Archbishop Viganò: COVID agenda aims to destroy national sovereignties and the divine mission of the Church

'If our opposition is firm and courageous like at the time of the martyrs, we will have done our part to obtain from heaven those graces which can change the lot of humanity and delay the persecution of the end times'

Archbishop Viganò: COVID agenda aims to destroy national sovereignties and the divine mission of the Church | Opinion | LifeSite

Interview given by His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò To “Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten”[1]

m/catholic)) – Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten: Your Excellency, how are you personally living the crisis of the Corona virus?

Please see the link above for his response.


Where are all the courageous religious leaders speaking out against this tyranny in Gibraltar?

Well let's start first with the Catholic Church, shall we?

Over the last few months, I have had good cause to personally speak with a Catholic Priest here about an impressive array of the Archbishop's letters. The priest named Charles Azzorpardi pictured below, informed me that he has read such letters and he responded to me as follows:

"Archbishop Vigano has completely lost the plot, upset because he did not get a red hat."

There was little or no meaningful discussion about the content, as the Catholic Priest preferred to close discussion down by referring to it being conspiracy theory.

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Next, let's take a peep at the Methodist Church, shall we.

Methodist Minister Fidel Patron is a regular guest presenter of the GBC programme "Thought for The Weekend".


In episode 70 of the GBC's Thought for The Weekend, in talking about the COVID measures, Fidel Patron said the following and I quote:

"We live in what is arguably the most advanced society there has ever been. We are certainly more advanced technologically, probably medically, than any other time in the history of the world. Yet we have been brought to a virtual standstill. Our lives have been completely disrupted by a little virus that no-one can see, but can move freely from person to person, and has the potential, at worst to kill, and at best to cause severe illness, and ongoing consequences. And for all of our advances in medicine, and in every other area of technology, we don't appear to be able to get a handle on it. We are so advanced that we have instant news on our phones, on TV, on the radio, we all know what is going on around the world. We know the different steps that have been taken in different places. Oh, we did it this way here, and Oh we did it that way there. The different approaches to lock-down and herd-immunity, but nothing seems to happen that's entirely free. And now of course we have the lovely wearing of masks that we all love and that everyone likes to grumble and complain about in an attempt to stop the spread. I've come to the point in life where I have realised that there isn't much point in grumbling about anything. That life is too short to spend grumbling about anything. It's better to get on with it and enjoy it while we can."

For anyone gullible enough to fall for Fidel's cliché-ridden phrases of folly, he can be watched in full throttle supporting the globalist plan to control our minds here below.

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