GSD: Unvaccinated People Have Rights

We have the evidence

Politicians, health officials and attorneys in GIBRALTAR need to pay attention to what's going on concerning legal-suits and a second Nuremberg trial. How does what Dr. Robert Fuellmich said apply to GIBRALTAR?

Reiner Fuellmich is one of the most powerful lawyers in Europe, and is currently preparing the largest class action lawsuit in history, otherwise known as “Nuremberg 2.0”.


Summary of Reiner Fuellmich interview:

There can not be any doubt whatsoever that, at least for me, after having interviewed so many experts from all different fields of science – doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, economists, lawyers, psychologists, psychotherapists – what’s happening here is for a year now is the worst crimes against humanity ever committed.

This has never been about the virus; this has never been about health; this has always been about taking everything away from us so that we would be dependent on THEM, plus population reduction; plus gaining complete control over those who are left. I wouldn’t have said this a year ago, but this is what all the evidence; all of the people we interviewed on the Corona committee, what this points to – this conclusion is inevitable.

The Drosten Protocol is completely unscientific – it looks like it was done is such a sloppy way on purpose for the sole purpose of producing as many false positives as possible all over the world so that their agenda which ends with the so-called vaccinations which are really genetic experiments. In the end, the cleanup will take years.

We are about to reach the tipping point

There are so many mistakes they are making. I don’t think all these adverse reactions to the vaccines are part of the plan. And that’s because they are trying to rush this thing through. We have a whistle-blower; and she told us the original plan was to roll this out in 2050; but then those who are involved in this got greedy; and pulled things forward to 2030; and then to 2020. That’s why we think so many mistakes are happening.

They didn’t expect or intend these adverse effects to happen and warn people who are still sort of inline with the government.

Fuellmich laughs at being called a conspiracy theorist and says “We have the evidence. I know there are some people out there who may not quite work with actual evidence. It’s different with us, because we have been speaking with all these scientists and other people. It may turn out we are going to have to have a special court, because maybe and there is a lot pointing in that direction, the national courts will not be really be able to deal with this, because this is so big, that it is very possible we will need to have something like NUREMBERG 2.

Fuellmich identifies the culprits as one-percent of the population trying to gain control over the rest of the world. This is not about money, because this group of people maybe 3,000, they are the super rich. They have in terms of financial assistance much more than they need. They don’t need to buy a 10th yacht. It’s about money in the fact that they are using money in order to bribe people at the hospitals, the doctors, politicians. They are also using all kinds of psychological techniques in order to manipulate people; or they threaten people – many politicians, some of them may be threatened, some of them may be getting bribed – but it’s not really about money. They are using money as a tool. [THINK CRONYISM or read MP’s Heavily Invested in Pharmaceutical Industry]

What they are really up to, the very same people we what we now call the Davos Clique – the self-appointed political elite and the self-appointed corporate elite – that is part of the people we are dealing with.

And those are the ones responsible for the financial crisis some 10 or 12 years ago. Had we known to look some 30 years ago, we would have known they’ve been stealing the tax-payers money all over the world. The first financial crisis would have been the perfect chance to catch on to what’s going on. They managed to tell us they have everything under control. You cannot print money to restore everything they have stolen.

This time around in late 2019, when things coming to a head and again when things were about to implode, they came up with Corona as a diversionary tactic. Even in their groups, there’s lots of in-fighting; there’s contradicting interests and that’s another one of our chances we have.

We spoke to an investment banker and she said why EUROPE IS AT THE CENTER OF ALL THIS – this is probably the most important battleground in this whole war – is because Europe is completely, definitely, totally broke. The ECB is totally broke because they bought all these bonds and papers that are totally and completely worthless. [:gibraltar: How broke is Gibraltar?]

And what’s more important is the pension funds – they are completely broke – meaning if people find out about this, that despite that they are spending so much money on their pensions, there’s nothing left. It’s all stolen. That’s one of the reason that they are trying to get Europe under control – before people find out what’s really going on. [:gibraltar: Is Gibraltar's Pension fund broke? Maybe that's why the elderly became the first target in the grand scheme of things - to save money - which newly appointed Minister with responsibility for Financial Stability Joe Bossano would know a thing or two about. Are they covering their empty coffers with Brexit and Covid woes?]

