“No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat The Bugs?” is an Epoch Original documentary exposing the hidden agenda behind global “Green Policies,” the untold stories of farmers forced out of business, the disruption this will have on our food supply, and why edible bugs are suddenly being pushed to the fore as a “Global Green Solution.”

EpochTV program “Facts Matter” host Roman Balmakov investigates the rapidly changing landscape of our global food source—the farming industry—through interviews with farmers in The Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and the United States. This is the next global crisis that is being ignored by the world’s media.


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No Farmers, No Food

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

A war against farmers has emerged, threatening to push them off the land they’ve farmed for generations. As small and mid-sized farms close their doors, governments and corporate entities can scoop up the land. Those in control of the land control the food supply and, along with it, the people.

Much of this threat is cloaked under Agenda 2030, which includes 17 sustainable development goals with 169 specific targets to be imposed across the globe, in every country, by 2030.

The push to eat insects is part of this plan; in 2021, the European Commission authorised mealworms as food, releasing a news release touting “the growing role that insects will play as part of a healthier, more sustainable diet.”

Angry farmers block the Iroise bridge in western France | AFP

French farmers are threatening to stage nationwide protests shortly after German farmers made their voices heard

January 22, 2024
Protests by farmers in the Occitanie region of southern France continued on Jan. 21, and the A64 highway remains closed near Toulouse for the fourth day in a row.

The farmers are also reportedly planning to install a roadblock on another undisclosed main road in the region. In recent months, farmers in the Occitanie region have stepped up their efforts to get the government to urgently release substantial aid, particularly due to rising fuel prices and a cattle disease that has hit farmers hard. The farmers are also asking for a water policy favorable to crop irrigation.

In Carbonne, about 45 kilometers southwest of Toulouse, protesters continue to staff a makeshift camp set up on the highway to Bayonne.

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Thousands of Irish farmers have answered the call in the fightback against the globalists who have attacked farmers all over the world.

Europe's farm protests: Here are some of the grievances

Farmers from Italy, Spain and other European countries joined the demonstration and held protests at home. In Portugal, farmers made their way to the Spanish border at dawn to block some of the roads linking the two countries.

MEP Christine Anderson: It’s governments who are the extremists, not the farmers

By Rhoda Wilson on [February 2, 2024


“It is not the people, not the farmers who are the extremists. The real extremists are sitting on the German government bench!” MEP Christine Anderson told the European Parliament on 17 January.

“Tears of joy were shed here in this House when you declared a ‘climate emergency’ and thus created a further basis for making citizens pay, pay and pay again,” she said.

Adding, “Well, you can see the result in Germany. Our economy is in tatters, a wave of bankruptcies is sweeping the country. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of farmers, hauliers, entrepreneurs are being fleeced like Christmas geese.”

“The citizens are fed up and are finally taking to the streets. Rightly so!”

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The farmer protests in Europe have taken root in Ireland and England over the weekend. Even though those farmers are no longer in the European Union, they are expressing solidarity with European farmers while protesting their own plights too. In Ireland, farmers say that they are displaying solidarity with European farmers protesting over-regulation, bureaucracy and low incomes. Biochemical engineer and corporate complex problem solving expert Ivor Cummings joins us to discuss. - Redacted News.


Big Food

How Much Could the Farmer Protests Cost Europe’s Economy? + More

The Defender’s Big Food NewsWatch brings you the latest headlines related to industrial food companies and their products, including ultra-processed foods, food additives, contaminants, GMOs and lab-grown meat and their toxic effects on human health. The views expressed in the excerpts from other news sources do not necessarily reflect the views of The Defender.

"If we farmers don't win this battle, then soon you will create a civil war...

All over Europe, farmers are staging massive protests against their own governments

All over Europe, farmers are staging massive protests against their own...

Breakdown Of The Attack On Farmers. Government Is Mandating 25% Of Farmers...

Protesting farmers spray Brussels police with liquid manure near EU’s base in a new display of power

BRUSSELS (AP) — Farmers clashed with police in Belgium on Monday, spraying officers with liquid manure and throwing eggs and flares at them in a fresh show of force as the European Union’s agriculture ministers met in search of ways to address the protesters’ concerns.

The farmers are angry at red tape and competition from cheap imports from countries where the EU’s relatively high standards do not have to be met.

Brussels police said that 900 tractors had entered the city, many bearing down on the European Council building where the ministers were meeting. Smoke drifted through the air near where police in riot gear sheltered behind concrete barriers and barbed wire, firing tear gas and water cannons at the protesting farmers. Scores of tractors also lined up down main roads leading to the city’s European quarter, snarling traffic and blocking public transport

The protests are the latest in a series of rallies and demonstrations by farmers across Europe.

