From Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith Compliance leads to more compliance

This Rabbi is reaching out to tell his people to stop allowing the government to bully them. These Jews among many others were called upon to comply with and pledge an oath to public health and its agenda, which he refers to as communistic, and that to pledge any allegiance to these doctors or the agency would be to their peril. The only way to survive is non compliance. The government has no authority to mandate masks nor quarantine. He said we all have a responsibility to oppose these unlawful acts. Public health is the destruction of the individual by the official. Take your cell phone and throw it in the water, so the government cant track and trace you. If a man wants to live like a human being and walk down the street without a mask, stop berating him and humiliating him and doing the bidding of the government. It goes against the Torah, and against the constitution. Compliance always leads to more compliance. You have zero influence on the government, the only thing you can do is non compliance, en masse. This is a war of public health against the people. You have a right to speak the truth, and it is your responsibility to do so. The more you try to please a bully, the more he will take from you. Public health officials are using the Jews, do not go along with them. This is all voluntarily, no one forced you. Do not berate and chase after those who are not going along with the government. They are doing their duty, because they dont fear. Go ahead do whats right, that is why you are here.

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