EXPLAINER: The latest rules around visitors to Gibraltar

Gibraltar is open with relatively "low" restrictions, based on its traffic light system, with both the UK and Spain on the "green" list.

All arrivals require some sort of COVID19 test upon arrival – a Rapid Flow Test or full PCR Test, with the PCR test being free for green light countries. All others will have to pay £30 for a RFT online when booking, which will take place at the Testing Unit at the Gib Airport.

Tests are required for anyone from green-list countries and have not visited amber or red listed country in 14 days.

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Beware of the Covid 1984 PCR test – your life depends upon it

All the "we're open hype" gave everyone a false sense of security that things were returning to normal (They aren't). People booked flights and made travel plans, only to find out a TEST is really needed; and how many will go ahead and do it "not to ruin" their vacations plans of which they have looked forward to?

Should we not be suspicious of all this PCR testing and what they may be collecting on individuals, given their genome sequencing goals. And given the "Beware the PCR letter" with how the CCP wants to map the genome of every human+being – and the CCP wants to be in charge of worldwide vaccine passports.

Travel passports and vaccines will be linked – and travel passports are going to contain a lot more information than vaccine status.

We can see it clear as day.

And by the way, the EU just signed another contract with Pfizer for more vaccines:

Coronavirus: Commission signs a third contract with BioNTech-Pfizer for an additional 1.8 billion doses

The European Commission signed a third contract with the pharmaceutical companies BioNTech and Pfizer. It reserves an additional 1.8 billion doses on behalf of all EU Member States, between end 2021 to 2023. It will allow for the purchase of 900 million doses of the current vaccine and of a vaccine adapted to variants, with the option to purchase an additional 900 million doses.

EU – eHealth Network OUTLINE Interoperability of health certificates Trust framework

Dr. Michael Yeadon: Please read this carefully and let it sink in. This could have really scary consequences.

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It’s Official: EU Becomes a Huge Concentration Camp

Let’s not fool ourselves: this European “ausweis” (ER: ID card) is nothing more than a permit to leave the European open-air prison in order to be able to circulate again between the different European countries.

A Europe at war with its own peoples to establish its domination before its economic collapse scheduled for this year, prelude to the Great Reset of the Davos madmen in order to set up the digital currency and the universal income, carrot of total submission of the whole middle class.

This health pass, which, let’s remember, is nothing more than a hidden act of coercion to be vaccinated.

Some call the coronavirus an invisible enemy, yet they can't see the visible enemy building up another Berlin Wall around the whole of Europe.