Is Michelle Obama male?

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I've met women with hands and feet larger than mine. And noses. And wider jaws. And there certainly are women with very straight, thin hips...

I don't believe there is credible evidence that Michelle Obama is a man.

To my knowledge there is a video (The Ellen Degenerate show dance number) where her pants are bunching up at her crotch for a second or two, a whole bunch of photoshopped images (like the image Godtaughtmehow posted) and some cherry picked quotes of Barack referring to a Michael. Then there is the video wherecomedian Joan Rivers accuses her of being a man.

If you look at the whole Ellen video it's clear how loose the pants are and that do all kinds of things around her crotch.

There are also pictures o Michelle Obama as a young girl/woman which show no signs of being forgeries.

I don't believe there is any credible proof that Michelle Obama is a man...

Do some research then, I am not starting another argument with you because you can't be bothered doing the work. One thread is enough

I've researched it thoroughly for years, actually...

You can check some of my videos on the subject on my channel. I am sure the fact checkers and snopes of this world have volumes on this subject as a damage limitation excercise, I am not really interested in reading those.



That's an obviously photoshopped image (a lie).

Here's the original:-

This is another photoshop (a lie). I've not been able to find that exact frame though, but if we compare it to the video of the event here, or images here it's clear that there is no such bulge.

Two more fakes:-

There you go, work your way through that selection @deleted.

A very poor quality page full of photoshopped images.

"Dr. Rafael Espinanzo was entrusted with former First Lady Michelle Obama’s care during the 2008 presidential election and has since spoken out about something he feels the public needs a definitive answer on....

"...I Know what I saw. Michelle Obama is not a woman who used to be a man. Michelle Obama is just a man with breast implants and a huge shaving bill..."

It's just stupid disinfo/satire

Here's another stupid photoshop:

"Here is a photo of Michael's hair club membership, the image on the card appears to be photoshopped, but the card itself is real:"

Oh, yeah, sure!


Here it's claimed to be a photoshop without any proof (or the original)

This one too?



I did some research on an interesting images. It's actually Barack Obama with his friends Mark Anderson & Romeo Garcia at a festival in Pasadena's Central Park. 1980

If that's Michelle Obama then who is this?



The Chelsea Clinton tweet is a fake

And how about the electoral registration, the Malik Obama tweets the video of Big Mike getting in the car.....Obama caught out a few times saying Michael and I, Joan Rivers statement, then her conveniently dying in a routine surgery??? I am sure you will come up with something....

You ignored the same elbow scar...

Here's a fact checking page about that. Not something that one would investigate onself easily

I don't have an explanation. I didn't find much info about him and what kind of relationship he has with his half-brother. Maybe he is just trying to get a rise out of his followers. Maybe he's also fooled by the "big mike" movement

Maybe he isn't that fond of Barack:

This one and the other one with her dancing I would say is just because of the very lose pants.

He isn't referring to Michelle but to Michael Mullen, son of former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen.



In another clip he says: "When my Mik...when Michelle's mad". One explanation is that he's mind mixed together the words wife + michelle and it became mike, or that he was going to say "my wife" but changed his mind midway and decided to say "Michelle" instead and it became mike. (These things have happened to me quite a few times) One thing that supports this is that you usually don't say "When my Mike" you'd say "When Mike", and especially not "My Mike" (maɪ maɪk) because it's a bit cumbersome to say.

Also, if I had a friend named Michelle I would probably playfully call her Mike from time to time....

Joan Rivers: (Wikipedia)

"She was noted for her blunt, often controversial comedic persona that was heavily self-deprecating and acerbic, especially towards celebrities and politicians, delivered in her signature New York accent"

Whether she was just doing a controversial schtick or actually believed in it or had just happened to come across the meme I cannot say...

At 81. Even "routine" surgeries can be risky, especially at that age.


I don't believe that it is a scar on Michelles arm but just normal elbow features. The guy in the middle also has them. Romeo Garcia might hade a scar/hypopigmentation.

Here's yet another Photoshop that is featured on that page

Another obvious fake that I've seen going around which isn't even created in Photoshop but on an old "Yearbook Yourself" website which allows you to generate these images.


It seems to originate from a satire/trolling website called Christwire. Some other articles by the same "author" Matthew B. Glosser — ChristWire

It's included in a proposterious article about "Michael LaVaughn Robinson".

My findings are that the article has been quoted at least 5000 times.

"Below is a picture, circa 1981, Glosser posted, showing the pre-op Michael LaVaughn Robinson (top right, #44):"



And here are some facts, Weird: Michelle Obama Registered to Vote as a Man for 14 Years for Some Reason | American Liberty Report
Have watched a video with Joel Gilbert, will try and find later when I have time.

"Filmmaker Joel Gilbert obtained Michelle Obama’s original voter registration card from Illinois from back in 1994. Voter registration cards are public records in Illinois and anyone who wants can look them up and obtain them through records requests. You have to wonder why no one in the Republican Party doing oppo research on the Obamas ever looked this document up in 2008 or 2012, when Barack ran for president and then reelection. The oddity that he found is that in the box for “Sex” on the form, Michelle Obama circled the M for male, instead of the F for female.

Gilbert dismisses this as a clerical error. He then goes to great lengths to explain that Michelle Obama is a woman and not a man, and that she’s never been a man, and yadda yadda yadda. But I think there are some other possible explanations for why she circled the M instead of the F."

Or maybe he knows that Michelle is a man?

Of course you would.....