Learning 'The Way home or face The Fire'

The Way home or face The Fire by JAH is less than 100 pages, and it will not only save your life, but will give it the meaning that you have been looking for, and is essential reading to understand The Law.


This book saved my life, im not kidding! I was going to actually commit suicide in 2015 and was told about this book and it truly changed my life! I mean ill admit it took a lot of studying in the long run but the moment I started the book it was like electricity! I've never been so moved felt so secure after, felt so protected and cared for as one of good help provided unto me

Praise be to YAHWEH !!!

Peace be with you


Please Everyone

Go back to God's Law while there is still time left


Dear @TruthWINS

Thank-you for sharing truth. Time is running out.

We MUST return to and enforce God's Law. How long must we suffer O Lord? – Until you return to keeping and enforcing The Law



The Prison Reform School with no bars.

2:2 The objective, was for each and every one of them to learn, individually, to be like God (Matt.
5:48 & 19:17); which, later on in history; because people had lost their way and couldn’t find it again
by themselves; had to be demonstrated by Jesus, whose teachings taught the ONLY way that you
can be taught (I am The Way [home], the Truth and the Life; not one man can come to the Father
[home], unless he is like me - John 14:6); i.e. unselfish; humble; kind; loving and considerate to
everyone, including his enemies, and “willing” to sacrifice his own human-life, for the benefit of
2:3 This needs 100% faith in God’s promise that there is life after human death, and YOU to trust
Him, enough to follow Jesus’ example, to earn YOUR right to regain YOUR divinity (immortality),
and go home.

CHAPTER 3 The Creation of human-animals.

3:1 To be able to control these evil angels (Jinns/souls - you), even more efficiently; to be able to
discipline you and teach you to be good; God decided to create human-animals, that would blend in
with the rest of nature. These creatures would be living animals, breathing air and having the same
body-functions as the others.
3:2 They would also have to have the same selfish animal-instincts, i.e. living by survival of the
fittest, but would not be evil (animals are not evil, like you, they are only animals, and do not know
any better, than to live by following their natural, animal-instincts).
3:3 So God created Adam (Man); then created Eve (Woman) from Adam’s rib, making her flesh of
his flesh and bone of his bone; and He gave the simple story to Moses in Genesis, and later to
Mohammed, in the Koran.
3:4 Listing the family-trees, of all the people, would have made Genesis, the Bible and the Koran
into a library of 10-20 volumes, and they are already so big, that many people allow Satan to
intimidate them, into not reading them, because of their size.
3:5 Once the human-animals had been created, God breathed life into them (human-life - Sura
3:6 Lucifer and his angels (you) were then given a CHOICE, and had to decide, whether or not to
submit to human limitations and being reprogrammed to be good, little by little, over many human
lifetimes and thousands of Earth years, or to sit and wait for “The Fire” to destroy you (Sura 15:30).
3:7 All the evil angels/Jinns (you), except Lucifer (Iblis) himself, CHOSE to submit to being locked
inside of Adams and Eves, making human+beings (Rev. 3:7 - “He that closes and no man opens and
He that opens and no man closes”).
3:8 Later, when Jesus said to his disciples, “These things I do, you will do and more than these”
(John 14:12), he was referring to, if and when they earned their pardons, they would be given back
their divinity and super-human powers, which would allow them to do even more incredible things,
than he could do whilst locked inside the “son of Mary”. Remember, that he too had had to submit to
human limitations, so that people could see him, and follow his example (I am The Way you have to

3:68 “I am The Way, follow me,” which did not mean getting up off your backside, and following
him down the street. It means that Jesus is the way, that you all have to be, before you can follow
him back to heaven (home).
3:69 To do that, you must ask yourself, 24 hours a day, in every situation, what would Jesus do; say;
or think, in this situation? Then, before doing; saying or thinking anything, you must wait and listen
for, and to, the good voice, then go forwards, guided and protected, to victory.
3:70 Whilst in incredible agony, Jesus said, “Forgive them (you, all of you), because they do not
know what they are doing.” The people did not know what they were doing, because they were “out
of control”, and in Satan’s control, and that is the very reason why Jesus came, to show “The Way
(home)”, in the first-place. The people were “out of control”, because they could not control the
animals, that they were locked inside of and using, and had been deceived by Satan, who used their
religious arrogance against them.

In other words, unless you approach God, EXACTLY as He has told you to do (I am The Way,
no man comes to the Father, except by me - the Lamb of God - John 14:6), and NOT as your parents
and siblings have done, YOU will be REJECTED.

The Shining Example.
(The Light of the world.)
8:5 I am the way, that each and every one of you has to be, before you can come home (John 10:7-9
& 14:2-6).