I think this is all about moral and ethics. It doesn’t have much to do with the law. Someone said once this is all over, in a better world, we want need laws anymore, because people will understand because they all have a genetic built in sensor for what is right and what is wrong. [Read The Bible - Christ will establish God's Kingdom on Earth]

These globalized laws are made by people who are so far removed from the reality of people’s lives in their different regions that these laws are practically useless. They are using them in order to keep us under control. In a better, future we probably won’t need any of this because people are educated enough and we’re talking about moral competence again. [Actually this will be for people who learn the New Song].

There will be a move toward sovereignty again. It’s globalism that got us here. What do you call them, what do you call the WHO, the WEF – these are private global organizations which has taken control over the entire world; private organizations, run by the super rich. Once people understand this it’s not going to be too hard for people to turn the tables. Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are not to be trusted.

The most important thing is to spread the Truth. Spread the facts to as many people as possible. And don’t waste your time on those people who are aggressively on the other side; who really want to get vaccinated. It’s tragic, but we will not be able to save everyone. At lot of people will not only lose their livelihoods but also their lives. Our hand is extended to them so if they change their minds, they are always welcome to come aboard; but those 10-12 percent of the population (maybe more), we’re the ones who will turn the tables. And we focus on how can we do this best; and that’s why we have to connect with each other. If we lose, that will be the end of humanity; we lose to digitalism and to completely stark-raving mad people – that’s why we won’t lose. We cannot lose, because we must win. [We will win when we get on God's side and do and keep His Commandments, Statutes, and Judgements; and demand the Return to His Law.]

It almost seems like an impossible battle ahead, but that’s what they want us to believe, that’s why they’ve invested so much money into the mainstream media. But if I look at Germany, reality is completely different from what they are trying to make us believe. He gave an example, almost all cab drivers know this is stupid, masks aren't doing anything, many of them are actually well-informed, because they aren’t watching mainstream public television; and getting information from alternative media. [:gibraltar: Cab drivers in Gibraltar also know the score].

Just like with every flu season, people get sick, people get seriously sick and some people die, but what happened in Italy for example, it is a result of what doctors we spoke with said is probably a result of MALPRACTICE than it is a result of the flu or the corona virus, if you want to call it that. As it turns out the fatality rate is no more than the common flu. [:gibraltar: The fatality rate in Gibraltar only spiked after the vaccine euthanasia program began.]

It’s tragic, the people who line up to get vaccinated only play a role of cannon-fodder or guinea pigs.

Most of the things we become used to, our way of life, is very destructive, both on a personal level and on a global level. There’s too much injustice; and there’s too many people trying to take advantage of others – that will change – That’s the light of the end of the tunnel. The light at the end of the tunnel is what we end in order change things for the better. [Christ is the Light of the World].

It’s been working already. There has been progress. You have to look at the bright-side because more and more are beginning to wonder. We are winning some of the court battles. We will win many more.

See also – Legal team wants ‘second Nuremberg tribunal’ to try global lockdown promoters for crimes against humanity with a link to the full interview.

How long much Gibraltar suffer at the hands of SiegHeil “Dr. Death” Bhatti, Dr. Krishna Rawal, Dr. John Cortes, Samantha Sacramento, Der Fuehrer Fabian Picardo and ALL those people involved in promoting, by fear-mongering lies, and administering all these deadly vaccines, for their crimes against humanity, and genocide? Read How long must we suffer O Lord? – Until you return to keeping and enforcing The Law


Some UK Citizens are fighting back about their rights...


UK Citizen 2021 -

With more and more UK citizens understanding that their freedoms and human rights are being insidiously eroded by politicians, a stage has been reached where we must all, in unison, say enough is enough.

The time has arrived when we must take action - we must make it plain to all UK authorities, including the Government, that we will take no more and that we will hold them accountable, with or without their consent or agreement.

On behalf of UK citizens, an independent team have authored the


(1) THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED KINGDOM of 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA

(2) HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II of Buckingham Palace, London SW1A 1AA

(3) POLICE COMMISSIONER Cressida Dick of New Scotland Yard, Victoria Embankment, Victoria, London,SW1A 2JL

(4) CHIEF EXECUTIVE NHS Simon Stevens of Skipton House, 80 London Road, London, SE1 6LH

{more are named}

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Yes they are..

under the umbrella of the United Nations...

