Barrister Charles Gomez writes to Director of Public Health asking about...

Barrister Charles Gomez has written a letter to the recently appointed Director of Public Health, Helen Carter, asking a series of questions about the safety of the Pfizer vaccine for 12 to 15 year olds.

The letter is written on behalf of a group of individuals referring to themselves as 'Freedom Gibraltar'.

The Group has posed a series of questions via its legal representative, Charles Gomez.

Mr Gomez asks if the Director of Public Health, Helen Carter, is taking direction, or guidance, from the UK authorities, and what scientific research or information she is using to justify the rejection of advice by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.

It asks about the risks of myocarditis in young males, and suggests that there have already been cases affecting over 16s.

The letter asks Ms Carter if her department has a detailed record of adverse reactions to the Pfizer Vaccine.

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ICAN legal update

ICAN demands the immediate release of secret ingredient in Pfizer vaccine.

ICAN believes that the public has a right to know what makes up over 20% of the undiluted volume of each Pfizer vaccine that federal, state, and local governments in the United States, and in other countries around the world, are mandating their citizens receive. We will never stop demanding full transparency from government agencies and officials because without transparency, informed consent is not possible.

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Good news. It's nice to see that when it comes to children, Gibraltarians rose up against these tyrants. Have a feeling a lot more will be needed. This is a war; and evil is relentless.

Nice to see Freedom Gibraltar – Children To Be Shot in Gibraltar - #8 by Cloudcity – backed by a BARRISTER WITH A BACKBONE.

Defending-Gibraltar has been very diligent in this information warfare about the harms of the vaccine and warned they'd be coming for the children – Children Become The Next Target For The Jab

Freedom Gibraltar called for the removal of Dr. Sohail Bhatti – Freedom Gibraltar Says Electorate “Deserves Full Answers, Not Lip-Service” – now former public health director, but it looks like Helen Carter is just another side of the same coin in the agenda to jab the whole world – Director of Public Health to leave role – Helen Carter Takes His Place - #12 by Cheeky-Monkey

Freedom Gibraltar also protested the governments decision to deny entry into event to unvaccinated individuals – Government says it worked with organisers of recent sporting events to ensure public safety, after claims of discrimination

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Obviously, Helen Carter can't disclose the real reasons they want to shoot the children. She's getting paid to forward this vaccine-agenda. Their defense always aligns with the "official narrative" and use words like science-backed, when it is only backed by bias of corrupt individuals, companies, and bent political parties.

This is a step in legally exposing the agenda backed by lies.

We also have this...

RESEARCHERS: Jab Kills At Least 5 Times More Than Covid, So Why Are We Vaccinating Kids?

A new study published by an international team of researchers (published on ScienceDirect) proposes that the weight of evidence is AGAINST vaccinating children with experimental and sometimes lethal COVID-19 vaccines when the risks to their health far outweigh their purported benefits.

A newly published study in Toxicology Reports titled, Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19? ,” challenges the dominant narrative being widely promulgated throughout both the mainstream media and the world’s governmental health authorities, namely, that vaccines are universally and a priori “safe and effective,” despite an accumulating body of evidence on both the US government’s VAERS and the WHO’s VIGIBASE databases that the COVID-19 vaccines are causing unpredented harm to the public — which, if true, is in direct violation of the medical ethical principle of informed consent.

Continued at link.

Again, did anyone assume Helen Carter wouldn't be on board with the plan to "vaccinate" all? There are only evil reasons for doing so, if one can see through their claims to virtue.

She is smiling with her teeth.

Judge says Government Have Case to Answer on Teen Vaccine Deaths

'They need to explain why teens are dying'

Yesterday Vision News reported on the ONS figures which showed a worrying rise in deaths among 15-19 year-olds in summer 2021 compared to summer 2020, a period which coincided with the roll-out of vaccines to that age group. We asked whether the increase of 57%, amounting to 90 deaths, was a signal of deaths from serious vaccine side-effects such as myocarditis, or whether there was another explanation. There were only nine Covid deaths in the age group during the period, and there was no corresponding increase in deaths in 1-14 year-olds, adding to the concern.

These data were presented, in fuller form and alongside other evidence, at a court hearing on Friday, where the Covid19 Assembly is seeking a judicial review of the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)’s decision to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for use in 12-17 year-olds.

The Government had attempted, repeatedly, to have the case quashed, however the judge Mr. Justice Jay, said it must continue.

More at link.

Teenagers Having Heart Attacks is 'New Normal'. ONS Figures Show Deaths Rise of 63% Since Vaccine

ONS data has revealed that since the Covid-19 vaccine was offered and administered to teenagers in England and Wales there has been a 63% rise in deaths among teenage boys, with one week seeing an increase as high as 700%.

ONS data shows there has been a 47% rise in all-cause deaths among teenagers between the ages of 15-19 since they began getting the Covid-19 vaccine.


Because Gibraltar follows the UK in these Covid health matters, this case involving the ONS figures may affect what happens on The Rock.

UK Judge orders Government to provide evidence in court that justifies Covid-19 Vaccination of Children in legal challenge to halt roll-out of the jabs to Kids – The Expose

Has Helen Carter answered the letter?

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