Bank of International Settlements on Digital Currency “We will have total control on who spends money and on what they spend it.”

[Bankers not only plan to monitor people’s spending but also to control it. So that if they so decide they can prevent targeted individuals from buying food and essentials.]

Hal Turner

Speaking about coming digital currencies from central banks, a spokesman for the Bank of International Settlements admitted “We will have total control over global currency, we will know who spent each dollar and how…” It gets worse.

The spokesman, appearing in the video below, goes on to admit that, through rules that THEY establish, they can enforce who can spend money and on what!”

This is the level of control over YOU, that central bankers are now striving to achieve.

Imagine the possible consequences of these people actually having this type of control:

You’re overweight and trying to buy a package of Oreo cookies at the supermarket; they can stop the sale of the cookies to YOU.

You have a car that is older and doesn’t meet their new fuel economy standards? They can stop the sale of gasoline to YOU after a certain amount.

You like it cooler in your house in summer, and warmer in winter than THEY think you need; they can limit how much YOU can spend on electric!

Want to buy booze or even recreational drugs? They can prevent you paying for both.

The description “control freaks” barely comes close to describing the intrusive measures these bankers intend for YOUR life.

Pay attention. There are strange and deranged people, with strange and deranged ideas, trying very hard to takeover YOUR life.

Watch the brief video at link.


Thank you, such vital information can not be found on their media platforms.