The movement, which has gathered pace as political parties campaign for Europe-wide elections between June 6-9, has already produced results. Earlier this month, the EU’s executive branch shelved an anti-pesticide proposal in a concession to the farmers who make up an important voting constituency.

Soon there will be no Farms (It’s part of ‘Their Terrifying Plan’)

By Rhoda Wilson on [March 3, 2024]

The innocent and the naïve believe that everything is happening by accident. The vindictive, senseless, cruel, destructive, insane, bureaucratic, dangerous and just plain bewildering government policies on farming are not happening by accident.
By Dr. Vernon Coleman

The innocent and the naïve believe that everything is happening by accident. Farmers around the world seem constantly bewildered and confused by policies and decisions which are designed to please the enthusiasts, calling for the closure of farms in order to appease the psychopaths calling for net zero. In an article in a British magazine (which, like others, seems to have fallen for the Green myths with all the mindless commitment of a teenager in love) one leading Green academic recently said “Farming has no option – it will have to be sustainable, otherwise it will not be sustained” and there were doubtless many Green heads nodding though I confess I was merely left puzzled.

Confused farmers describe new government policies as vindictive, senseless, cruel, destructive, insane, bureaucratic, dangerous and just plain bewildering. Farmers are encouraged to follow “biodynamic” farming methods whereby herbal and mineral preparations are used together with an astronomical calendar to guide sowing and harvesting dates. (I’m not kidding.) Nowhere is there more incomprehensive jargon than there now is intruding into the world of farming. Many farmers have been pressured into supporting the absurd re-wilding programme which is promoted with such enthusiasm by the climate change believers. The conspirators’ plan is to reduce the amount of land available for growing food in order to create food shortages, starvation and a consequent, inevitable reduction in the size of the global population. The aim is to allow between a third and a half of all land to go wild. Even parks are being allowed to grow wild, and gardeners are encouraged to let their grass grow throughout the summer. Re-wilding is leading to grass being left long and uncut on verges, in public places and in private gardens.

So what’s the underlying reason? (They always have a reason.) Well, long and uncut grass will dramatically increase the spread of ticks and the incidence of Lyme Disease. It will also increase the number of people bitten by adders. If you don’t see an adder and you tread on it then it will probably bite you. And all that long grass will dramatically increase the amount of hay fever. Plus, long, uncut grass on road verges and traffic islands makes road accidents far more likely. Re-wilding is part of the plan to make everyone miserable, ruin everyone’s health, make money for the drug companies and kill a few people.

In order to ensure that neither farmers nor members of the public encroach on land which has been set aside for rewilding (and the first re-wilding programme was introduced by the European Union some years ago in a scheme which was called “set aside”) wild animals are being released. In England, for example, bison, water buffalo, wild boar and beavers have been introduced with predictably disastrous results. The naïve assume that if land is left uncared for, fields will become wildflower meadows, full of daisies, tulips, forget-me-nots, snapdragons, violets and other wonderful delights. In reality, of course, fields which are abandoned to the re-wilding scheme simply become a chaotic and unpleasant mixture of nettles, brambles, dock and giant hogweed with outbreaks of Japanese knotweed growing rapidly over the years to come.

Today, most farmers see their problems occurring as a result of stupidity, ignorance or a failure to understand their needs. But what is happening to them has nothing to do with stupidity, ignorance or a failure to understand – it’s all deliberate and quite cold-blooded. More and more European countries are now dependent on imports for most of their food and energy supplies. And most of our food will be made in factories owned by billionaires.

The bottom line, vital to remember, is that nothing is happening by accident or by coincidence.

The above was taken from ‘Their Terrifying Plan’ by Vernon Coleman.

Irish farmers stake out meeting with Minister for Agriculture in attendance

# FOOD SECURITY WARNING: US Farmers Sound Alarm as Farmer Protests SPREAD Across Europe

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Poland just did the UNKTHINKABLE to Ukraine, Blackrock and Vanguard are FURIOUS | Redacted News

Poland just did the UNKTHINKABLE to Ukraine, Blackrock and Vanguard are...


“We're now being paid to stop growing food and grow wild flowers. It's insanity.”

The War on Farmers will cause “food wars” – not climate change

By Rhoda Wilson on June 27, 202
According to a report by the Financial Times yesterday, Olam Agri, one of the world’s largest agricultural commodity traders, has warned that the world is heading towards “food wars” due to geopolitical tensions and climate change which are pushing countries into conflict over dwindling food supplies.
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Matthew 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all [these things] must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places.
24:8 All these [are] the beginning of sorrows.

Three More Experts Denounce the “Climate Change” Disinformation Blitz