AUGUST 1 – Anniversary of the Death of the Queen of Gibraltar

AUGUST 1 – Anniversary of the Death of the Queen of Gibraltar

Teia Tephi was king Zedekiah of Jerusalem’s remaining heir, the tender twig, who fled to Ireland – via Egypt, Gibraltar, Spain and England – with Prophet Jeremiah during the first sacking of Jerusalem.

Jeremiah, Tephi, Baruch, and her handmaids spent five months in Gibraltar, where she was recognized as Queen of Gibraltar, being from the royal line of David. Gibraltarians (Gaddites, from the Tribe of Gad) gave her Neptune’s trident as a symbol that they were denouncing their false god Neptune and returning to The Laws of God. Hearing of the sacking of Jerusalem set them in mourning and remembrance.

Tamar “Teia” Tephi wrote that she was the only one left from the royal line; which aligns with what is written in the Book of Jeremiah:

“… I, only I am left, – to cry to the uttermost region, -Of the far off isles to the West (Jer. 31:9-10), – home of the remnant of Dan (The Tuatha de Danaan – The Tribe of Dan in Eire), Sown as a thistle on earth is Jacob/Israel, – the names of us legion… (Teia Tephi 1:2)… The Prophet of God revealed this. Is not His Word made plain? He came to “root and destroy”. He went forth to “plant again”… (Tephi 2:2).” The Prophet she is referring to is Jeremiah, “See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant (Jeremiah 1:10).”

In the Book of Teia Tephi featured in The King of kings’ Bible, she identifies herself:

Tephi 1-1

She also identifies sailing to The Rock of Gibraltar:

Tephi 6-2

Why did they take this sea route? They knew the exiled Judah-Zarah clan had migrated to Heberia (now known as Iberia or Spain). There they built the city of Zaragoza. Zaragoza (originally Zarah-gassa) means the “Stronghold of Zarah” and the city is still called Zaragoza today, even though the Israelites’ traditional enemy, Babylon and Rome, invaded Heberia and drove the Zarahites out to the northern coastlands of Spain. From there many of them fled across the water to Ireland (Hebernia – the Hebrews’ new-land and the Hebrides – Hebrew’s Isles).

When Tephi from the line of Pharez arrived in Ireland, she married the high king who was from the line of Zarah, and thus united the line of Pharez with the line of Zarah, thereby sealing the breach that was caused when Pharez and Zarah were born, which is why the Ulster Flag features the Red Hand of Zarah inside the Star of David, under the Crown, as explained in “The True Origin of the Ulster Flag”.

The Rock is Gibraltar, where, on opposite sides of the Strait, the two pillars of Hercules stand – The Rock of Gibraltar and Mount Moses in Morocco. Gibraltar is the sea-gate of the Mediterranean Sea, and one prophesied that Israel would possess (Gen. 22:17). It was a known passageway to the isles afar off.


Gibraltar’s Biblical importance goes beyond its strategic placement as a sea-gate. It is known as The Rock of Defence, as described by Isaiah: “He shall dwell on Sion (2 Esd. 13:35): his place of defence [shall be] the Fortress of Rock: bread shall be given him; his waters [shall be] sure (Isa. 33:16).” Basically, from the smallest country in the world, God is going to grow His Kingdom.

The Rock of Gibraltar (The Rock of Defence) and Ireland (the Isle of Destiny) where The Ark of The Covenant is buried at the Hill of Tara (Torah) are connected. The Lord places great importance on both areas.

And the Throne/Stone will be given Him.

Elizabeth the Second, who, like her forebears, has made-up her own laws/legislation, unlawfully, against God’s command, is descended from Tephi and Eochaidh. The word Brit-ish is Hebrew not English and it means “the People of The Covenant – Israel” and the Ulster flag shows Zarah’s “Red Hand”, surrounded by Israel’s “Star of David”, superimposed on the Cross of Sacrifice. The British coat-of-arms has David’s Harp ( which is also the National Symbol of Ireland ); the Lion and the Unicorn, which are all heraldic “Signs of Israel” (Num. 24:8-9), and, exactly as Tephi said in the Book of Teia Tephi 2:2, are “Signs’ that be left to show Israel’s true identity.

Teia Tephi was a true representative of the Crown unlike the fake queen of today

Tephi should not be confused with the previous queen, Scota, who arrived in Zarah’s earlier migrations; and after whom Scotland is named. Tephi married into this Scottish clan. She was a real warrior princess, but was rewritten as Bovinda, a fairy-tale, despite her asking that funeral games be held yearly, on the anniversary day of her death, to acknowledge she was a real person. These Funeral Games are an ancient Irish custom; unfortunately, they eventually lost their meaning.

JAH has written a brief story about Teia Tephi here:-

THE STORY (in brief) of Tephi, queen of Tara and Gibraltar. (daughter of king Zedekiah of Jerusalem, from the line of king David who slew Goliath)

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