Omicron: UK GPs to be paid more cash for every Covid vaccine they give out


The medics will get £15 per vaccine shot until the end of January, topped up by an extra £5 on Sundays.

They will also earn a £30 "premium" for visiting households to provide doses.

Speaking during a Downing Street press conference, NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard said GPs, community pharmacists and their primary care colleagues had delivered "the lion's share" of vaccines so far.

She added: "We will ensure they're rewarded for their efforts, particularly when they take time to visit housebound patients who can't travel to vaccination sites."

NHS workers will be incentivised to roll out as many vaccine doses as they can by earning cash for jabs.

Ms Pritchard explained: "The payment for standard delivery of vaccinations will increase to £15 a shot until the end of January.

"To increase capacity on Sundays, when many community pharmacists are not usually open, we'll offer an additional £5 a shot.

"And to ensure we're prioritising the most vulnerable, we offer a £30 premium for vaccinations delivered to the housebound until the end of next month."

"We will ensure they're rewarded for their efforts" – {Yeah, evil rewarding evil behavior.}

Isn't this unethnical? If you have to provide incentives, something is terribly wrong.

Incentives are a BigPharma tactic.

"NHS workers will be incentivised to roll out as many vaccine doses as they can by earning cash for jabs."

Another indication this is NOT ABOUT HEALTH.

When the NHS coerces doctors and nurses and medical staff to JAB EVERYONE or to convince or coerce patients to get the jab, for themselves, family and children – WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

Thank you for being brave, Dr. Samuel White. He came forward about his concerns with the NHS - Dr Sam White Wins High Court Case – NHS had suspended him for raising concerns about the safety of the Covid injection and informed consent

Sajid Javid has said delivering booster jabs is “our new national mission” for the NHS, as he hinted that demands for GPs to return to face-to-face appointments could be dropped to let them do more vaccinating – Sajid Javid says delivering Covid booster jabs is NHS’s new national mission | Vaccines and immunisation | The Guardian. Why the rush? Trying to beat the clock before the game is up?

Primary care networks (PCNs), acting on behalf of a group of GPs and community pharmacies, can claim payment for administering the COVID-19 vaccination – COVID-19 vaccination payment for primary care providers | NHSBSA

Back in February – NHS England » GPs receive funding boost to vaccinate housebound in NHS drive to protect most vulnerable

Poppycock Propaganda – COVID-19 continues to be the single greatest public health emergency in the history of the NHS – Coronavirus » Join the NHS COVID-19 vaccine team. The UK Government is preparing for a dedicated vaccination centre in every major city, according to the paper.

How many UK citizens have heard these same answers from their own doctors?

NHS is ensuring that GPs are prepared on how to answer their patients and parents' questions and kept the official narrative.


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