7/7 RIPPLE EFFECT 3A - Full Documentary with Arabic Subtitles

The Celebrated 7/7 Ripple Effect Documentary, now in its third edition, is now available with Arabic subtitles.

الفيلم الشهير أثر مضاعف 7/7 متوفر الآن في إصداره الثالث مع ترجمة باللغة العربية

Released: March 2020

For an introduction in Arabic, please see - JforJustice: RE3A

The introduction is also available in PDF (7/7 أُثرمضاعف 3 منتقديممواديب PDF)

Watch the film on Gibraltar Messenger’s Channel on Brighteon:

Millions of people all over the world doubt the official version of 911, with lots of evidence on the Internet to prove that it’s in fact a bold-faced lie. The same applies to the 7th July 2005 London Bombings, falsely blamed on 4 innocent Muslims, who were murdered to keep them quiet. The movie 7/7 Ripple Effect by Muad’Dib is now out in its 3rd version, which irrefutably proves that the Mossad did the bombings. Plus there are a few other additions; and they all prove that the theorised version of events in the original 7/7 Ripple Effect movie were in fact 100% correct. The extended 7/7 Ripple Effect 3 version now has the damning proof that the Mossad, together with elements of the British establishment, did the bombings, and this is the first version that has Arabic sub-titles, for those who don’t know English.

This version is known as 7/7 Ripple Effect 3A.

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