In Germany three children (13,13, 6 years) have died because of face masks

We have to protect our children, Doctor says

This is an appeal from Dr. Bodo Schiffmann, a German ear, nose and throat doctor. He is considered one of the best ear, nose and throat specialists in the world.
Dr. Schiffmann went public in March 2020 when he was no longer allowed to visit his father with dementia in the clinic.
In the meantime, he has produced about 150 videos in which he explains the fake pandemic.
He is one of the main figures of the German resistance. He currently travels throughout Germany in a rented tour-bus to reach the great mass of people who are still sound asleep.
His performances attract more people by the day.
His video-appeal is in mpeg4-format which cannot be uploaded here. Therefore the link to Telegram.