Fire and Brimstone / Sodom and Gomorrhea

Massachusetts Middle School Students Tear Down Rainbow Decorations and Chant Their Pronouns Are USA

Massachusetts Middle School Students Tear Down Rainbow Decorations and Chant...

Good News

Starbucks Removes All Pride Decorations Amid Boycotts Against Corporate LGBTQ Virtue Signaling

by Jamie White

June 13th 2023
Starbucks has banned Pride decorations in ALL of its U.S. stores halfway through Pride Month, the company’s workers union revealed Tuesday.

“For the last two weeks, Starbucks workers have taken to social media to report that the company is no longer allowing Pride decorations in-store,” Starbucks Workers United tweeted.

Starbucks Removes All Pride Decorations Amid Boycotts Against Corporate LGBTQ Virtue Signaling


Hundreds gather to protest Dodgers' Pride night event honoring LGBTQ+ 'nun'...

Look at what 'The Great Satan' is allowing in Public Schools

Conversation With Woke AI

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Victor Reacts: Young Christian ARRESTED While Preaching on Public Property,.

Satanic NAZI SS Police in USSA

California is rolling into a nosedive, and the lunatics aiming the airplane at the ground are all-in on just one topic: the relentless sexualization of childhood, in the context of the policy-ruined family.

Recently, the Chino Valley Unified School District implemented a parental notification policy that forbids the obvious grooming behavior of keeping a student’s campus-declared sexual identity a secret from parents. Today, California Attorney General Rob Bonta, a pedophile’s wet dream of a prosecutor, announced that he’s suing the district to protect the vital civil right of keeping sexual secrets from mommy and daddy, who don’t need to know about the sexy discussions their yummy little twelve year-olds are having with strangers at school.

All hell is breaking loose and people are allowing it...
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Arrested for saying "lesbian".


Sodom Discovered by Archaeologists! w/ Dr. John Bergsma

by tts-admin | Sep 7, 2023 | 21 comments

Sodom Discovered By Archaeologists! w/ Dr. John Bergsma

Pints with Aquinas – YouTube Aug 22, 2023

WATCH: Arrogant Executives of Radical Non-Profit Group Reveal How They Are Sneaking Woke LGBTQ+ Curriculum Into Elementary Schools and Indoctrinating Children WITHOUT Parental Knowledge


Investigative journalism group Project Veritas managed to speak with both the HiTOPS executive director, Lisa Shelby, and Hannah Wiers, a health educator for the non-profit. They posted the full video on Wednesday.

During their conversation, the journalists managed to get them to reveal the deceptive tactics they use to brainwash children and admit a key goal of theirs is to eliminate the opt-out clause for parents when it comes to the curriculum they push.

Shelby explains to the Project Veritas reporter one trick they use to indoctrinate children in the radical LGBTQ+ lifestyle is using a so-called “racial justice” class called “Pathways to Racial Literacy” to teach kids about “sexual health education and LGBTQ+ support.”

[Gibraltar too?]

Evidence shown in the video: Sulfur balls that burn found, bones warped by heat, total burn destruction, black layer just under surface.....much more
19:24 Then the "I AM" rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the "I AM" out of heaven;
19:25 And He overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.

Sulfur Balls of Sodom and Gomorrah


[More insanity.]

Erasing women: British General Medical Council (GMC) scrubs “mother”

General Medical Council erasing "mother"

There is no longer any such thing as a "mother" as far as the British General Medical Council (GMC) is concerned.

The English political body has changed its internal policy to remove all mentions of the word "mother" in reference to its employees. Instead, from now on, all mothers will simply be called "parents" to avoid using female-specific language.

These changes at the GMC come on the heels of other recommendations by pro-LGBT groups to rename female anatomy as well to avoid being female-specific.

Continued at Erasing women: British General Medical Council (GMC) scrubs “mother” from all internal policies – only gender-neutral “parent” references allowed - STATIONGOSSIP


LGBTQ rights protest targeted in Lebanon

Priests Caught Having Gay Orgy and Want Followers to Pay Reparations