Yes, President Trump won the election

Please see President Trump giving thanks to Almighty God for sending us His Son, Christ, to redeem the world.

Oh come let us adore Him, Christ, The Lord!

President Trump thanks God for sending his son Jesus to redeem the world.

Very possible.

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Trump still claims credit for the covid vaccine rollout, even after people (like Alex Jones) have asked him if he has changed his position since he originally claimed credit for it. Trump called the vax "beautiful" and the biggest miracle of modern history (or something along that line).

If a person's position on the covid vaccine is used as the litmus test, then Trump is on the same team as Fauchi, Biden, the Clintons and Putin. That means none of them are "good guys", which can be a hard thing to accept, but that appears more and more to be the reality of it. That they are ALL in on it and just playing out their indibvidual parts in the the political takedown theater.

With all the evidence of people being maimed and dying from the vax.. by now Trump could not have possibly avoided having seen any of it, unless he has been hiding under a rock or refusing to look at it and acknowledge it. Instead, he denies that and still, even now, says he claims "full credit" for the covid vaccine.

It seems doubtful they will arrest him since he is an ex-president, but it makes for good theater for the sheeple to watch. I don't think any of them are good guys. I used to hope that there might be a slim chance, because of naturally tending to be an optimist. But Trump's statements about the vax cannot be denied, he made his position about that clear. I realise that is horrible because it means there are no good guys any more in politics. Maybe less bad, but supporting the vax at this point, means they are supporting what it is doing to people. At this point, everyone who supports the vax are on the same side, especially people who could be expected to be informed. Trump opened up "Truth" Social.. Have not ever been to it, and don't know how active it is or how many people are on it. But to think that no one has posted any evidence on it of the vax effects and deaths, is unthinkable.

someone will be with you in a minute......

I'm on Truth Social. Not sure how many members, but guessing it is in the tens of thousand range; possibly as high as 100,000 (but not millions like seen on Twitter). Just guessing that these numbers are no more than that. If I agree with anything said by Elon Musk it would be that Truth Social should have been called Trumpet. It is totally pro-Trump (not a surprise) :upside_down_face:. Otherwise, some members talk about being anti-vax, but not directly to Trump. His page is primarily about poltiics and his voicing what is happening in the political arena between the liberals and conservatives, yada yada. His followers make excuses for him in regards to the vaccine. Some say it is because of him that the numbers are lower than what was meant to be because of a switch to saline vials replacing the vax. Another excuse is that he has truly been fooled (mislead) by the Fauci, Birx, etc. types and he views all the deaths as expected when an emergency vax is released and miliions upon millions take it. The latter sounds like the road he is going to take to wiggle himself out of that one. I detest politics. It leads to bad times ahead. There is no way around that. That is the nature of politics. I look at it in this way:
expect the worst and hope for the best. The only Way is The Law of God (we all know that!).

It's reached the point of appearing like idolatry when it comes to many of them and how blindly support is still clinged to. No doubt, desperation plays a big part here, because accepting the alternative presents perhaps so much of a nightmare for most, that they just can't believe it. Its been succinctly summed up before (including here), the plan is to depopulate the vast majority of the people and then, once the numbers have dwindled enough, it will be to enslave the remaining survivors. It's well on its way. Meanwhile, they will keep the distractions coming, because it works well to keep enough of the sheeple blind to what is really going on as it unfolds. That may seem extremely bleak, but, even so, it holds within it the important lesson of the need to remain eternally vigilant. The cost of Freedom, is Eternal Vigilance.

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Agreed, it is important to never lose hope, despite what happens. We have reason to hope because the future is ultimately going to be bright. I'm still an optimist, because why be negative? We can see some of where things appear to be heading, but ultimately, we can't know how exactly it plays out, so we have to keep up the fight regardless, not get sucked into it all and just keep on keeping on.


I logged-in to Truth Social to see how many followers were listed for Donald J. Trump. The number is 4.03 million followers; making my guesstimate way lower than what it actually is.

New FBI Raids for Donald Trump Expected as DOJ Impanels Criminal Grand Jury to Investigate Election Campaign Arm

The Department of Justice, which has become an arm of the Biden administration’s efforts to prevent Donald Trump for running for presidential re-election in 2024, has impaneled a criminal grand jury to investigate the Save America PAC.

The development has spurred reports that more FBI raids against Donald Trump can now be expected.

“Biden DOJ/FBI planning more raids of Mar-a-Lago and other Trump properties: sources,” investigative journalist Paul Sperry reported.

Is Donald Trump next?

Steve Bannon was indicted over private border wall campaign. Here are the Arizona ties

Steve Bannon, a longtime ally and onetime strategist to former President Donald Trump, pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges related to his involvement in fundraising efforts for a privately funded wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, a project with significant Arizona ties.

Bannon and “We Build The Wall”, a GoFundMe turned nonprofit organization, were indicted in Manhattan, New York on federal charges of money laundering, conspiracy and scheme to defraud. Bannon and the organization each face an additional misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to defraud. Bannon was released without bail following his arraignment.

50 Senior Trump Allies Raided By The FBI Last Night!

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell has phone seized by FBI at fast-food outlet

Who is next?

Many American patriots are looking at 25 September 2022 as a significant date. They point out that the day is Jewish day called Rosh Hashanah and the date relates to another of the Jewish dates called the Shemitah. Understood Judaism like all organized-religion corrupted the actual Sabbaths. Interestingly 25 September 2022 is according to the Enochian calendar the Day of Atonement. The video presented (below) explains why the patriots are looking at that particular day/time of year. Also, like others, they compare Donald Trump to Persian king Cyrus; sharing insights into claims of freedom expecting Donald Trump to return as president.

Please refer to Christ's Net for the corrected translations in The True Bible and Holy Koran.

Bo Polny: "In ONE Day, Kings Of The Earth Will Weep and Wail..."

President Trump Praises Ginni Thomas For Her “Courage And Conviction” After She Tells J-6 Committee She Still Believes Election Was Stolen

Ginni Thomas testified in front of the Jan 6th panel on Thursday.

The panel wanted to talk to her about her communications with Trump allies after the 2020 election.

According to reports, she reiterated that she believed the 2020 election was stolen.

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The political stage is so drama-ridden it sometimes feels like watching a bad movie. Even Donald Trump talks about how THEY (fake President Biden regime) would like to see him arrested. The Supreme Court returns this Monday (3 October) just in time for more drama.