8:33 He told you exactly what you HAVE to do, to EARN the right to go home: “I AM the door, NO
man goes home to God, except if he is like me” (John 10:7-9); “I AM The Way (home), the truth and
the life” (John 14:2-6), which means:- I am the way you have to be; what I am telling you is the truth;
and I am The Way to eternal-life (immortality).
8:34 Greater love than this has no man; that he lays down his life (human-life), for his friends (John
15:13). Jesus did it for his enemies, i.e. all of you (Luke 9:55)

The birth of Christianity as yet another religion.

9:96 Jesus taught The Way, i.e. “individual socialism”. IF everyone was like Jesus, there would be
no need for governments, because everyone would help his neighbours, and soon this planet would
be deserted, because everyone would have gone home: “I am The Way - home” (I am how YOU
have to be, to go home).
9:97 Stay away from priests, with their silly clothes and rituals. Talk to God privately, and listen to
Him and do His Will, and NOT your own. No “Self”-will, ONLY God’s Will. Do not hoard worldly
treasures (serving mammon). Don’t exchange your chance to live forever, and to go home, for
worldly treasures that you can not keep, and certain-death.

Mohammed and the birth of Islam as yet another religion.

10:17 God enlightened Mohammed, and he taught exactly the same teachings as Jesus, with one
exception, i.e. “I am The Way”, because Mohammed was not The Way. Mohammed was just a
messenger, and not THE example to follow, just as all the other Prophets had only been messengers,
and none were resurrected from the dead, or would come again.

10:35 Jesus and Mohammed BOTH taught the DOING of God’s Will, but; without having the
example to follow; the Moslems do not know which way is forwards, and Jesus; whom they will not
accept; is THE example - “I AM The Way (home)” - that EVERYONE on Earth MUST follow,
whilst DOING God’s Will, in learning SELF-sacrifice, and becoming unselfish (Sura 4:159).

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Dear @GibMessenger.

The little white stone, The Way home or face The Fire , literally changed my life, for the good. It is hoped everyone will read this book, from beginning to end, and perhaps change their lives as well.

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Good. You're welcome.


Dear @Determination,
Thank-you for sharing.

Agreed. After reading this extraordinary little book my Life changed for the good also.

This short book is full of extraordinary truths and when incorporated are significant Life changers. It was then realized a dying need to become Christlike again by choosing to follow Christ Who demonstrates daily how to LIVE, (self sacrificing daily while in this evil world), regain our right, by becoming angels again, to return to heaven.

Shared in Love

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Dear @Persistent,

You are welcome, so glad it changed your life, for the better.

Shared in Love too

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Dear @Determination,

Thank-you. Likewise. :heart:

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You are welcome.

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Agreed, it has changed and saved my life as well. Such TRUTHS is in this book, changed my path for the good - everyone needs to read it and share far and wide.

Praise to Father His Holy Name and TM

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This little book will greatly aid not only in the understanding of God's Law, which is FULL of LOVE just like Him, but also in the understanding of why He gave The Law to us ( Romans 13:10) which protects us from evil, No one, especially someone presiding/pretending t be a judge should be without this vitally important information and insight into applying The Law. If you finds yourself in this position please be mindful in the future that every single thought, word, decision and action that we take is recorded and will be weighed on Judgment Day, regardless of whether someone believes it or not. We should therefore tread very carefully when dealing with others, so that we are being just and fair in God’s Eyes, according to His Law, rather than according to fraudulent man-made rules and legislation which themselves are unlawful under our Creator’s Perfect Law. Do not be deceived, for God is not mocked, nor does He lie (Num. 23:19), so when we do good He will reward us just as when we do evil He will punish us, to correct our errant behavior (Gal 6:7).


The book - "The Way Home or face the FIRE", is as the title explains.
It is the TRUTH for all mankind that we have all been waiting for.
It explains the meaning of life, the purpose of why Father (In Heaven) created Man kind. If you are in any doubt to Father's existence, then please read the book for the explanations.

The book is free to read, available to everyone, regardless of age, or birth origin.
If you have not yet please read the book, please keep an open mind and do not judge the book until you finish reading the entire book.

The book is now available is audio format, in the fallowing video.

Hope you read and enjoy the book. :slight_smile:



John 12:31 Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out. King of kings' Bible - John

"And he had a new name written that no man knew but he himself" (Rev./Apoc. 19:12). "No man knoweth (his new name) saving he that receiveth [it - the white stone - Book] (Rev. 2:17)" (in which it is written) . That white stone/Book is "The Way home or face The Fire" and only the 144,000 (Rev. 14:3) who hear and recognise his voice, accept his new name and identity and upon whom he writes his NEW name personally and whom he then teaches to overcome will survive, whilst the rest of mankind will be EXECUTED .

Christ's Second-Coming

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The Way home or face The Fire. People are saying this is the MOST important book on the planet. Is it? You decide. https://thewayhomeorfacethefire.net