La Linea vs Gibraltar Death Count

Just maybe they aren't falling for the hype and propaganda...

More Than Half Of La Linea’s Residents Fail to Take Covid Test

More than half of those called in for mass coronavirus screening in La Línea in Andalucía do not show up, reported the health service in the area. Only 489 people attended out of the thousand summoned to the session in the Campo de Gibraltar town. The screening is necessary as the new mutant strain has been detected in Gibraltar and Andalucía so the local authority wants to vaccinate as many people as possible before the virus takes hold.

Even given this news, they are still making a case for a "casedemic" with reporting the exact opposite -

The increase in cases of coronavirus among the population of La Línea in recent days is now affecting the Emergency Unit at the La Línea hospital. At any one time, there were more than thirty people waiting in a corridor for antigen tests. The rate of infections per 100,000 inhabitants could easily reach 900 cases in the next few days, said hospital officials.

So basically the media is trying to scare more people into getting the not fit for purpose PCR test to heighten the "casedemic" which only furthers their goals of more restrictions and mandatory jabs – Beware of the Covid 1984 PCR test – your life depends upon it

Just recently, Marlene Hansen Nahon asked a very interesting question - "Why Gibraltar suffered so many Covid deaths compared to La Linea?"

Some hypotheses:

They weren't jabbed with the same toxin.

The UK used a lot of Midazolam - Did Gibraltar (still waiting on the answer)? Maybe Spain didn't.

At the start of the alleged Covid-19 pandemic Matt Hancock ordered a two year supply of Midazolam and then went back to France for more – What happened to all of the Midazolam? #WeNeedToTalkAboutMidazolam – Daily ExposeWhere’s the Midazolam, Hancock?

David brought up a comparison awhile back on the Gibraltar Deaths thread - in which he compared the flu jab between Gibraltar and the Campo.

So, was it in combination of the Flu Jab?

Or were other meds involved - Anticholinergic drugs are commonly prescribed to the elderlyHow many of the elderly in Gibraltar died with an underlying pneumonia issue?