According to the Biblical Enoch calendar, Passover begins at sunset on March 30th, followed by the Feast (fast/week) of Unleavened Bread.

According to The Lord's Teaching...

"...I said I am The Way you have to be, and asked the Disciples, who asked if they could return to heaven with me, if they could drink from the cup that I drank from – being crucified for the benefit of all.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am The Way, the Truth, and the Life: NOT one man cometh unto the Father, EXCEPT by me.

You therefore, at Passover, need to mentally go through what I went through and endured, in detail in your mind as though it was happening to you and prepare yourself mentally to be able to do the same.

Study what I went through in The Gospels of The New Testament – The King of kings’ Bible .

The Passover is a time for very SERIOUS REFLECTION on how you need to be in order to go home .

The below film by Mel Gibson is possibly the closest depiction of the suffering Christ underwent for us, but still may still come up short.


Also there is plenty to learn about the first Passover in Exodus: 12:27 That ye shall say, It [is] the sacrifice of the "I AM"'s Passover, Who passed over the houses of the children of Israel in Egypt, when He smote the Egyptians, and delivered our houses. And the people bowed the head and worshipped.


God at Eventide-The Time of Resurrection. - April 1

Spring brings its message of Hope.

Not only does it proclaim the Truth that Nature arises from her time of decay and darkness to a new life. But, My children, it surely speaks to the individual, to nations, to My world, that the time of decay and darkness for them too can pass, and that, from conflict and storm, disaster and sin, they can spring to a new and gladdening Resurrection-Life.

But Nature obeys My Laws. It is by her obedience that the quickening of new life is succeeded by the beauty of Risen Power.

So, only as man obeys My Will, and works according to My Divine Plan for him, can harmony follow chaos, peace follow war, and a reign of Love succeed one of conflict and carnage.


God at Eventide-Resurrection Preparation. - April 2

I am the Master of the Universe. Accept My ordered Word. When you do this in joyful sincerity, you link yourself with all the creative forces of the Universe.

My Spirit can then be operative, first in you and then through you.

My followers forget that the scourging at the pillar, the Divine control ("He answered never a word"), and the Cross, man-rejected, man-forsaken, all these preceded the Resurrection.

Without these there could have been no Resurrection. These steps in Spirit-conquest had to be, before My all-powerful, Divine Spirit could be released to be for ever available for those who would hear My Call, and would will to walk, not just talk, in My Way.




Mind you, He (The Lord) went through that suffering for His enemies (all of us).

The Way home or face The Fire 1:7 Unlike Lucifer, who would have spared no-one, the Lord, in His infinite Wisdom and compassion, decided to demonstrate His love and mercy, to His enemies. God; knowing that Lucifer had invented lying (John 8:44 / King of kings’ Bible, John 8:35), and had deceived many weakwilled angels into following him; decided not to execute them immediately, but to give them a chance to learn the ERROR of their ways. If they GENUINELY repented, within a pre-set period of time, He would spare them; if not, He would have no alternative but to destroy them (Malachi 4:6)(John 3:17-18 & 5:24-25).
1:8 The Lord then had to decide what to do with His prisoners, so that they could do no more harm, and could be safely taught to be good. Being spirit/energy (Luke 9:55), they could not be punished; only destroyed, using “Fire” (not earthly fire); because they feel no PAIN and have no needs (Rev. 7:16).
1:9 Not executing Lucifer and his angels, outright, created quite a difficult situation.
1:10 They had to be taught to keep the twelve laws of heaven; THE TWELVE
COMMANDMENTS (see appendix); ten of which were given to Moses on Mount Sinai (Exodus 20:1-17), and the eleventh and twelfth, which were given later-on, by Jesus; one of which God demonstrated and still demonstrates, i.e. “love your enemies into being good.” He did this by giving you a chance, and the opportunity of learning to be good, even though you had intended, and actually tried, to kill Him. This demonstrates perfectly, God’s gentle use of strength.
1:11 Jesus gave the new COMMANDMENT, “Love one another as I have loved you,” to his
disciples (John 13:34 & 15:12). He was telling them to love their enemies, and to teach them, by loving them, because the disciples had originally been his enemies, in the war (Rev. 12:7), or they would not have been here, in prison (Isaiah 14:12-15)(Luke 9:55 & Rev. 12:8)(Sura 17:8 & 83:7).
1:12 Loving your enemies does NOT mean allowing them to do evil, or to get away with doing evil; or allowing them to persuade YOU to do evil things; or to stop YOU from doing what God wants YOU to do. Just like when Satan used Peter, to try to stop Jesus from doing God’s Will, and Jesus said to Satan, who was speaking through Peter, “Get thee behind me Satan” (Matt. 16:23).


