Dr. David Martin Reveals Trudeau Gets Paid Every Time Jabs Are Given



Dr. David Martin reveals that Justin Trudeau Ordered 10 times More Vaccines Than There Are Canadians.

Follow the money…Trudeau failed to tell Canadians that Canada gets a kick back every time that Pfizer or Moderna shots are given…

He literally has a price on your heads Canada.


Transcript can be found it this article - Dr. David Martin Exposes the ‘The Great Reset and COVID19 Vaccines’ Agenda

[What about Picardo?]

Dr. David Martin explains the seven felonies that could prosecute Dr. Fauci (Must Watch)

Dr. David Martin – The Vax is a Bioweapon; Call it what it is.


Canada Federal contracts poised to deliver 100 million vaccine doses annually for years

Federal COVID-19 vaccine contracts mean Canada should get enough doses to give two or three more mRNA shots to every Canadian, every year, until at least 2024.

But even as the National Advisory Committee on Immunization is now suggesting some Canadians get in line for their fourth doses, the World Health Organization is warning that "repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition" are not a sustainable plan to end the pandemic.

The WHO's vaccine technical committee said today vaccines need to become more effective at keeping up with emerging variants.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday there will be third and fourth booster doses available in this country if or when they're needed.


Dr. David Martin’s Urgent Canadian Trucker Update & Trudeau’s Conflict Of interest, Lawsuits Coming [VIDEO]

FEBRUARY 12, 2022



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