. "My Government" will build on the success of the vaccination program to lead the world in life sciences, pioneering new treatments against diseases like cancer, and securing jobs and investments across the country. "My Ministers" will oversee the fastest ever increase in public funding for research and development, and pass legislation to establish an advanced research agency. Following the unprecedented support provided to businesses during the pandemic, proposals will be bought forward to create and support jobs and improve regulation. "My Government" will strengthen economic ties across The Union, investing in, and improving national infrastructure. Proposals will be taken forward to transform connectivity by rail and bus, and to extend 5G mobile coverage and gigabit capable broadband. Legislation will support a lifetime skills, currently to enable flexible access to high quality education and training throughout people's lives. Measures will be introduced to ensure that support for business reflects The United Kingdom's strategic interests,and drives economic growth. Laws will simplify procurement. In a public sector, each new free-port will create hubs for trade and help regenerate communities. "My Government" will ensure that the public finances are returned to a sustainable path once the economic recovery is secure. Measures will be bought forward to ensure that children have the best start in life. Prioritizing their early years, "My Ministers" will address lost learning during the pandemic and ensure every child has a high - quality education, and is able to fulfill their potential. "My Government" will help more people own their own homes, whilst enhancing the rights of those who rent. Laws to modernize the planning system, so that more homes can be built will be bought forward, along with measures to end the practice of ground rents and new lease hold properties. "My Ministers" will establish in law, a new building safety regulator, to ensure that the tragedies of the past are never repeated. Measures will be bought forward to address racial and ethnic disparities and banned conversion therapy. Legislation will support the voluntary sector by reducing unnecessary bureaucracy, and releasing additional funds for good causes. "My Government" will create, invest in, new Green Industries, to create jobs, whilst protecting the environment. The United Kingdom is committed to achieving Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and will continue to lead the way internationally by hosting the COP 26 Summit in Glasgow. Legislation will set binding environmental targets. Legislation will also be bought forward to ensure the United Kingdom has, and promotes, the highest standards of animal welfare. "My Government" will strengthen and renew democracy and the Constitution. Legislation will be introduced to ensure the integrity of elections, protect freedom of speech, and restore the balance of power between The Executive, Legislature, ans the Courts. "My Ministers" will promote the strength and integrity of The Union. Measures will be bought forward the strengthen devolved Government in Northern Ireland, and address the legacy of the past. "My Government" will introduce measures to increase the safety and security of it's citizens. "My Ministers" legislation will increase sentences for the most serious and violent offenders, and ensure the timely administration of justice. Proposals will be bought forward to establish a fairer immigration system, that strengthens the United Kingdom's borders, and deters criminals who facilitate dangerous and illegal journeys. "My Government" will lead the way ensuring safety for all, especially children, while harnessing the benefits of a free open and secure internet. "My Ministers" will provide our gallant arms services the biggest spending increase in 30 years, taking forward the program of modernization and reinforcing the United Kingdom's commitment to NATO. "My Ministers" will honour and strengthen the armed forces covenant, placing it in law. Measures will be introduced to provide National Insurance contribution relief for employers of veterans. Legislation will be introduced to counter hostile activity by foreign states. "My Ministers" will implement integrated review of Security Defense Development and foreign policy. The United Kingdom will host the G7's Summit, and lead a global effort to ensure a robust economic recovery from the pandemic. "My Ministers" will deepen trade ties in the Gulf, Africa, and Indo Pacific. "My Government" will continue to provide aid where it has the greatest impact on reducing poverty and alleviating human suffering. "My Government" will uphold human rights and democracy across the world. It will take forward a global effort to get 40 million girls across the world in schools. Members of the House of Commons, estimates of the public services will be laid before you. "My Lords" and members of the House of Commons, other measures will be laid before you. I pray the blessing of Almighty God may rest upon your council.


She repeated "My Government" and "My Ministers" numerous times.

Anyone who thinks she is just a "figurehead" needs to think again!

Government for the people by the people? Public servants?

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My, My, My – this is common rhetoric in her speeches.

She broke her Oath to God – Elizabeth 2 Go

And everyone under the fraudulent crown swears allegiance to her – instead of God – also breaking their Covenant Oath.

Her speeches and her giving royal assent to Satanic UnLawful legislation exposes her as an enemy to her own people.

Here is the PDF of her speech (which is a bit easier to read) with 31 bills:

The Speech included a government proposal for a new judicial review bill designed to “restore the balance of power between the executive, legislature and the courts”.

{What a joke. Restoration of justice comes when we return to God's Law.}

:red_circle: Elizabeth: "our mission must be to build back better "

Build Back Better is a Globalist-rhetoric, so we should know them by their fruit.

:red_circle: Elizabeth: "Beating COVID-19 remains our number one priority.

Investigate her involvement in its creation:

:red_circle: Elizabeth: "Cautiously and irreversibly we will follow the steps of the Roadmap, recognising that the global pandemic is not over, and there is a real risk of dangerous new variants of the virus."

By roadmap, she means plans like keeping in lockstep with Rockefeller Foundation, another globalist organization.

By "new variants", she means a way to keep everyone enslaved, imprisoned in their own households and countries – The Never-Ending Lockdown and the World Under Siege - #10 by DOTS

:red_circle: Elizabeth: "We will press on with our vaccination programme and our plans for a booster campaign in the autumn."

Boosters – think Big Pharma profits; poisons and nanotechnology – and witchcraft.

:red_circle: Elizabeth: "We will turn Britain into a science superpower, building on the extraordinary work of our life sciences sector during the pandemic, which has led the world in everything from vaccine development to genomic sequencing. We will invest record sums in Research and Development and create an Advanced Research and Invention Agency to help ensure that the breakthroughs of the future happen in the UK."

This is a Eugenicists Dream – Gibraltar: Whole Genome Sequencing Of Virus Causing COVID Can Now Be Undertaken Locally - #7 by DOTS

She continues outlining the ways in which her government will continue to put Britain under the control of the Satanic New World Order.

The Corruption of Our Royals and the Great Reset


build back better = 666


Queen Elizabeth will miss the State Opening of Parliament on Tuesday due to "mobility problems," Buckingham Palace announced on Monday.

Her absence marks just the third time she's missed the traditional occasion during her 70-year reign. (Her first two absences occurred when she was pregnant.) Her son, Prince Charles, and grandson, Prince William, will attend on her behalf. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will also be in attendance.

"The Queen continues to experience episodic mobility problems, and in consultation with her doctors has reluctantly decided that she will not attend the State Opening of Parliament tomorrow," Buckingham Palace said in a statement on Monday.

"At Her Majesty's request, and with the agreement of the relevant authorities, The Prince of Wales will read The Queen's speech on Her Majesty's behalf, with The Duke of Cambridge also in attendance," the statement concluded.

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The Queen has been experiencing mobility issues in recent months and finds it difficult to stand for long periods. Her Majesty has been using a walking cane and even complained about mobility problems, joking during an in-person meeting: "Well, as you can see, I can't move!"

Queen Elizabeth Sporting the Crown Through the Years
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip getty
She also recently shared a small glimpse into her battle with COVID-19 earlier this year, revealing that "it does leave one feeling very tired and exhausted."

The Queen delegated her royal duty of opening a new session of Parliament to her son and grandson via a letter patent, which enables the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge to jointly exercise that function. No other functions have been delegated by Her Majesty, according to the palace.


The rumor is that she is dead.
If not she could be out of the country in her bunker.
"Wars and rumors of wars".


Wars and RUMORS of wars
We shall see...
Perhaps she has fled to Greece


Perhaps delivered blindly



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