Yes. Thank-you.
Ever merciful.
John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his "Self" life for his friends.

God Calling The Priceless Blessing. - April 2

I am here. Here as truly as I was with My Disciples of old. Here to help and bless you. Here to company with you. Do you know, even yet, My children, that this is the priceless blessing of your lives? I forgive you, as you have prayed Me to, for all neglects of My Commands, but start anew from today.

Study My Words and carry them out unflinchingly, unflinchingly. As you do this, you will find that you are miracle-workers, workers together with Me - for Me. Remember this, not what you do, but what you are - that is the miracle-working power.

Changed by My Spirit, shedding one garment of Spirit for a better. In time throwing that aside for a yet finer one, and so on from character to character, gradually transformed into My likeness.

Joy, joy, joy.


Thank-you. You are welcome.

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Found in YODA - JEDI Master

Which is included in The Armageddon Survival Kit.

Redeemed. - April 5

Agony and heartache, pain and loneliness, such as no human+being has ever known, were the price of your redemption.

Truly you are not your own.

You are bought with a price. You belong to Me.

You are Mine to use, Mine to love, Mine to provide for.

Man does not understand the infinite Love of the Divine. Man teaches that as I bought him, so he has to serve, obey and live for Me.

He fails to understand that because he is Mine, bought by Me, it is My responsibility to supply his every need. His part is to realize My ownership, and to claim My Love and Power.


Passover Joy. - April 6

I lay My Loving Hands on you in blessing. Wait in Love and longing to feel their tender pressure and, as you wait, courage and hope will flow into your Being, irradiating all your lives with the warm sun of My Presence.

Let all go this Passover. Loosen your hold on Earth, its care, its worries, even its joys. Unclasp your hands, relax, and then the tide of Passover Joy will come. Put aside all thought of the future, of the past. Relinquish all to get the Passover Sacrament of Spiritual Life.

So often man, crying out for some blessing, has yet such tight hold on some earth-treasure that he has no hand to receive Mine, as I hold it out in Love. Passover is the wonder-time of all the year. A blessing is yours to take. Sacrifice all to that.


God Calling-Calvary. - April 7

From the death of My body on the cross, as from the shedding of husks in seed-life, springs that New Life which is My Gift to every man who will accept it.

Die with Me to 'Self' - to the human life, and then you will know the rapturous joy of Passover Resurrection.

A Risen Life so glad and free can be yours.

Mary left home and kindred, friends, all, that Passover morning in her search for Me, and not until the "Mary" had been followed by the glad triumphant rapture of her "Rabboni" was her search over.

So with each of you. Man speaks to you too of a buried Christ. Search until you meet Me face to face, and My tender uttering of your name awakes your glad "Rabboni."

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The new Exodus is coming...


He would probably like everyone to visualize Him alive and not in this scene.

Christ said, “I [am] he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the Keys of hell and of death (Rev. 1:18 ).” He has the Keys to the Door – The Way out of this prison. He has the Truth. Study what He said, “Except a man be born of water (human) and then is born (later) from above as his spirit-“Being” (his REAL self which is NOT human), he can NOT enter into the Kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is human; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit (a spirit-“Being”) (John 3:5-6 ).” This scripture, as are the others, is from the King of kings’ Bible, which includes clarifications. Actively transforming one’s mind requires daily discipline, but it is proof one wants to be his spirit. He has to control his human side that loves this temporary world, and be obedient to God the Eternal.

Above excerpted from:




Luke 24:5 And as they were afraid, and bowed down [their] faces to the earth, they said unto them, Why seek ye the living among the dead?
24:6 He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spoke unto you when he was yet in Galilee,


God at Eventide-Resurrection Gladness. - April 11

Love and Laugh. To the world, sad faces and depressed spirits speak of a buried Christ. If you want to convince men that I am Risen, you must go through life with Resurrection gladness. You must prove by your lives that you are Risen with Me.

Men will not learn of My conquest over death by the arguments of theologians, but by the lives of My followers, My Risen followers. If you are still wearing the grave-clothes of gloom and depression, of fear and poverty, men will think of us as tomb-bound still.

No, live in the Spirit of the Garden on that Resurrection Day. For you, too, I will roll away the stone from the door of the sepulchre. Walk unbound in the Garden with Me, in the Garden of Love, Joy, child-like, boundless Faith - the Garden of Delights.

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Gibraltar or Gib as it is known, is another clue.


The Way home or face The Fire - Excerpt

Why did the Crucifixion have to happen, and what did it mean?

