Dozens of rockets fired from Gaza towards Israel | Israeli tank on fire as...

BREAKING: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Declares War Against Hamas After Thousands of Rockets Target Israel


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war against the Gaza-based terror group Hamas after the militant group fired over 5,000 rockets at Israel.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman spokesperson Lt Col Richard stated Hamas militants have “entered Israel from Gaza by land, by sea and by air using paragliders.”

Shortly after Hamas’ surprise attack Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war against Hamas.

In an emergency broadcast Netanyahu declared “Citizens of Israel, we are at war. And we will win.”

He continued “The enemy will pay a price like they have never known before.”

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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar Release Statements Holding Israel Responsible for Hamas Attacks

The State of Qatar’s statement is more direct in its accusation against Israel. It holds Israel “solely responsible for the ongoing escalation” due to its “ongoing violations of the rights of the Palestinian people.” Qatar specifically mentions the “repeated incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque under the protection of the Israeli police” as the latest in a series of violations.

Hundreds Dead: Israel PM Says ‘We Are at War’ After Hamas Attacks By ‘Land, Air, and Sea’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared, “We are at war, this is not an operation.”

Human rights groups consider Gaza an “open-air prison.” Most Palestinians living in the region are refugees. Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas on the planet, with 2 million people living in 140 sq. miles. Israel severely restricts the amount of food, fuel, and water the people of Gaza can access.

An Israeli official said the Palestinian forces were able to capture the headquarters of an Israeli military unit near Gaza. “The headquarters of the Gaza division in camp Ra’im is under the control of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam brigades,” the official explained.

A spokesman for the Israeli military, Daniel Hagari, said soldiers were being mobilized, and strikes on Gaza have begun. “The IDF [Israeli army] is flooding the area with troops.

Palestinians Invaded Southern ISRAEL┃Hundred Israeli Soldiers Were Captured or Killed┃It's A New WAR


Efrat Fenigson, Israeli journalist and podcaster: Israeli citizens in Israeli towns near Gaza Strip begging for help from Israeli Police or Army, and they’re NOT there 6 hours after this nightmare started. What happened to the “strongest army in the world”? How come border crossings were wide open?? Something is VERY WRONG HERE.

Zhirinovsky predicted the Hamas military operation