Like a Right to Democracy... (demoncrazy)

Winston Churchill said many years ago, that democracy is the least bad of all of the systems of government produced out of human experience.

Democracy, which has become the Cure-all Mantra, quoted incessantly by all western politicians, is a LIE and a confidence-trick, that they and their puppet-masters are now trying to deceive the rest of the world with, and are using their economic and/or military-muscle and means to force other nations to adopt, so that their puppet-masters can use the politicians to help them to rip-off all the other nations too, just as they have done already to the vast majority of their own citizens.

The Ruler of the Universe has prohibited democracy because He knew that the rich would use it and other means to deceive and rip everyone else off; keep the majority down and poor; just as He wrote, via His Prophets in The Bible.

He gave the world, via Moses, the perfect system of government, under which there is no poverty; no poor people and consequently no need to resort to crime to survive.

He prohibited the writing of laws and economic policies by humans, in order to protect the majority from abuse, and oppression created under the home-made laws of the rich and powerful.

Right to asylum..IF it follows the policies and principles of the United Nations.

If they want to "manifest": their Baal worship in the town centers, well then, they have the right to do so... and their unjust courts will protect them. With the Noahide Laws, which did Not come from Almighty God, but from man, to pollute, oppress and steal from most of society.
To keep taking until you have nothing left.

With their rights of social services... Almost like no one left behind, the 3rd world countries will be gaining such wondrous things from the governments like vaccinations for "mother and child", and (ALL), whilst the Brits and Americans and others will be paying for it. Sickness and death follow.

A right to compulsory education -
The things they are teaching now, with their communistic manifesto, or the cross dressing story time hour readings for toddlers is down right disgusting and blasphemous. This is what a free education from the United Nations buys you.

Right of culture and art

Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.
Does this include those who author scientific crap, which they consider "moral"
like those working at SAGE or Welcome Trust...
or perhaps the mural created from elephant dong and human urine hanging from the halls of government, with the stench that goes along with it, they might find fit.

This next one is just sooo questionable...

29. Subject to law

Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible. In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law solely for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and of meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.

(makes you go hmmm) :thinking:

Ezekiel 13 (extract)

Because the "foolish prophets " (politicians ) have seduced My people, saying peace ; and there was NO peace and one built a wall (N.A.T.O. and U.N.O. ) and others daubed it with untempered mortar (non-hardening / useless cement), say to them that it shall FALL .

The United Nations entire plot to enslave mankind is exposed.

How long must we suffer O Lord? – Until you return to keeping and enforcing The Law

Here is something worth reading and signing for Gibraltar

it is nice to see people fighting back, but just like those ho believe they will win with the constitution/ or the Magna Carta restored, men on a whim will change these to suit his needs
(control and profit), unlike God who is changeless, righteous and fair for all, as this is the ONLY was to freedom and enlightenment.

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In Ireland - Leo: Those who don’t want vaccine “may change their mind” if denied travel & events

This is a battle between Good and Evil; Right and Wrong; Freedom and Slavery. The Globalists are trying to get everyone on the same page and every country in bed with them will make life miserable for those who don't do what they say.

This is a human rights issue. It will start with events and travel; in Gib, it's being able to visit love ones in care homes; soon unvaccinated people will have problems going to the grocery store. Inch by Inch...

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GSD: “If Freedoms Aren’t Restored When We Are At Zero Cases Then When?”

Written by YGTV Team on 26 April 2021.

The GSD says the Government's decision to not allow visits to care homes by unvaccinated people is "political".

A statement from the GSD follows below:

The concerns of families are not being blown out of all proportion by the GSD. The Party has had numerous complaints from families in anxious and stressful situations because they are being unreasonably denied or restricted access to see their loved ones even though they are willing to take a COVID test or take other precautions

Is the measure really being taken on public health advice and if so what is the nature of the advice given that the UK Government has made clear that unvaccinated people can visit elderly relatives in care homes? The UK is making its decisions on public health grounds and has access to a wider team of experts and specialists. Is the Gibraltar Government saying that the UK is being cavalier and wrong in setting those rules? What is the case for disagreeing with the UK public health advice on this issue? The truth is that usually the Government follows a public health lead from the UK and the decision to hold back here is political and now increasingly evident given the publication of UK rules allowing visits by unvaccinated people.