9:23 THE PASSOVER - 1500 B.C. - foreshadowing the Second. The British (Israel) were in Egypt, in slavery, under the rule and laws of evil men. The word British is Hebrew and means the “People of the Covenant”, that means, the “People Israel of the Covenant”.
9:24 The Passover was where the “Angel of Death” passed-over the houses of the Israelites, and killed the first-born of Egypt, from EVERY household, including the pharaoh’s (king).
9:25 It foreshadows the Second, because a lamb was sacrificed, and its blood used, to paint over the door of every Israelite house, to save them from death, just as the death of THE “Lamb of God” – Jesus and his blood - saved the entire nation from death, 1500 years later.
9:26 The Passover and the lamb’s blood, was the thing that brought about:- the end of 400 years of slavery and oppression, under the rules and laws of man; and; FREEDOM under the rule of God, His Laws and Economics, given to Moses and the British (Israel) people at Sinai.
9:27 EASTER - the Second Passover -Wednesday 21st April 34 A.D. It was the Second Passover; now wrongfully celebrated as Ishtar/Easter; because the “Lamb” died, instead of the entire nation, who were under “the Curse of the Law”. What curse and why? The Law was not a curse but a blessing, to all those who kept it (God’s Law, not man’s), and was a school-teacher to bring men to Christ - the Head-“Master”.
9:28 So what was this “Curse of The Law”, that had condemned the entire nation to death?
9:29 As the British (Israel) left Egypt and slavery, hoping to never become slaves again - “Rule Britannia” (think about the words – you all know them) - they swore that they would never kneel, to any man, EVER again; only to God, Who had given them freedom, from the rule of evil men. BUT, a human’s word, and memory, is cheap, and short, and it is the doom of men, that they forget.
9:30 At Sinai, in Horeb, Moses was given God’s Laws; Statutes; Judgements; Agricultural and Economic Policies; so that the British (Israel) could live in prosperity, and freedom from the oppression, that always exists, under men’s selfish laws and economic policies.
9:31 The entire British nation accepted the contract (Covenant), that had been made, at first, with Abraham their ancestor, because he did not withhold his only son, the “miracle” child Isaac, on top of Mt. Moriah.
9:32 Under The Covenant (contract), the British swore a solemnly-binding-oath, that you would KEEP and DO everything, that God had commanded to Moses, FOR EVER, and would be God’s Servant Nation (NOT a Master Race); His Wife (metaphorically); and Faithful; and also His Demonstration People to the rest of the world.
9:33 That demonstration, is, to show the rest of the world, how wonderful it is to live under God’s Laws and Economics, as opposed to men’s evil systems.
9:34 Under the terms of the contract, God gave the British (Israel) the “Land Flowing with Milk and Honey” - the milk of human kindness and sweetness (that comes only from the strong – Judges 14:14) - the land of Israel.
9:35 He said that, as long as they kept His Ways, and did not commit adultery (unfaithfulness), He would bring the sun and rain, in their seasons, and He would make their crops grow abundantly, and they would want for nothing. They would live in peace and safety, and be happy and prosperous, with no need for crime, as there would be no poverty, and everyone would love and help each other (“Love thy neighbour as much as you love yourself”).
9:36 The idea behind this, was, so that the gentile nations, outside of Israel, would see how wonderful it was to live under God’s System, and want it for themselves.
9:37 They would have two options, and would choose the wrong one first, as humans always do, and that would be, to try to take Israel by force and steal what they had. BUT, under The Covenant, God had promised the British, that He would fight their enemies FOR them, and defeat them, and that one British man would chase a thousand, and they would flee in terror.
9:38 So, then, the gentiles would have to take option two - “if you can’t beat them, join them”, and they would come to the British (Israel), and ask if they could join them. Whereupon, they would be told, yes, IF they agreed to keep The Covenant too. This was to be “the grafting into Israel of the gentiles”, so that, little by little, the borders of Israel would enlarge to take in these gentile nations, and eventually the whole world would become the Kingdom of Israel, and God’s Kingdom on Earth, with justice; freedom; safety and prosperity for everyone, not just for the strong, powerful and rich, like under men’s evil laws.
9:39 However, they broke their promise and The Covenant and allowed greedy; selfish; evil people, from amongst their own nation, to make up their own laws; economics and customs, to make The Commandments of God of no-effect. Because of this going-away from God’s Laws and Economic Policy, given in the Books of Moses (the first five Books of the Bible), and turning to man’s laws in the “Talmud”, the people became slaves, again. This time they were not the slaves of foreigners, but of the rich people, whom they had allowed to make up laws/legislation to cheat them and make them poor, and themselves rich - people from within their own nation.
