Dr. Robert Young: Millions Have Died From The COVID Injections

Dr. Robert Young: Millions Have Died From The COVID Injections

You may recall that Dr. Robert Young was the man who made the claim based on his discovery that the COVID shots contained graphene oxide, parasites, stainless steel and other metals. On Wednesday, he made the claim that millions have died from these experimental shots.

Dr. Young wrote:

The Vaccine Death Report shows all the scientific evidence that millions of innocent people lost their lives and hundreds of millions are suffering crippling side effects, after being injected with the experimental CoV – 19 injections. The report exposes the strategic methods used by governments and health agencies to hide 99% of all vaccine injuries and deaths. You will also learn who is really behind all of this, and what their true agenda is.

The report also shows horrifying lab results obtained by optical microscopy investigation of several vaccine vials: living creatures with tentacles, as well as self-assembling nanorobots. See the micrograph below of a Hydra vulgaris parasite viewed by Dr. Madej using optical microscopy at 600x:

The Vaccine Death Report contains a tremendous amount of critical information, that you will find nowhere else in such a comprehensive and well organized format. It ends with a strong message of hope, that will greatly empower you.

Nano Particulates of Graphene and Iron Oxide Assembling Themselves in a Organized Straight Line Viewed by Dr. Robert O. Young under pHase Contrast Microscopy

So, what’s in the report? 51 pages of facts and damning evidence against Big Pharma conspirators against the people of the world. Take a look.

The Vaccine Death Report By Dr. Robert Young by Tim Brown on Scribd.

Download this PDF

Continued at link.


Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Should be Arrested for Her Unscientific and Unlawful Injection Mandates

The Boston Herald reports this week that city police and firefighters lost their lawsuit against the city (for vaccine mandates) — filed by “Boston Police Superior Officers Federation, which filed the suit along with the Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society and Boston Firefighters Union Local 718”.

Michelle Wu tells pregnant police officer concerned about loss of her baby she doesn’t respond to hypotheticals.

Squad officers questioned Michelle Wu to her face before Christmas, as posted here on Twitter, one asking her how she might feel after dedicated cops were gone, and Emergency services stopped working in the city, as she “slashed all the services which are critical…removing tenured and experienced cops and firefighters. ”

Michelle Wu, a 36-year-old graduate of Harvard and the Harvard Law School, had no answer to that but regurgitated lawyer-speak and politician-speak about being united, not divisive and coming together during a “public health emergency…where all the scientific experts and doctors” are driving what she defends as “growing the vaccination rate” in Boston, which she admonishes everyone they should be proud to be living in, given its world leadership in the vaccines:

“We made that vaccine right here which is going in the arms of everyone in the world”.

Moderna is headquartered in Cambridge and Pfizer has a considerable presence as well . DARPA seems to be squatting inside MIT, also in Cambridge: they funded, initiated, and helped bring the mRNA so-called vaccines into the world. A sad commentary, given the escalating numbers of deaths from both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

Pregnant police officers specifically mentioned the great harm to babies and clear risk of losing pregnancies from an experimental vaccine, to Michelle Wu, mother of two, who declined to sign a statement accepting liability for loss of pregnancy after being invited to by 30-week-pregnant Gianna Mullane, a Boston police officer, covered in national news.

They all seem to be missing the point. But then, this is exactly what is going to happen in the face of pervasive lies and a massively false construct which the City of Boston, the Boston Herald, the Boston Globe, and the entire conglomerate of police officers and firefighters represented by their unions and lawyers are upholding.

There’s an option:

Arrest Michelle Wu and the Boston City Council. Then head to where Governor Charlie Baker hangs and arrest him too. Media outlets next. Moderna and co. after. That would be a useful application of “Law Enforcement” for Boston Police: from all evidence, it is very clear to millions in Massachusetts and the world that great crimes are being committed by city, state, and federal governments. And Media. In addition of course to the vaccine makers and FDA/CDC pushers: prime movers of this pandemic-narrative and all associated vaccine-crimes, mask-crimes, nasal-swab-crimes.

We need a better world than this!

The antigen tests rolling out now are dangerous too: the constant testing for a major-lie and the constant use of nanotoxin-laden nasal swabs will also poison you. According to Johns Hopkins University, Theragrippers are actually administered with a cotton swab. These tiny devices, known as “Theragrippers,” are made of metal and a thin film that changes shape. They are covered with heat-sensitive kerosene wax and each no larger than a dust particle.

