Nothing but lies and propaganda – Uncovering the truth about India’s alleged “Covid Crisis”


Does ‘The Guardian’ provide any evidence of this within the article? This is just a direct quote from their own journalist, they do not provide a single source to back up this claim. Later on in the article ‘The Guardian’ ask their South Asia correspondent ‘What needs to happen now in order for the crisis to abate?’

Here’s the answer that was given – “The only thing that is going to get us out of this crisis is amping up vaccine production and distribution.”

Fear - Fear - Fear for Your Lives - Emotion trumps Logic
Get the Vaccine – Their evil remedy.

One guess on when the deaths spiked:


Correlation doesn’t always mean causation but when the same pattern occurs in country after country you have to start to question that this isn’t just a coincidence. And it has and is occurring in country after country, see for yourself here.

Also interesting is this nurse said that the images shared from India had to do with a May 2020 gas leak.