Gibraltar Mind-Controlling Children with Muzzles

Just days ago the Government of Gibraltar decided to muzzle its children again.


HMGoG Press Release – Secondary School children to be strongly encouraged to wear masks - 4/2022. January 05, 2022 - Department of Education is strongly recommending that children in secondary schools should wear masks while in school, including in classrooms as well as corridors and common areas... mask wearing is recommended in order to decrease the risk of transmission and subsequent spread to more vulnerable, including older, relatives ... This may be reviewed in the future, always considering that this may be more difficult to manage in younger children.

If the government really cared about the children of Gibraltar, then it would look at the credible evidence that muzzling its young is hazardeous to their physical and mental health. But of course, they have to have a visual image of a "pandemic" and remind children to keep their mouths shut and obey.

What are the odds that children will start to get ill, not only with "covid" but with other ailments? This is exactly what they are counting on in their evil agenda – If face masks make children sick, will their solution be a vaccine?.

REASONS NOT TO MASK CHILDREN ARE ABUNDANTLY CLEARFINALLY a Clinical Trial on Facemasks in Children – Parents Take Note!Is that Mask Giving You Lung Cancer? It’s Criminal to Force Children to Wear Masks all DayDr. Vernon Coleman: Vital Revelations About How Masks Damage Children (Permanently)Here is Proof Masks Cause Cancer – Vernon ColemanPOWERFUL: German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’In Germany three children (13,13, 6 years) have died because of face masksTHIS IS HOW WE CHECKMATE TYRANNICAL SCHOOL BOARDS

They are trying to manage the way you think and behave.

Perhaps Cathy O'Brien who survived and recovered mind-control will help open your eyes:

Gibraltar Needs to FACE FACTS

Let’s face it, China mastered controlling their population with masks long ago. Research and see for yourself.

Masks used for mind control purposes is not new. It’s time we wake up and face facts that mind control masked as a virus has been deliberately unleashed on the world as a mechanism to Reset global finances, allegiances, our thoughts, and ultimately our actions.

As a survivor of CIA MK Ultra mind control, it is easy for me to recognize components of mind control imposed on society.


The Great Unmasking – Very insightful

Masks depersonalize while making a person feel as though they have no voice. It is a barrier to others.

In MK Ultra Project Monarch mind control, Michael Jackson had to wear a mask to silence his voice so he could not reach out for help.

People who would never choose to comply but are forced to wear a mask in order to keep their job, and ultimately their family fed, are compromised. They often feel shame and are subdued. People have stopped talking with each other while media controls the narrative.

Most importantly, those mandating masks literally are controlling the air that we breathe. That is why my daughter Kelly had to wear masks from the age of 2.

She and I had been MK Ultra conditioned that our abusers held the power of life and death over us.

Read the entire blog-post.

Gibraltarians are being conditioned by their abusers.


They would stop this torture. The Plandemic Lockdown Isolation, Facemask Affixation, Induced Fear of harming their grandparents, are all taking tolls on their mental well-being.

Gibraltar already has a suicide problem among young men - now take a look at this:

Suicide attempts increase by up to 51% among 12-25 year olds during Covid era in US

They are breaching children's human rights and pupil's are being 'treated like they're germs' - UK Parents’ Group for Children’s Rights – Us For Them – May Lauch Legal Battle

Neurologist: COVID-19 Masks Are a Crime Against Humanity and Child Abuse

What is the real goal in this evil game?

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Not everyone is falling for it...

Chaos in Some UK Schools as Children Refuse Unhealthy Facemask & Flow Test Rules!