When the kerosene coating on the Theragripper reaches body temperature, the devices close autonomously and clamp onto the wall of the colon. Because of the sealing action, the tiny, six-pointed devices burrow into the mucosa and attach to the colon, where they are held and gradually release their drug load graphene oxide poison into the body.


Ramola D Reports, October 6, 2021

Passionate call from Dr. Robert Young for people to wake up, come together, and act to immediately halt the deadly COVID vaccines which are continuing to kill thousands of people, including young, healthy people, while maiming, paralyzing, and disabling millions worldwide, particularly in light of the new information he shares on this Newsbreak of new micrographs showing clumps of parasites and graphene found newly in vaccinated blood.

Dr. Young addresses once more his work in microscopy and scholarship exploring the science of pleomorphism and exosomes, discussing his mentors and influences which stem from Antoine Bechamp, as well as supporters and scholars such as James Redfield and Dr. Neil Solomon from Johns Hopkins Medical school, and professors at Morehouse College who helped promote his work in New Biology and helped get some of his bestselling books on pH environment and alkaline diets published.

At core of Dr. Young's work is the theory that all disease—including so-called viral diseases—stem from a polluted environment, with contaminants accruing from sources such as electromagnetic radiation, pesticides, unhealthy eating, drinking, lifestyle habits, vaccines, aerosols, carbon monoxide or dioxide poisoning etc, and cellular cleaning operations to rid the body of waste leads to formation of exosomes which are mistaken to be viruses typical of a certain disease. These viruses cannot transmit from one person to another except through injection, and the concept of infection and contagion is highly misunderstood he says. What is really happening is radiation outward by the electromagnetic human body of harmful disease/polluted terrain frequencies, it is this which is transmitted from one person to another, rooting in unhealthy terrain and giving the impression of contagion while in actuality not at all deriving from any specific living “virus”--no virus has been proved to exist or been isolated in separateness and found to transmit disease in another, as per Koch's and Rivers' postulates. People who are healthy and have healthy bodily terrain and perfect pH in their interstitial fluids cannot catch viral diseases from a sick person, this in itself supports Terrain Theory and gives lie to Germ Theory.

The current mania therefore of COVID being a deadly viral disease transmitted in speech or breath to others and requiring a vaccine to stop its spread is essentially a profound deception and major lie.

Dr. Young has been wrongfully targeted by the corrupt edifice of the FDA and co. for healing people, as many naturopaths have also been, a situation he speaks about here, as he calls for people to start educating themselves about the truth of disease, terrain pollution, and return to health through alkaline diets and means of re-oxygenating blood through chlorine dioxide, sodium and potassium chlorate, etc. Significantly, his diets have helped heal many from late-stage cancers, a fact the cancer industry has worked hard to suppress; Dr. Young describes his experience of coming close to University support of his cancer cures which ultimately fell through as risk-assessors at the University of Southern California weighed the cost of his treatment protocols against the thousands of dollars brought in by chemo and decided to drop support of his work.

Regardless, Dr. Young has continued his work, going on to write several books which became bestsellers and helped heal millions around the world, including Reverse Cancer Naturally and The pH Miracle series.

Reading Dr. Young's many articles is very interesting since they offer deeper insight into this ideology of disease and health, and some are listed here below.

Peer-reviewed published articles for the work, research and findings of Dr. Robert O. Young:

  1. What Do Viruses Lke HIV and Corona Have in Common with Exosomes - https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/what-do-so-called-viruses-like-hiv-cov-19-have-in-common-with-exosomes
  2. Young RO, Migalko G (2020) What Causes Oxygen Deprivation of the Blood(DIC) and Then Lungs(SARS - CoV 2 & 12)?. Integ Mol Bio Biotechnol 1: 001-007
  3. The Genesis of Severe Acute Respiratory (Syndrome) Disease or SARS (Coronavirus - COVID - 2 and COVID - 19) is Found in the Interstitial Fluids of Intestitium.


Ramola D Reports
Major reveals on what is in the vaccines, with use of electron and other kinds of microscopy from original research by Dr. Robert Young and his team, confirming what the La Quinta Columna researchers found---toxic nanometallic content with cytotoxic and genotoxic effects as well as an identified parasite. This is major revelation: please stay tuned for a major article reporting this at ECC, meanwhile please share this video widely!


Dr. Young's major article reporting his findings:

Statement by Dr. Young on sources for all information reported here and in his article/Posted Sep 1, 2021:

Report 255 | Dr. Robert Young: All Disease is Outfection Not Infection--Vaccine Nano is Bioweapon!

