Early Warning: 1981 Predictive Programming Movie About Today

T.H.E.Y. always tell us their plans in advance.

Early Warning was an early warning.

Short Introduction (4min):

Excerpt from speech in movie: In reviewing this year's progress, let me say we have been highly effective in conditioning people's minds to accept our solution to the world's problems. The energy crisis here in the United States was exceptionally successful worldwide; and we expect similar success with our upcoming food shortage. Our labor leaders have made great progress in causing confusion and work stoppages in all areas of the world...

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Summary: A Christian woman wants a newspaper man to publish a story about a One World Foundation being set up whose only goal is to control the world. She wants him to warn people that this is coming and explain how it ties into the end times spoken about in the Bible. The newsman is opposed to such an idea until he sees the woman being pursued by the Foundation. As this adventure unfolds, the newspaper man begins to realize that what the woman is saying could be true.