9:40 So they had broken the contract, and were not giving God’s Demonstration, as they had promised, and would not be able to help God to bring the gentiles into the Kingdom, as there was nothing worth joining. The system was no better than a gentile one.
9:41 The Curse then came into force. Under The Covenant, there were “Blessings” for keeping the contract, and penalty-clauses or “Curses” for breaking the contract. As they had broken the contract, they came under the “Curse” (penalty-clause), and that curse was death, for the whole nation. They had already sold themselves back into slavery and poverty, and death was to follow.
9:42 So, once-again, the nation needed to be freed from slavery and death, just as in the Passover in Egypt, 1500 years before.
9:43 As The Covenant came into being, because Abraham did not withhold his “miracle” son Isaac, the only way to save the entire nation from death, was for God to annul (cancel) the contract, and the only way He could do that, was by sacrificing His own “miracle” Son from the “Virgin-birth”, unless the nation accepted His Son’s Sovereignty and returned to His Laws, and their duty under the Old Covenant, accepted and signed at Sinai, in Horeb.
9:44 This they refused to do, so the contract had to be cancelled, and the only way to do that, was for God’s Son to be sacrificed, instead of the whole nation.
9:45 The New Covenant / contract (Testament) then came into existence, for those who wanted “Life” and freedom. It was necessary to sacrifice THE “Lamb”, to free the people from slavery, poverty and death under The Curse, and under men’s evil laws/legislation in the Jewish / Babylonian Talmud; and return them to freedom, under God’s Perfect Laws of Liberty, in the Bible, once-again; under the New Covenant (Testament).
9:46 So it was the Second Passover, not Easter, and was at exactly the same time of year. Jesus and the disciples’ “Last Supper” was the “Feast of the Passover”, and the setting-up of the New Covenant (Testament), under which, if everyone returned to God’s Laws and Ways and serving ONLY Him, they could have “Life”, and freedom.
9:47 In order to serve only God, which is the first and most important of The COMMANDments, and to do His Will, they would have to learn to communicate with Him, so He could teach them how to, “Be ye perfect, even as your Father in heaven IS perfect”.
9:48 IF people did this, they would reap the benefit from Divine Wisdom; Love; Law and Justice; instead of the evil, that comes from the rule of men, who are guided by Satan and his selfish; hateful; greedy; unjust and destructive ways.
9:49 The priests, lawyers and politicians had made up their own laws, in the “Talmud”, and misled the people (the blind leading the blind) away from God’s Laws of Liberty; true justice and freedom from oppression; into their evil system, which made and kept them all rich and powerful, and allowed them to prey on the people, and steal their share of the wealth, under their home-made, unlawful and fraudulent laws (James 5:4) and economics (sound familiar?)(Ezekiel 34:1, 10).
9:50 Therefore the priesthood and false system had to be abolished, and IT WAS abolished forever, at the Crucifixion, to make-way for the return to God’s Rule; Ways and the New Covenant, under which there was only ONE priest - THE High Priest - Christ (Ezekiel 34:10, 23).
9:51 At the Crucifixion, the “Temple Veil” was torn in two, from top to bottom, and totally
destroyed. WHY?
9:52 What was the significance of The Veil, that made it so important, that God needed to destroy it; at the Crucifixion?
9:53 For the answer, we have to go back in time, 2000 years, to around 2000 B.C., to the time of Abraham and Isaac. God chose Abraham, because he believed and served only God, and NO-ONEelse, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Abraham was willing to give up the most precious thing, to him, on Earth, - his “miracle” son – on Mt. Moriah. Remember Mt. MORIAH.
9:54 Later, the shepherd boy, king David, asked God if he could build a house, for God to live in. He was answered, “Am I a man, that I need a house to live in?” I am God and I need no house. I live in the heart and mind, of every man that invites Me in to live with him, so I can teach him how to be good (like God).
9:55 However, because king “David” had been God’s “well-beloved” servant, God decided to allow David’s son, Solomon, to build Him a house (temple), on Mt. MORIAH, where Abraham had taken Isaac, to offer him as a sacrifice to God, centuries before.
9:56 That temple, or church, is the ONLY one that God has EVER given man permission to build, and it is Satan and his priests (who blasphemously claim to work for God) who have built ALL the others, of EVERY denomination (Matt. 6:5-6)(Sura 7:55 & 9:107-109). God does not want a house to live in, He wants to live in your hearts and minds, as a welcome guest, to teach you how to be like Him - good.
