Malta now accepting COVID vaccine certificates of Serbia, Gibraltar, Jersey and Guernsey


COVID-19 vaccine certificates issued by Serbia and the British dependencies of Gibraltar, Guernsey and Jersey are now recognised by Malta as long as the vaccines are those approved by the European Medicines Authority

Approved by the European Medicines Authority ā€“ Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Moderna and Johnsson and Johnsson ā€“ and only after 14 days from the second dose or the single jab of J&J.

So does this mean Malta would recognize Gibraltar's own certificate now, or is it because Gib will be included in the NHS system?

Picardo recently said Gibraltar was set to be included in the NHS system because Malta was refusing to recognize Gib's own certificate:

Has this situation evolved or will Gib continue to be part of the NHS system ā€“ for a variety of "Your Papers Please" reasons?

A bit of Biblical History Concerning Malta

Paul shipwrecked in Malta
Acts Chapter 27-28 - King of kings' Bible

Acts 28:1 And when they were escaped, then they knew that the island was called Malta.

Gibraltar is British

The Moors invaded, under Tariq, taking possession of the Rock because God was punishing the Gadites for not keeping His Laws and The Covenant and for breaking their promise to Him. The Moors were followed by the Spanish, whilst the Gad ites (Giblites ) fled to MALTA and Genoa and Britain etc. by sea. Then after only 203 years of Spanish rule, the British (Hebrews all) Israelite soldiers took it back into HEBREW (NOT Jewish) possession in 1704 A.D. and it has been British / Israel Hebrew property again, ever since.

The descendants of Gad , then, little by little, RE -populated the Rock and possess it today and their Tribal Standard Flag flies over it. TODAY.