more magic virus trickery

The following is an excerpt from The History of the AIDS Epidemic - Deadly Deception (1994):

HIV does not cause AIDS… The point that everyone is missing is that all of those original papers Gallo wrote on HIV have been found fraudulent… The HIV hypothesis was based on those papers.Peter Duesberg

It is important to point out from the beginning that the acronymn AIDS represents the official and scientific designation of the “disease”, ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME, which is discussed, examined and critiqued in this book. The inevitable conclusions which a growing number of many prominent scientists have reached, and, which I am sure, you will also, is that AIDS fits neither the definition of a disease, nor of a syndrome. It is merely the lumping together of an ever-increasing number of diseases and symptoms, 25 at the last count (depending on the source), in order to fraudulently create the impression that an epidemic exists.

So what is SARS-CoV-2 (aka CovID-19, coronavirus)? Is it something “new”? Or is it, like AIDS, merely the lumping together of an ever-increasing number of diseases and symptoms, to sell the magic virus scam?

From: ‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly: Vaccinating the Elderly + Allergic Reactions to Pfizer Vaccine • Children's Health Defense

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., in an instagram post this week, said the CDC officially acknowledged that it has quietly created a new mortality category: PIC, which stands for pneumonia, influenza and COVID. Anyone who allegedly dies from that “combination” will be reported as dying from COVID. “This allows the CDC and medical cartel a lot of flexibility when it comes to the numbers,” Mary said. Kennedy also pointed out that the CDC has stopped tracking flu deaths separately. “That should be a red flag, when you’re changing numbers in the middle of a pandemic.”

It seems noteworthy to mention that both pneumonia and tuberculosis (TB) were reportedly discovered in the 1880’s, which is also when the flu became a seasonal occurrence, rather than something that occurred once or twice in a lifetime. So have these respiratory illnesses, which have reportedly been around for over 130 years, simply been lumped together and repackaged as the magic virus “CovID-19”?

And what else, besides the incandescent light bulb and electricity, showed up in the 1880’s?