Dr. Simone Gold – The Covid19 Vaccine Explained

Dr. Simone Gold Blows The Lid Off The COVID Lie and Sounds The Alarm About the Vaccines! (1hr)

Dr. Gold is part of the Amercia’s Frontline Workers, known for their speech in Washington DC, found one their website.


While they bring up Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) – and we advocate to NOT TAKE pharmaceutical drugs on Defending-Gibraltar, Dr. Simone provides some background on the Covid Lie - from where it gots its name; to the insanity of the industry rejecting it once Covid came along, because the insurance company was blocking it. Doctors are coming under fire for standing up to power. She and others have been fired. She brings up legal-suits.

Simone Gold has been brought up before on Defending-Gibraltar.

“Their video got 20 millions because people recognize the truth,” she said. “You have to push up against tyranny. It’s about being a role model.”

The future isn’t “get the vaccine, you get your life back.”

Lancet study said Hydroxychloroquine was bad. They were caught in their fraudulent claim. There is no way they had 90,000 people in a trial all across the whole and no one know about it. Yet, their lies halts HCQ trials by the W.H.O. etc. The Lancent study on HCQ is retracted, because they got caught. Even with the media, you really have to struggle to see the study was retracted.

The Covid19 experiment cannot be called a vaccine.

It’s brand new technology. There are independently no published animal studies. There has been a rush to market.

Known Complications - antibody dependent enhancement (pathogenic priming). Instead of causing immunity, it causes a person to over-react in a negative way. We see this with prior covid vaccines, the animals died. Unknowns – ie Potential fertility problems.

Never talk about this without the word “Experimental”.

What if people get the vaccine and have “antibody dependent enhancement” and they get exposed later and 30% drop dead? Dr. Gold was posing this question based on other studies.

If you take the experimental vaccine, you enroll yourself into a medical trial. They will track you for two years, she said.