Dozens of rockets fired from Gaza towards Israel | Israeli tank on fire as...

BREAKING: The Taliban Asks Iran for Passage Across Country to Assist Hamas in Annihilation of Israel – After Joe Biden Armed Taliban with $80 Billion in US Weapons and Supplies

Earlier today Hamas terrorists launched a major surprise attack on Israel. The Islamist group fired over 5,000 missiles inside Israel, crossed into southern Israel, captured innocent citizens and Israeli soldiers as prisoners, and launched numerous attacks across southern Israel.

This assault comes just weeks after Joe Biden sent $6 billion to Iran in September.

The last time the US gave stacks of money to Iran, during the Obama years, Iran launched a massive military build-up.

This time it took four weeks before Iran’s proxy army in Gaza launched a historic military assault on Israel on the Sabbath.

Earlier this morning Joe Biden’s US Office of Palestinian Affairs urged Israel not to defend itself from the 5,000 missile attack and mass kidnappings and killings by Hamas.
UPDATE – The US Office of Palestinian Affairs later deleted its tweet.

Now this – The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Taliban has requested free passage across Iran to assist Hamas in Gaza in its war on Israel.


During the intense fighting which broke out yesterday between HAMAS and Israel, astonishing things took place. Despite the most advanced intelligence and surveillance systems in the world, Palestinians allegedly broke through into Israel -- somehow un-noticed by all the surveillance gear.

One Israeli Border Guard told me "Our systems could see if a Bird was flying-in; yet authorities would have us believe they couldn't see dozens of Palestinians on motorized para-gliders in the air? It's simply not possible. They let this happen on purpose."

Another Israeli told me "MOSSAD knows when these people, HAMAS, take a dump in the bathroom, yet we're supposed to believe MOSSAD had no idea this gigantic operation was being planned?"

Israel has the best intelligence on its neighbors of any nation on earth. Israel has lots of “assets” embedded in these various “terrorist” organizations, as well as SIGINT (including U.S. satellite data) which allows Israel to always have a finger on the pulse of these organizations.

There is no way in hell that a coordinated, major attack involving about 1,000 Hamas fighters, sea-based/ land-based/ aerial attacks could have been planned, coordinated, and executed without Israeli intelligence getting wind of it. 0% chance.

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The Israeli authorities have officially begun to resort to a long—tried tool...

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