Yes, President Trump won the election


With everyone talking about nuclear weapons there’s a good chance something bad could happen. Once again the United States is carrying the load for Europe and NATO, $55B for Ukraine while the rest of NATO pays only a small fraction of that. A leader is needed to make them pay a fair share. Trump believes the way Biden pulled out of Afghanistan was the lowest point in our country. Putin saw weakness and said this is my time to go. Obama forced China and Russia into a partnership, an alliance. They’re not natural partners. We had the greatest economy in the world, lowest gas prices and a great deal with China. Trump says it is sad to watch massive military planes flying baby formula into the U.S. just so we can feed our children.


The House committee investigating the January 6 so-called insurrection of the US Capitol has begun. The first hearing was on 10 June 2022. It is highly partisan to say the least. Dr. Simone Gold was sentenced for being present in the US Capitol that day. One has to consider who will they sentence next. Will they attempt to arrest Donald Trump? How far will it be allowed to go?

What is this all about?, keeping Trump from running for President again.
Jun 6, 2022
Fox News host Tucker Carlson gives his take on Peter Navarro's arrest over dispute with January 6 committee on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight

Trump's return to office looks near at hand.

Unanimous Resolution: Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Board Rejects 2020 Presidential Election

Texas GOP rejects Biden win in 2020 election


This is what Donald Trump had to say about Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade:


"God Made the Decision" said Trump.

Life WINS!!!

Video in link above:

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Greg Phillips says he believes election cheating has been going on for 200 + years. It is comforting to know that geofencing technology is being used by the "good guys" as is seen in the 2000 Mules documentary. It is reported it is being used for good use, but it is not reported that it is no longer being continued for nefarious reasons as well.

My understanding is that the technology used in 2000 Mules was the tech created by the Edward Snowden persona whilst working in the NSA. He created it to catch the bad guys. Later it was used by the US gov't to spy on American citizens hence his reason for leaving the NSA and becoming a whistle blower and going into exile. Geofencing is used globally.

An interview with Gregg Phillips:

Gregg Phillips works with Catherine Engelbrecht protecting the people vote. Their organization is called True the Vote. Gregg begins the conversation explaining how he is able to track people using geofencing, this is the same technology that the police use and the FBI. They wanted to know how the cheaters were stealing the election so they thought to themselves how do you catch a criminal, map and track them. Now they have the data and they are sharing this data with law enforcement, everything is motion.

American patriots are sincerely trying to right the wrongs. I pray and hope fervently that The Way home or face The Fire catches on in the ever growing patriot movement. :us:

Justice Thomas says the Supreme Court should 'reconsider' rulings that protect access to contraception and same-sex marriage as the court overturns Roe v. Wade

Along with the Supreme Court's Friday ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, Justice Clarence Thomas said the court should also "reconsider" rulings that protect contraception access, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage.

Life Wins!

President Trump commented on the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade by saying “God made the decision.”

The comment brought about expected derision from the Democrats, of course. After all, they have been busy removing God from everything.

The Democrat leaders were predictably outraged. Even though there has been over 63 million deaths of unborn babies since Roe V. Wade was established in 1973, the Democrats consider abortion to be sacred. Of course, they call it ‘women’s health rights’ and not abortion. Dementia Joe, who was once against abortion, now feigns outrage. He questioned what would happen to women who are made pregnant by rape or incest. (Pedo Joe probably committed incest himself. After all, his family is rather screwed up). Most likely, abortions are performed out of convenience, not as a result of rape or incest. Democrats consider human beings to be disposable blobs of matter. This is a predictable attitude since most of them are Marxists and atheists.

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BREAKING: Trump to Sue CNN, Other Media Outlets for Defamation

Trump meets with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Budapest relies heavily on Russian energy and Orban's government has maintained close ties to Moscow

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to discuss world issues and celebrate his recent reelection.

"Great spending time with my friend, Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary," Trump said in a statement. "We discussed many interesting topics—few people know as much about what is going on in the world today. We were also celebrating his great electoral victory in April."

Orban secured a fourth term as Hungary's prime minister in April of this year, running on a platform critical of both the European Union and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whom he labeled an "opponent." His party secured 53% of the vote against a coalition of opposition parties.

Budapest relies heavily on Russian energy and Orban's government has maintained close ties to Moscow, even amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin also congratulated Orban on his electoral win.

Similar to Trump, Orban has maintained strong support for restrictive border and immigration policies amid a migration surge on his continent, tightening controls despite his nation's membership in a free travel zone within the EU.

The former president did not elaborate on his discussions with the prime minister, though his meeting with an international leader may lead to further speculation that he intends to launch a bid to return to the White House.


BREAKING: FBI has raided Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, the 45th President.

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Trump supporters (of which there are millions) have started to gather around Mar-a-Lago after the FBI raid. The Supreme Court Justices may have to end their summer break early.

If the 2020 election is not rectified, the mid-terms elections in November 2022 will be stolen / rigged. The FBI came after Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips (both from True the Vote) when they presented their research about the rigged 2020 election. The FBI is corrupt.

Lara Trump: Donald Trump Was Shocked At The FBI Mar-A-Lago Raid!

FBI raid sets dangerous precedent

Regardless of how you feel about Trump, this FBI raid throws fuel on that fire of distrust and sets a dangerous precedent that reduces our government to being no better than a banana republic, where dictators see federal law enforcement as their own personal goon squad.