Eco Wave Power Global to Relocate the Gibraltar Wave Energy Array to the Port of LA


Eco Wave Power Global AB, a leader in the production of clean electricity from ocean and sea waves, today, announces its intent to relocate the energy conversion unit from Gibraltar, after full overhaul, to AltaSea's premises in the Port of Los Angeles ("AltaSea"), in accordance with the agreement entered between the parties in January, 2022.

A range of factors led to the decision to move the energy conservation unit. The primary reason is Eco Wave Power's increasing interest in the US market, emphasized by the company's recent listing on Nasdaq Capital Market. Additional considerations include the condition of the Ammunition Jetty, and that Eco Wave Power has accumulated almost six years of operational experience with over 49,632 grid connection hours, in its Gibraltar pilot site, and is therefore ready to continue with its plan to expand to larger scales and new regions with its pioneering technology.

According to the agreement between Eco Wave Power and the Government of Gibraltar, the pilot was built and originally supposed to operate only for two years, with the purpose of proving that wave energy can safely connect to the grid and withstand the Gibraltar storms, using its storm-protection mechanism. However, the company decided to keep the pilot station operational for a longer time, as it was used as a real conditions research and development facility for the company.

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Wave energy sees ripples of activity in the U.S.

Eco Wave gets a mention in this article.

Eco Wave deployed its first grid-connected commercial project in Gibraltar in 2016 and is at work on Israel’s first grid-connected wave energy installation. It also has a number of other projects planned, including a grid-connected 1 megawatt installation in Portugal that is part of a 20 megawatt agreement.

Update: Installation at Gibraltar is on its way to AltaSea ecofriendly business center at Port of Los Angeles, set to arrive in September 2022.

Sea-wave electricity plant heads to Port of Los Angeles

Israeli company Eco Wave Power is moving its wave energy pilot from Gibraltar to the 35-acre campus AltaSea ecofriendly business center at the Port of Los Angeles, the nation’s busiest seaport.

This will be the first US location for Eco Wave Power’s energy conversion unit, which is already deployed in Israel and plans further deployments in Spain, Portugal and other locations.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, wave energy off the nation’s coasts can generate the equivalent of about 66 percent of all the electricity generated across the country in 2020.

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