Interview with UK Undertaker John O’Looney


From: Interview with UK Undertaker John O’Looney – The White Rose

UK Undertaker John O’Looney wraps up the lies and evil behind the covid fraud. He sees through the scam as an undertaker from the very beginning when any death was put down as a covid death. Later deaths soared shortly after vaccination.

“We had a guy in today. . . He was 30 years old. Triple jabbed. He had a postmortem. The family asked us to get him embalmed. And when that happens, they remove all the organs and put them in a plastic bag when they’ve done what they need to do—take samples, and weigh them, and look at them—then they put them back in the body cavity and sew him up. So we have to undo that. That, then, gives you considerable access to that body from the inside, and you can see all the crap hanging out in the arteries. . . We thought it was blood clots that were killing people. It’s not. It’s some sort of white crap growing inside people’s arteries, and it’s phenomenal. It was honestly chilling to witness. I pulled it out of every artery this guy had. . . the femoral artery, the radial artery, the carotid artery—literally, you’re pulling it out like spaghetti. It grows inside the artery. . . His aorta was literally jammed-pack full of it! What it is, I really don’t know. It is very elastic. . . the bigger it grows, it cuts down the blood supply to everywhere and these people drop down dead.”

He also says: “The government is prepared for civil unrest…”

(Sunfellow on COVID-19/Cafe Locked out/Rumble)

UK Gov. refused to publish further COVID data once it showed the Triple Vaccinated were developing AIDS & Double Vaccinated were suffering ADE

The UK Health Security Agency refused to publish any further data on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status back in April 2022 because previous figures showed that the triple vaccinated population were on the verge of developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, and the double vaccinated were suffering Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.

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John O’Looney – Hospitals Are Covering Up Baby Deaths By Cremating Babies Themselves

John O’Looney is a brave Funeral Home whistleblower who has been raising the alarm since early on in the pandemic.

He joined us to discuss the findings from his embalmer which are in line with what Dr. Jane Ruby, Richard Hirschman and others have found – long, fibrous strands inside people who have been injected.

During our interview, John revealed shock information regarding hospitals covering up baby deaths by cremating the babies themselves.

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Information taken from video:

Horrific things are being grown inside arteries.

This certainly explains the medias spin on sudden adult syndrome.

These are not blood clots. They appear to be some sort of organic material with small crystals and extremely thin wires made up of what looks like reptilian scales. This internal blockage growing within the vaccinated would certainly explain all the deadly side effects we are seeing today.

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WARNING GRAPHIC! UNBELIEVABLE BLOOD CLOTS! | Video From Embalmer Richard Hirschman
This is footage from the other undertaker O'looney speaks of in the film above.

MAR 2, 2022
Dr. Jane Ruby – WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC – Stop Getting Vaccinated IMMEDIATELY – SHOCK Images
Information from vidoe:This is from a video Mr. Hershman, undertaker, working in the groan area to expose the clots.These clots come out of the arteries in the neck also, not normal, usually found in veins not arteries. Never seen these types of clots before.

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Two Stunning Discoveries Found In Blood Clots From Those Given COVID Shots (Video)

Dr. Jane Ruby recently interviewed board-certified embalmer Richard Hirschman and what he has discovered in the blood clots of those who have died after having received the experimental COVID shots is just more evidence that needs to be acted upon to bring the criminal, genocidal maniacs to justice.

The veteran medical professional said there are two new stunning discoveries related to the white fibrous clots Hirschman found in the dead bodies of vaccinated individuals.

Ruby also said Hirschman was able to verify that majority of the deceased people were jabbed with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

The white fibrous clots were pulled out of all the major arteries and veins in the thigh, groin, arms and neck.

White Fibrous Clot With Chunky Ball Sacs And Micro Clotting

Ruby, also a pharmaceutical drug development expert, showed the audience one of Hirschman’s latest discoveries – a white fibrous clot with chunky ball sacs. She pointed out that they may have grown intermittently and are almost like outgrowths of the original white fibrous clot.

Hirschman said the chunky ball sacs, which were all from vaccinated individuals, reminded him of spider eggs covered by spider web.

“And you can see that white fibrous stuff kind of marbling into that little ball, which kind of looks like a small grape. But the thing is, even in the beginning a lot of times I noticed that one end or the other would be some blood attached to the white fibers clot that I’m having. And then other times it’s kind of running along the white fiber material as well,” Hirschman said.

Ruby mentioned that a 1,500 times magnification of the blood clots have shown things that are part of the self-assembling nanoparticles. She noted that Brighteon.TV founder Mike Adams said initial analysis showed the white clots are not organic material, protein, amyloid, fibrin or cholesterol. Hirschman also confirmed that the strange white stuff in the blood clots is not normal.

The board-certified embalmer also talked about micro clotting, saying that the black specks that can be seen in the picture and video shown by Ruby are examples of micro clots. He also shared that a radiologist from Michigan told him that the micro clots are very concerning because they can flow through the body and block out vessels and slowly starve the organs from getting the nutrients that they need.

Hirschman said micro clots are almost like real fine sand, beach sand or powder substance that is in the blood and these are slowly causing other ailments and other diseases that are not being diagnosed.

According to Ruby, this is another situation where chemical analysis is needed. She noted that these micro clots could be some kind of graphene or some other material that is self-assembling and forcing the body to make.

Having millions or billions of these micro clots circulating in a person’s brain, heart or lungs are very dangerous, she said. Hirschman agreed, adding that these micro clots could be bumping into each other and forming larger ones.

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Satan is very angry about God's creations (see Genesis below) and has been attempting to destroy it ever since. With the advancement of technology, it has become that much easier. He (the Devil) is a liar, murderer, thief ... all that is evil. It is a 24/7 war not just in the physical.

Genesis 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in Our image, and teach him to be like Us: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
1:27 So God created man in His [Own] image, in the Image of God created He him; male and female created He them.

Expert warns that there is credible evidence that the COVID shots may cross-react with syncytin and reproductive genes in sperm, ova and placenta in ways that might impair reproductive outcomes. ‘We could potentially be sterilizing an entire generation.’

  • The first COVID shots rolled out in December 2020, and it didn’t take long before doctors and scientists started warning of possible reproductive effects, as the jab may cross-react with syncytin and reproductive genes in sperm, ova and placenta in ways that might impair reproduction
  • According to one recent investigation, 42% of women with regular menstrual cycles said they bled more heavily than usual after vaccination; 39% of those on gender-affirming hormone treatments reported breakthrough bleeding, as did 71% of women on long-acting contraceptives and 66% of postmenopausal women
  • Other recent research has found the Pfizer COVID jab impairs semen concentration and motile count in men for about three months
  • Miscarriages, fetal deaths and stillbirths have also risen after the rollout of the COVID shots. In November 2021, Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), delivered 13 stillborn babies in a 24-hour period, and all of the mothers had received the COVID jab
  • Many countries are now reporting sudden declines in live birth rates, including Germany, the U.K., Taiwan, Hungary and Sweden. In the five countries with the highest COVID jab uptake, fertility has dropped by an average of 15.2%, whereas the five countries with the lowest COVID jab uptake have seen an average decline of just 4.66%
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