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Dr. Robert Young - Fraud Against Humanity - Virus Fraud


Video deleted by GodTaughtMeHow.

Good day to you @GodTaughtMeHow

Is what Christopher Key is pushing the same as MMS, If so this is not something The Lord approves of.

Miracle Mineral Supplement, often referred to as Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Mineral Solution, MMS or the CD protocol, is a branded name for chlorine dioxide ,

Thank-you be1.

After reading the below .pdf it is clear that this is not a natural product but a patentable and patented product. Thus, man-made and not God-Made.

"...Alcide Corporation went on to produce multiple patents and products that utilized the
antimicrobial and healing effects of chlorine dioxide. Alcide Corporation had patents for treating
wound disinfection, donated human blood and blood component disinfection,.."

The link will be pulled.

Dear @GodTaughtMeHow. Understood the video posted has been deleted for the reasons posted. I thank-you for bringing attention to the other efforts by Christopher Keys. I had not heard about him before. His billboards against the vax are amazing. And notably, as pointed out by Stew Peters, he is one of the few that is not profiting and all the money received goes back into the work he is doing. Other highly respected "truthers" promote chlorine dioxide as well and are making profits. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hello Nancy,
Hope all is well. Thank-you for your comment.
Yes, there are many misguided souls here (hell) that are following their 'hearts' instead of their God connected minds. Whilst they feel that their intentions are good, and they may actually be helping people, the fact remains that without God's Laws, Judgements, and Statutes, all is but vanity. He is pushing a form of pharmacological medicine, which is anti-Biblical.

We have to be-lie-ve that he is telling the truth when he says that all the money is going back to inform people while he drives around in a fancy sports car. Even if that is true, he is not promoting The Lord during His 2nd Coming, to say nothing of not being obedient to God's Law (Gal 5:20).

The main reason the video was posted (in ignorance as to what the 'Secret Mineral' was) was that it is a movement opposing the Satanic WEF Vax depopulation agenda.

Yes, the sleeple are waking up, but truth be told, it appears to be too little, too late. The Lord and His Message of returning to God's Law should be "going viral", but is not. On the contrary, as was prophesied, He is being rejected (Luke 17:25).

It is believed that Father is allowing the Satanists to promote the WEF Covid Reset/depopulation agenda in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. Those who take the VAX will be (and are) rejected by God for lack of faith in Him, at the very least.

Praying to Father to strengthen our faith is vitally important in these last days. Faith (trust) is paramount and foundational. Christopher Keys does use Jesus' Holy Name as an inspiration and uses Him to help him. Pray for him that he is somehow led to this site or some other that brings his awareness that "Jesus is here, now" as was prophesied. Hopefully he will change to promote that.

Live in love,


Thank you and God Bless

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Thank-you. Likewise.

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Dear @GodTaughtMeHow
Thank-you and likewise good wishes.
And thank-you too for your reply comment. Agreed.
Live in Love and Peace. God Bless.

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You're welcome Nancy.

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Over 5 billion (with a B) have consented to the covid shot.

This may be why T.H.E.Y. have moved on to war with Russia and off the Covid repression (until people start dropping in mass).

"Christians" can't handle the truth. This is why they go to church and listen to the false prophets that The Lord warned people to not listen to or go to, rather than read


One cannot tell a 'Christian' that their taking the gene altering vax is going to be their demise in God's eyes. It can't be undone.

All we can do is control our own actions and reactions (calm/meek). Father is watching us all and providing strength to those who are obedient to His Bible and The Lord who fear Him and KEEP the Covenant.
Live in love, Peace.



Dear @GodTaughtMeHow. Eye-opening. Thank-you for sharing the post / article/video links.

Dr.Madej talks about "AI" medical protocols. Even cv-19 is an AI construct. Elsewhere another talks about "AI constructs" posing as humans. AI is connected to the stock exchange. The illusion via technology is rapidly increasing.

If I may, just to clarify: Over 5 billion have not consented to the shot, rather 5 billion doses have been administered.

Thank-you. Likewise all that is good/God.

Agreed. Thank-you.

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You are welcome. Thank-you.

Have a Blessed rest of the day.

Thank-you. Likewise.

Gibraltar 125% (can't make this stuff up...)



If the data is correct, and 64% of of the world's population have received at least one jab; and if the data for the current world's population is correct which is nearly 8 Billion people; then if my math is correct, that would be approximately 5 Billion people vaxed which is what you said initially. :grinning:

Sadly, that is a lot of people.