AUTISM, Brain Damage, etc! 100% Proof CHILD Vax’s cause every major Disease. Dr’s Med license REVOKED

Shots Fired show with DeAnna Lorraine.

EVERY Parent or Future Parent MUST see this! DeAnna Lorraine joined by renowned and now BANNED and "dangerous" Pediatrician, Dr. Paul Thomas, who shares his groundbreaking 10-year studies, the first ever of its kind, that shows the direct causation between all the CHILDHOOD vaccines - urged by the CDC and Doctors from birth - cause basically every single illness and disease, from Autism to ADHD, epilepsy, brain damage, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

This shocking information he discovered and published is what got the tyrannical medical board after him and made him relinquish his medical license!

Must watch and share this exclusive interview with this brave and honest Pediatrician who has put it all on the line to give you and your children the truth.

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Phantom of the CDC and the Whistle Blower Killers: CDC Scientist that exposed the cause of autism

Steve Kirsch: "We Can’t Find An Autistic Kid Who Was Unvaccinated!"

Comprehensive study: There are ZERO Amish kids suffering from cancer, diabetes or autism – WHY IS THAT?

Two verifiable anecdotes are the mathematical proof that vaccines cause SIDS and autism
by tts-admin | Aug 6, 2023 |



With these two anecdotes (which weren’t hard to find), we can completely discredit the medical consensus on SIDS and autism.

Will the medical consensus change? Unlikely, even if these are published as case reports in the medical literature, they’d ignore it as an “anecdote” because that’s what they do. But that’s not science. Both anecdotes are verifiable and would be impossible to happen under the null hypothesis. So any real scientist would have to reject the null hypothesis. The problem is that there are too few real scientists left in the world because they would lose their job, lose their NIH funding, and/or lose their medical license if they speak out against the medical consensus.

So even though the medical consensus won’t change, I thought you all should know the truth: vaccines are the primary cause of SIDS and autism.


Autism Epidemic Is Real and Overvaccination Is Its Cause’: A Conversation With Mark Blaxill

Mark Blaxill, chief financial officer of the Holland Center, a private autism treatment center and father of an autistic adult daughter, joined “The Defender In-Depth” this week to discuss what he called the “coming tsunami” of autism caregiving, as the autistic children of the 1990s onward reach adulthood.

“Vaccines cause Autism! EVIDENCE fraudulently CONCEALED by Lawyers of US Govt”

The evidence submitted in support of the motion clearly shows that attorneys from the Department of Justice concealed and misrepresented highly relevant information from the special masters in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the judges in the courts. - Mack Rosenberg told The Defender.


Paul offit accidentally speaks the truth of MMR and autism...

"You can't really say MMR doesn't cause autism"

Paul Offit Accidentally Speaks The Truth About MMR and Autism

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