The Government needs to get off its high horse instead of thinking that because the GSD has raised this issue they cannot possibly give in and make changes that benefit families. The issue may be affecting a minority of Gibraltar residents but that is not a good reason to trample on their rights and ban or restrict them from visiting their loved ones. If they cannot do so now that we are at zero cases and freedoms will not be restored when will they be?

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Looking forward to viewing military tribunal/s ('second Nuremberg tribunal') which seems the only way to achieve justice.

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Freedom comes from Divine Authority

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Unvaccinated People Have Rights. Yes, indeed!

This interview dated 22 April 2021 covers the theories of transmitting disease from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated.
Dr. Carrie Madej makes the association between EMF and disease.

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It's never been about consistency

Keith Azopardi May 5 at 7:12 AM Posted:

Azopardi: UK tourists won’t need COVID tests to enter Gibraltar but an unvaccinated individual couldn’t say bye to his dying mother at hospital & public counters remain closed for people to access services. Consistency? If time is right for tourism then freedoms & better access to services for our residents should be restored

In fact, the whole point in psychological warfare is to be as inconsistent as possible to cause cognitive disownsense in people to confuse them enough to believe whatever the official narrative is. Please study psychological warfare. Understand Government manipulation.

We've been warning people on Defending-Gibraltar, but here is a shortlist:

The Most Remarkable Aspect of the Unprecedented Lockdowns: The Widespread Compliance and The Tavistock Institute for Human Relations

The ‘Covert Tactics’ Used To Scare Britons Into Staying Home

COVID Psychological Stress Being Applied to Break Resistance to Vaccine

Lockdown is the world's biggest psychological experiment - and we will pay the price

Picardo and his FLAT-EARTH Nonsense - #4 by A_Freeman It’s a very simple and well-documented technique: intentionally feed people conflicting information over and over until they are mind-numbed from it, then they’ll believe whatever you tell them to believe in the end (“if you tell them a big enough lie often enough, they’ll believe it” - Hitler).


It's about making people feel hopeless – ie the seniors in Gibraltar: Seniors Citizens Association says their concerns are being ignored by the government.

But it's also giving just enough hope to stop rebellion. And giving false hope - in a deadly vaccine for a reason.

The government also keeps them (and everyone else) is a state of fear (fight or flight mode) and mandated masks to reduce oxygen which raises this state. It's psychological warfare - you are a slave with no voice.


The plan was to bankrupt the economy, create a big-brother state, to make a population dependent on a Big Global Government. The reasons have been clear all along:

The Evil Plan continues until Gibraltar is thoroughly bankrupt; and now its time to put the squeeze on even more:

Government Housing Rents Increase by 3 percent


Read those links to the reasons for the current situation:

~ Drive larger numbers of people into poverty, who then become dependent upon Universal Basic Income for their survival. Hand this out without conditions at first (in order to create reliance and complacency) but then require social compliance (proof of medical poisoning etc.) to maintain future pay-outs.

~ Have an excuse to inject huge amounts of money into the economy (through furloughs, stimulus checks, business bail outs etc), paving the way for unprecedented hyper-inflation which will inevitably render the global reserve currency (the dollar) worthless. Use this as an excuse to restructure entire economies with a Central Bank Digital Currency, which will be fully controlled, regulated and monitored (stepping stone towards a global one world digital currency).


Picardo may admit they overspent - but wasn't that the point, given the reasons to bring in the Great Reset? Aren't they right on schedule? Look for them to FAIL MORE so that the only choice they have is to turn to the "Global Government". Again, Picardo is in Lockstep to continue the Globalization/Nazification of Gibraltar.



The stark contrast in reporting is clear on the same day the GBC presented this "Tribute to the loved ones we've lost to Covid-19".

This also appears on it's news site as linked in the above post:-

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UK: Setting Aside Rights when Inconvenient

Responding to Pandemic, Brexit, Government Undermines Institutions that Protect Rights

(London) – The United Kingdom government’s response to major challenges in 2020, often set aside human rights and sought to bypass the institutions that protect them, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2021.

Doesn't Gibraltar set aside human rights when they don't align with the official narrative?

