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Not my king and queen..... Camilla is also set to be crowned queen next year along side Charles

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FAKE King Charles's Fake coronation to take place on May 6th on a COUNTERFEIT...

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Experts play down Coronation crisis fears after royal author Anthony Holden suggested King Charles's ceremony could be invalidated because of his 1994 affair confession

Anthony Holden argued any coronation was likely to be invalid. The Church of England has never crowned a divorced man as King, let alone one who has publicly confessed to adultery, he said It would require a revision of the coronation oath

A sensational claim that King Charles’s coronation could spark a constitutional crisis because of his confession of adultery has been dismissed by leading experts.

On Friday, Anthony Holden, who wrote a biography of the King, sent a letter to The Guardian newspaper arguing that any coronation was likely to be invalid.

Holden wrote: ‘The Church of England has never crowned a divorced man as King, let alone one who has publicly confessed to adultery – with the relevant woman expecting to be crowned Queen Consort.

The late Robert Runcie [the former Archbishop of Canterbury] told me this would require a revision of the coronation oath, which would require a new statute of Parliament.

Forget [her] Not.

Letter by Princess Diana said Charles would ‘plan an accident in my car’ Letter by Princess Diana said Charles would 'plan an accident in my car'

‘You’re Not My King,’ Protesters Tell Charles III

Youre Not My King Protesters Tell Charles III

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Concerns about free speech in the UK after anti-monarchy protester arrested for shouting 'who elected?' King Charles III

Charles found it really funny and it was the first time he’d been called "King".

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Harry Spartacus May

Greg Reece - The Pedo-Satanic House Of Windsor

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CAMILLA will be handed the title Queen when Prince Charles takes the throne

JAN MOIR: I fear Charles’s Coronation will prove to be the beginning of the end of the monarchy


While I don't agree with this so-called progressive jounalist Jan Moir - who knows something is wrong; Jan can feel it; even with her spin on it.

Sharing some of Jan's choice words below the article link:

Jan: "So much will happen in the next 70 days."

Got that right Jan - Crown Prince Micheal in Gibraltar. The last 70 have been cursed with the evil rule of Elizabeth.

Jan: It sounds more like a festive gathering to sing Away In A Manger, organised by a toothy vicar ladling mulled wine into wilting paper cups. However, I suspect we will come to know this era as something else entirely; the beginning of the end of the monarchy.

Actually, they are changing, so her slam on it being Christian is somewhat skewed - The Golden Orb Committee Plans for the Wrong Coronation

But her suspicion is right - we will come to know this era as something else entirely. And be beginning to the end started in 1950, when a miracle/sign happened.

Jan: King Charles and Queen Camilla? How the heart sinks at the prospect. I'm finding it hard to be inspired at the elevation of these former star-crossed lovers into the constitutional head of state and his fragrant consort.

She ain't the only one.

But she needs to take off her rose-coloured glasses concerning them and their charity.

Jan: But let's be honest. Charles and Camilla are about as charismatic as a couple of garden gnomes.

LOL :laughing:

Jan: Can they really be trusted to carry the mantle of monarchy onwards and upwards, appealing to a new generation and deepening bonds of fealty with the public?

No. The cannot be trusted with the Mantle of Truth.

Jan: I just can't see it. Or feel it. Or get it.

Maybe Father is telepathically communicating with Jan - There's a better Way Jan.

Jan: He hasn't even got the crown on his head yet, but already we know that Charles often puts Charles first.

He's been given a chance to put the world first – The Royal Decree from The British King of Israel.

Jan: Perhaps he is right to do so, considering that for him — and his elder son — destiny is something that is singular and fixed. A gilded prison that is becoming increasingly corporate and under attack.

He's in prison all right – Charles, why are you here?

Jan: The Coronation itself will involve capes and crowns and holy oils, golden spurs and crimson surcoats and sworn oaths, while at the centre of it all stands a man of 74 with a hole in his sock being anointed by God himself.

He will never been anointed by God – God has already anointed His Son: Who Is The Great Prince Michael, God’s Anointed One
(The Messiah/Christ)?

Jan: Until this point, the ritual at the heart of the Coronation has been sacred and unchanging for a thousand years — but the problem now is that the world outside it has changed beyond all recognition.

The British Empire of The Sun has grown dark - just as prophesied.

Jan: The fact that Charles has felt it necessary to alter certain ceremonial elements suggests to me that he is sounding his own death knell — but what choice does he have?

Oh, he has a choice, but it's closing in – Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.


Not my King and Queen