PLANDEMIC: Part 1 - Judy Mikovits, Dr Fauci's Ex-Employee Tell All After Being Jailed - Documentary

PLANDEMIC: Part 1 - Judy Mikovits, Dr Fauci's Ex-Employee Tell All After..


If your only window to the world is a digital screen, you might be unaware of the fact that we the people are making massive progress in this historic fight for freedom.

Every day we score new victories against a corrupt establishment that places profit and power over people. We’ve generated so much momentum that the only thing that can stop us at this point… is us.

The forces behind this dark agenda are doing everything in their powers to silence and divide us. I’ve made it my mission to create content that helps us remain optimistic and united.

My small production company has achieved big things over the past few years. None of it would’ve been possible without your support.

To remain honest and independent, I’ve turned down numerous offers for corporate sponsorships. Selling out is not an option. We’re in this to WIN this!

Our team of world class filmmakers and journalists are working night and day to correct false narratives and bring a little sanity to the masses.

While mainstream media has unlimited financial resources, we have something even more potent - The Power of the People!

A Call for Unity 6:50min.

In this video, I share a few critical secrets I've learned after serving over twenty years on the frontlines of many of our nation's biggest scandals and protests. Please take 7 minutes to watch this video, then SHARE IT FAR AND WIDE.

-Mikki Willis


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