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Can you say Mission Creep?

Slowly, but surely the Government of Gibraltar is creating the Nazi-style "Us vs Them" paradigm, as they march in lockstep with Satan's Great Reset where digital identities and proof of vaccination will be required to exist in society.

Rev 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of its name.

Mask wearing rules relaxed for vaccinated catering staff

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Written by YGTV Team on 28 May 2021.

Elderly Residential Services have announced that following Public Health advice, it will be moving towards Phase 5 of its COVID-19 De-escalation plan.

A statement from the GHA follows below:

Alongside Gibraltar’s Director of Public Health, Dr Sohail Bhatti, ERS have been working with the GHA’s Consultant Microbiologist and the GHA COVID-19 Laboratory to create a safe de escalation plan and visiting procedure for all ERS sites.

In order to continue to safeguard and protect all our Residents, the following measures have been approved:

Visits will be permitted as long as there are no confirmed positive cases in ERS sites.
In line with Public Health recommendations, in the event that a positive COVID-19 case is detected, visiting in that particular site will be suspended until the situation is resolved.
Visits will be permitted daily from 1pm to 6 pm.
PPE must continue to be worn indoors at all times. Social distancing must be maintained at all times between different social bubbles.
Visitors must contact their particular Residential floor in order to book their visit in advance of the allocated visiting times.
Visits will be increased to 2 designated visitors per resident, per day. Only 1 visitor will be allowed at any given time when the visit is conducted indoors.
More than two visitors will be allowed at the same time when the visit is conducted outdoors.
Visitors will require a negative Antigen Lateral flow test on the respective ERS site prior to their visit.
All visitors must provide proof of receipt of one dose of a COVID -19 vaccination in order to be allowed into any ERS site during visiting times.
There must be a gap of no more than 14 days between the first dose of vaccine and visit.

Non-vaccinated visitors will be allowed to see their loved ones in the external communal areas in the respective site.
Bella Vista Day Centre and the Respite services will return to full capacity.
Further information can be obtained from ERS Nurse Management by calling 200 70473.


The push is going to be THE UNVACCINATED have less and less rights.

From the mouth of one of the Satanic Globalists & War Criminal Tony Blair:

Tony Blair calls for a new digital pass to allow vaccinated people more freedoms

Can you say coersion?

How soon they are going to remains to be seen, but we know where it's heading. We've already seen the SEGREGATION happening in Gibraltar.

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It would be nice to see more people in Gib and elsewhere push back (some are) in order to give people like Tony Blair less and less rights.

Deut. 4:2 Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it , that ye may keep the Commandments of the "I AM" your God which I COMMAND you. King of kings' Bible - Deuteronomy

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Vaccination could be introduced for incoming health and care staff in future, Director of Public Health, Dr Sohail Bhatti said this week, as he stressed the difficulties of having unvaccinated staff when providing care for the vulnerable.

Currently, vaccination is not a requirement for health and care workers in Gibraltar, but Dr Bhatti said this could be looked at in future.

He described how there have been professionals, and professions as a whole in the GHA, that have not been enthusiastic about vaccination during this pandemic.

But he highlighted the need for those caring for the most vulnerable in the community to have that protection.

"It's throwing up some real challenges because our policy is to protect our patients, they are first and foremost," he said.

"It's a real challenge if you are working with really immunosuppressed people or elderly people, at the moment the requirement is to wear PPE to protect the patient as well as yourself."

"One thing we may look at is if things get implemented in the UK, that's a political decision as much as a medical one. From a medical point of view, one thing we mustn't do is do harm to people and I understand some people feel there is a potential harm from a vaccine."

"But all I can say is the harm from the actual virus hugely outweighs the harm from any vaccine."

Dr Bhatti said that health and care workers have a principal duty to protect the people that they are meant to look after.

He thinks future training programmes will ask about trainees’ vaccination status.

"We can't unilaterally change people's terms and conditions of employment," Dr Bhatti said.

"What we would love to do is continue to educate and inform, and at some point we're going to have to try to remove the risk as well."

He added: "There may be other roles people can take on, but I think it would be increasingly difficult for people who are not immunised to work with people who are vulnerable.”

“That will be an individual choice, but that will also be an employer choice that needs to be made and managed."

