Govt reports another 25 Covid-19 cases as booster campaign gathers momentum

The GHA’s vaccination team plans to deliver booster jabs to between 180 and 216 people every weekday, as the campaign got off to a strong start this week against the backdrop of a spike in cases for two consecutive days.

On weekend, the campaign will be stepped up to administer third shots of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to up to 450 people per day.

A total of 180 health and care staff were jabbed on Monday in a dedicated vaccination clinic at the Primary Care Centre.

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Looks like Germany has plans beyond a third shot. A document reveals plans in place for up to six jabs!


Yep @NancyDrewberry, boosters will be continued to be rolled out, even in Gibraltar. Different countries do it at their own pace but it's all part of the Global Totalitarian Plan. They lied when they said get your two jabs to have your freedoms back. And the definition of fully-jabbed evolves to include the boosters. So no matter how many boosters one takes, they will not be considered fully jabbed when another booster debuts in this coordinated scripted plan.

Gibraltar is no exception, now on its third jab.

T.H.E.Y. have already told us that the jabs may need to be taken yearly, like the flu-jab. That's mainstream news.

And since the GHA is now an extension of the UK NHS, a fourth booster is already planned.

From - They Want This Nightmare To Last Forever! - #7 by DOTS

So the NIghtmare won't end in Gibraltar either. And there is evidence of 8 boosters are the works - They Want This Nightmare To Last Forever! - #5 by DOTS

Then, Booster Picardo will do what he does best – LIE – to hail in this darkness on Gibraltar – Gibraltar Booster Boosters