Gibraltar Mentioned in Story: British Government Study Confirms Covid-19 Vaccine Risk: Infections INCREASE in Fortnight after Jab

The clearest indications came from small countries that strove to vaccinate their entire adult population. The British enclave of Gibraltar was supplied with the Pfizer vaccine on 16th January and the elderly were swiftly jabbed. Suddenly this tiny state, home to 33 thousand, had the worst Covid-19 morality in the world (2761 per million). From merely 9 deaths in December, now almost a hundred have died. The health minister angrily denied claims that the vaccine was killing people but eventually admitted that some deaths had occurred soon after the jab.

The Public Health England study, which was hailed by health secretary Matt Hancock for the reported 80% decrease in hospitalizations, actually showed a 48% rise in infections after the first dose of Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccines.

This is what may be happening. Vulnerable people who unknowingly had Covid-19 or whose immune system was keeping it at bay, succumbed to the disease after the vaccine lowered their immunity.