"Very, very difficult. I do accept it’s very difficult and I wouldn't want to remove anyone’s freedom of choice."

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Bhatti said - Vaccination could be introduced for incoming health and care staff in future, Director of Public Health, Dr Sohail Bhatti said this week, as he stressed the difficulties of having unvaccinated staff when providing care for the vulnerable. – [They planned to blame the unvaccinated (THE INDIAN VARIANT – PERPETUAL LOCKDOWN - #3 by DOTS)

Again, he's telling Gibraltar what they are planning - it's not working out in France - is that the point that Gibraltarians will rise up against political-medical tyranny?

Informed Consent – These EXPERIMENTAL jabs are still in their TRIAL stage. Adverse effects - including death - are real.

Do Doctors and Nurses in Gibraltar know what's happening - but they are staying quiet?

Doctor comments

Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?

Some people may be confused by the obvious lockstep that most nations are moving in as far as covid mandates and restrictions are concerned.

If someone has not submitted by now with zero wait times and ample doses everywhere, then they are unlikely to ever be vaccinated.

But why do they want 100% vaccination? Why are they so desperate for every single person in the world to get the mRNA jab?

The media keeps telling us that only the unvaccinated are dying, but this is a lie, like so many other lies they have been peddling when it comes to covid. So, what’s the point of taking an experimental vaccine if the death rate of the virus is so low and the jab doesn’t necessarily protect you anyway?

There is no point. The science and the stats do not support it.

I can only posit theories based on the evidence at hand, but I think it’s clear to most of us that the vaccines are NOT about public health nor are they about saving lives. They are obviously about something else…

The stage is being set, in my view, for a mass infertility event, and covid will be blamed in place of the experimental vaccines. This is why the establishment needs a 100% vaccination rate; unvaccinated people would stand as evidence of their crime. Let me explain…

Read more at the link.

The first goal was to get everyone that would come forward to get jabbed to do so. The next step is to coerce the ones holding back. Then, the next step will be to make life as difficult as possible for the unvaccinated.


  1. No vaccine is perfectly safe – How Vaccines Can Cause Damage – British Medical Journal. “Vaccination is a medical procedure which carries a risk of injury or death.

  2. Governments Can Be Held Responsible for Injury

In 2012, in a landmark case, an Italian judge said because the Italian government’s medical authorities so strongly recommend child vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella, the state should take responsibility for the devastating damage to a child damaged by the MMR vaccine.

They'll will be coming for the children.

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(](Vaccine Impact Nurse Whistleblower Upset that Her Doctor and Nurse Colleagues Want Unvaccinated People to Die - Vaccine Impact) [Print This Post](Nurse Whistleblower Upset that Her Doctor and Nurse Colleagues Want Unvaccinated People to Die - Vaccine Impact

Nurse Whistleblower Upset that Her Doctor and Nurse Colleagues Want Unvaccinated People to Die

September 15,2021

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

It should be obvious to most people today that the medical system in the United States, incorrectly labeled the “healthcare” system, is radically being transformed where political agendas now rule hospital policies, with hospitals becoming the distribution centers for Big Pharma products and services, including drugs, vaccines, and other medical procedures, where patient outcomes only matter in terms of how much financial revenue hospitals can make, and not health outcomes.

In fact, the system has so radically changed since COVID-19 started, that hospitals now benefit more from patients’ deaths than they do from healing them.

A video from a frustrated nurse has been making the rounds on the Internet recently, where she explains that her co-worker doctors and nurses now openly state that they want unvaccinated people to die, including herself.

This is from our Bitchute channel.


Written by YGTV Team on 10 November 2021.

Unvaccinated parents who wish to attend enclosed educational settings for parents’ evenings must wear a mask or have a same day negative COVID swab result.

Parents who provide evidence of double vaccination will be able to access internal school spaces without a mask, but will be encouraged to observe social distance and follow “infection prevention and control principles.”

Following questions from YGTV, the Government says that all parents attending such events will need to comply with the 'visitors protocol' which has been established in schools/college for some time.

Additionally, Head Teachers will provide a risk assessment and ensure “generic mitigation measures are included.” One measure is ensuring “maximum ventilation” - as an example, at St Joseph’s school, the parents’ evening was held outside on the terraces.

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