9:57 The Temple, on Mt. MORIAH, had an outer courtyard and an inner sanctuary, called “The Holy of Holies” - the most sacred spot on Earth - the exact place where Abraham offered up Isaac, and it was known as THE Holy Place. This “Holy of Holies” was separated, from the outer court of The Temple, by the “Temple Veil” (curtain).
9:58 NO-ONE was allowed to enter the “Holy of Holies”, EXCEPT the “High Priest”, who went in there, to communicate with God.
9:59 When THE “High-Priest of all time” (Gen. 14:18 & Ps. 110:4) was crucified, by the Jewish priests; lawyers and politicians, for challenging their authority, and the “Temple Veil” to the “Holy of Holies” was destroyed, this was to show the world, that, from that moment on, the priest-hood was abolished, FOR EVER, except for Christ Himself. Then, through His teachings, of the New Testament (contract / Covenant), EVERYONE has DIRECT-ACCESS TO GOD, IF they follow the teachings, EXACTLY as written, and not as mis-interpreted and corrupted by Satan’s priests, who have the audacity to say they serve Christ, when they do the opposite of what Christ says. Thereby misleading the people away from God, and into believing that God lives in a house, and outside of their hearts, which is the opposite of what God wants. They teach people to sing silly songs, that help no-one, instead of teaching Christ’s teachings, about how to learn from God, how to make the world a better, fairer and safer place, as they should be doing. Anyone who does, and/or teaches, the opposite, of what God says, works for Satan – the Opposer (opposite) - no matter what they themselves might say. “Judge a tree by the fruit it bears” (Matt. 7:12-23)(Sura 9:31, 34). Don’t listen to what they say; look at what they do (Matt. 23:3).
9:60 Anyone who has not signed-up for the New Covenant, in its entirety, is as good as dead, because you are still under The Curse (penalty-clause) of the Old Covenant - slavery and death.
9:61 There is still time, but only just. Read Isaiah 42:7 and my “Handbook for Prisoners, Prison Officers & Governors” – Handbook for Planet Earth or send for a copy.
9:62 You are ALL in slavery to the rich, and in poverty, and always have been, because you have not kept The Covenant, and have allowed evil, selfish people, to make up unlawful laws and economic systems, to cheat you and make you poor, and drive you to crime to survive and feed your families, exactly as God warned you, almost 3000 years ago, by His Prophet, TO YOU: Isaiah. Read Isaiah 3:12-15 & 42:20-22 for yourself. See what it REALLY says.
9:63 You can set yourselves and the entire working-class FREE, from poverty and injustice, by keeping The Covenant; “Fighting for the Kingdom and Justice for ALL”; and for a return to Freedom, under God’s Perfect Laws of Liberty, and Economics; instead of imprisonment, under men’s unlawful laws/legislation and economics.
9:64 The New Covenant is waiting for YOU to accept it, and do your half, so that God and I can do Ours, and it has been waiting, for 2000 years, for you to come to your senses, and open your eyes and ears, and listen to Us, and ONLY Us. When are you EVER going to learn to do as you are told?
9:65 These people are totally disobedient, and are going against my teachings, so how can they possibly represent me?
9:66 When are you going to stop listening to people’s words about me, and listen to MY words and follow MY teaching instead, as you should be doing?
9:67 If you look at MY words in the New Covenant, you will see the REAL me, which is totally different from the image, created by listening to words about me, spoken by people who do not KNOW me, even though they say that they do. They are liars, like their father the devil (liar – John 8:35).
9:68 The Essenes and the Disciples called themselves “The Covenanters” (Nazrim ha-Brit), and the early disciples called themselves “Followers of the Way”, NOT christians.
9:69 “So-called” christian priests, in general; and especially Roman Catholic priests; have caused incalculable harm in the world, by teaching people that God is stupid. They have taught people, that they can be evil all their lives, and as long as these people get one of their priests, and say that they are sorry, on their death-bed, and give money to the church, then everything is alright, and that God will forgive them.
9:70 Unfortunately, most people believe their stupid evil LIES, and do exactly that, which is why the world is so bad, and the churches are so rich, especially the Roman Catholic church.
9:71 That is why most of the catholic countries are so corrupt, because people take bribes, and do wrong all their lives, believing that it doesn’t matter, so long as they go to confession, and receive absolution from a priest.
9:72 Do YOU really think you can live your life, being willfully evil, thinking it’s alright, as long as you say you’re sorry, on your deathbed, to a priest, and give money to the church, and that you can fool God? You are the ones who are stupid and being fooled - conned really. You can’t fool God, He knows everything you think (Galatians 6:7).

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Today is Jesus' Resurection day (3.3.2023) NOT Easter-Ishtar Pagan...

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