£20,000 Fine for Bulk Carrier Over Gibraltar Bunker Spill

Gibraltar Port Authority says it has ‘observed with satisfaction’ the successful prosecution of the AM Ghent for an oil spill which occurred in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters in February.

The owners have been fined £20,000 as well as having to put up £1.5mil in a security bond.

Background –

Gibraltar battles to contain oil spill from polluting local waters:

Bulk carrier oil spill reaches western coast of Bay of Gibraltar:

Sea birds affected by oil spill off Gibraltar:

EUROPE: Bunker calls continue to rise at Gibraltar

A total of 496 vessels called for marine fuel at the Port of Gibraltar in April – the highest monthly total since October 2019.

More from Bunkerspot:

13 April – A total of 478 vessels called at the Port of Gibraltar for marine fuel last month – 69 more than the 409 recorded in March 2020.

26 March – Shell has completed its first LNG bunkering in the Mediterranean Port of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is the Mediterranean's largest bunkering port, providing 4.2m tonnes in 2011, and is now the port's main activity, delivered by barge or at berth. Gibraltar is the largest bunkering port in the Mediterranean and its bunkering companies continue to go from strength to strength bunkering continues to be the main activity within the Port – https://www.gibraltarport.com/bunkering

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