AI generated images (Dall-E, Midnjourney, Stable diffusion)

Just a quick note to be prepared:

The technology is progressing at a staggering rate and will soon be able to generate photorealistic images of just about anything.

These images below were made by textually prompting the software what to generate. For instance scenes from Star Wars but in the style of Tarkovsky. Or the Hokusai wave but as a 3D object of some kind.

OpenAI just released ChatGPT a few days ago which is a huge step in AI

Here are some examples of my tests:-

The prompting needs to be intelligent for it to do as it is told: example (the images above weren't in the correct order so:)

Google translated

Comment: I tried a technology that almost does students' homework - a small detail revealed that we are on the verge of disaster

The ChatGPT program, which aroused astonishment and admiration, may be the first step in the internet's disinformation pandemic, writes Ilta-Sanomie editor Elias Ruokanen.