A Patent Issued for The Purpose of Contact Tracing All Vaccinated Humans Worldwide – “Wake up stupid little sheep. You are being led to your slaughter.”


The patent actually suggests that Pfizer took out, that was awarded just last month, 31 August of this year.

“This was the conclusion that I came to: that it is the very first patent that shows up in a list of about 18,500 for the purpose of contact tracing of, I believe, all vaccinated humans worldwide who will be or are now connected to the Internet of Things,” Dr. Robert Young said during an interview with Stew Peters – " Dr. Robert Young: What’s In COVID Shots, WHY Graphene, WHO is Responsible (extract starts at 24 mins).

Dr. Young was referring to patent US11107588 B2: Methods and Systems of Prioritizing Treatments, Vaccination, Testing And / Or Activities While Protecting the Privacy of Individuals.

The patent applicants and inventors are Gal Ehrlich and Maier Fenster of Ehrlich & Fenster, a firm of patent and trademark attorneys in Israel. Dr. Young states the patent was issued to Pfizer. We were unable to find the relationship between the patent attorneys and Pfizer to share here.

Karen Kingston, a biotech analyst, also discussed the patent application document of 18 March 202, with Stew Peters – RECEIPTS: DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center Monitoring Vaxx Deaths!

Abstract: "The system comprises a plurality of electronic devices comprising instructions to generate an ID and, when in proximity of another such electronic device, one or both electronic devices transmit / receive the ID to / from the other electronic device."

Kingston: "So, the Covid injection co-ordinates with electronic devices within yourself and others."

“Look at facts. Look at evidence. And understand that when someone has malicious intent and sociopathy, they do not tell you they are going to harm and violate you. They tell you what ever it is you need to hear in order for them to accomplish their goal,” Kingston advised.

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Urgent Message - Graphene Oxide In All New Vaccines, Masks & Test Kits

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Life or Death: Pharmaceutical “Plandemic” Poisonous Vaccines, or the Healing of the Holy Spirit – Your choice


RECEIPTS: Patents Expose “Medical Devices” in Jab, Injectable Computing System

[To operate with 5G.]


Karen Kingston continues to blow HUGE HOLES in the “safe and effective” narrative surrounding the failed “vaccines”, which are looking more and more like an intentional global depopulation plan.

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Article about the interview - patents, nano-technology, quantum dots, magnets, graphene oxide, intended adverse effects and more - Continued at link below.

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More Evidence Vaccines Contain a Barcode

Study: Covid vaccines appear to install a “MAC COMPUTER ADDRESS” inside the vaxxed.

Of the 137 patients questioned, 112 said they had been vaccinated, and 25 said they hadn’t been vaccinated. None of the patients who said they hadn’t been vaccinated registered on my cell phone any device available for Bluetooth connection, having ensured the disconnection of their cell phone, if they had one. In 96 patients of the 112 who said they had been vaccinated, 96 of the 112 having switched off their electronic devices if they were carrying them, a MAC code remained on the screen of my cell phone, which I had already noted in my notes next to the patient’s medical history.

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Dr. Luis De Benito shares an advance of his report on the MAC address phenomenon in inoculated individuals

Dr. Luis Miguel De Benito, a digestive physician with a Ph.D. in molecular biology, presents an excerpt of the research on the mysterious MAC addresses detected in vaccinated individuals with Bluetooth apps.

It's a brief report that he has sent to different research teams worldwide and will be released in its entirety on the 31st of this month.

In this short preview, Dr. De Benito explains what he has observed and what could be the possible causes of this phenomenon.

Dr. Luis De Benito: I'm going to tell you today the findings of this summer, which go along the lines of what may be behind all this attempt to vaccinate.

Why so much interest in jabbing? What's the reason? I'm going to tell you.

The international organizations that are also investigating this matter asked me for a brief report on what I had done during the summer. And I'm going to read it to you as it is. I'm going to make glosses of what I'm saying. But this is what I've written to them. And the different teams that are investigating this are seeing what part of it is right and what part is not. They're translating it into several languages. I say this because, probably, by the 31st it's going to be made public in other places or whatever.

It's been hard for me to get here to read it. Do you know why? Because it does weigh a little bit the fact of taking out of the medical issue. All this, you know, started as a channel to discuss the evolution of the pandemic, the affected, the treatments, the virus, how the ICUs were. Well, and this no longer makes sense. All that's part of the past. And now, what we're going to is a recognition of a desire, on the part of the authorities, to take away freedoms from human beings.

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