Yes, President Trump won the election

Election fraud coming to a head?

BREAKING: CEO of US election software firm Konnech arrested for storing data on servers in China

Eugene Yu, the CEO of the software firm Konnech, has been arrested in connection to the storage of data on servers in China.

The FBI Ordered Informant Igor Danchenko to Erase All Evidence from His Phone of His Role in Their Attempted Coup of President Trump

By Jim Hoft
Published October 15, 2022

n June 2020 TGP broke the story that the Primary Sub-Source (PSS) for the Steele dossier was Igor Danchenko – the individual behind most of the made-up lies in the Steele dossier.

Danchenko was American-based not Russian-based.

Danchenko is the one individual those looking into the Trump–Russia collusion fraud wanted to identify – the PSS – the individual who was behind the material amount of Steele dossier lies. At least two sources on the Internet had come to this conclusion by Sunday night.

The Deep State kept Danchenko’s name hidden for nearly four years.
Danchenko’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the case against their client.

Buried inside the filing are several statements that are absolutely devastating for the Stasi-FBI.

In September we learned that the FBI made Igor Danchenko a classified human source in March 2017 after the Trump-Russia Hillary Clinton-FBI-created hoax was in full swing.

President Trump had been in office less than two months and the FBI had been targeting him for over a year already. They made up the bogus Russia collusion story knowing the media would run with it and Democrat voters would eat it up. It is one of the greatest lies and political scandals in our nation’s history.

The Trump-Russia scandal was a Deep State coup attempt against President Trump the disruptor.

Via Techno Fog.

Danchenko was on the FBI payroll as a confidential human source (CHS) from March 2017 through October 2020.

The purposes of making Danchenko a CHS should be quite clear. The Crossfire Hurricane investigation was plagued with problems from the outset. The reasons for opening the investigation were bunk. Those problems continued as the investigation went on, with claims of Trump/Russia collusion proven unverified or outright false. (Thus the targeting of Flynn for a Logan Act violation.)

Those problems continued with the Carter Page FISA applications, first submitted to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) in October 2016, and which relied substantially on the Steele Dossiers (aka Steele Reports). The FISA applications were renewed three times – more on that later. Each application had its own problems, from FBI lawyers lying about Carter Page to the Court being generally misled.

Realizing its own misconduct, the FBI made Danchenko a paid CHS in March 2017 – just before the third FISA warrant was submitted in April 2017. This would allow Comey’s FBI to work directly with Danchenko in support of its counter-intelligence investigation against President Trump.

Danchenko being a CHS also served another purpose: it protected the Bureau and the Mueller Special Counsel from revealing their “sources and methods.” How do you hide misconduct? Bury the witness.

And on Friday October 14, 2022, we learned that the FBI ordered Igor Danchenko to scrub his phones and erase all incriminating evidence of their plot to overthrow the sitting president.

Marco Polo's Report Destroys The Biden Crime Family

630 pages. 2,020 footnotes. 459 crimes. Marco Polo's Report on the Biden Laptop is the most damning thing ever written about the Biden Crime Family.


I've read Miranda Devine's Laptop From Hell and Peter Schweizer's Red-Handed , which were phenomenal, but Marco Polo's Report on the Biden Laptop is the most damning thing ever written about the Biden Crime Family.

Nothing else comes close.

630 pages.

2,020 footnotes.

459 fully-documented crimes.

The Biden Laptop is the Rosetta Stone of political corruption, and Marco Polo's Report should be required reading for every American.

Garrett Ziegler and his team use all the documents, emails, photographs, and text messages on Hunter's Laptop to diligently detail the Biden Crime Family's foreign collusion and money laundering operation with America's greatest rivals.

This report destroys the Biden Crime Family and carpet bombs everyone in their corrupt inner circle.

Download the Report (PDF document) here.


Is Donald Trump going to get arrested too?

There’s One Person Close to Trump Who Hasn’t Been Raided or Harassed — Any Guess Who That is?

Today is the day Steve Bannon gets sentenced… He’ll likely spend 6 months in jail, mainly for being a “Trump supporter.” Same with the J6 defendants who are rotting away in cells; persecuted because they’re Trump supporters. And let’s not forget the slews of other Trump supporters who’ve been raided and harassed by The Regime. It seems to be a rule that if you’re close to Trump in any way, you have a giant target on your back… except for one person.

There’s only one guy who was close to Trump that hasn’t been raided or harassed in some way… any guess who that person is?

It’s none other than traitor Mike Pence…

Donald Trump's enemies subpoena him.

Jan. 6 committee subpoenas former President Donald Trump, calling on him to testify Nov. 14

The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot subpoenaed former President Donald Trump on Friday for testimony and documents on his actions surrounding the bloodshed they say he instigated at the U.S. Capitol.

The subpoena calls for Trump to testify either at the Capitol or by videoconference at 10 a.m. ET on Nov. 14 — after the midterm elections.

“As demonstrated in our hearings, we have assembled overwhelming evidence, including from dozens of your former appointees and staff, that you personally orchestrated and oversaw a multi-part effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election and to obstruct the peaceful transition of power,” the committee's leaders told Trump in a letter accompanying the subpoena.

The "multi-part effort" included “maliciously disseminating false allegations” of voter fraud in the 2020 election, attempting to “corrupt the Department of Justice” to get it to bolster those claims, “illegally pressuring state officials and legislatures to change the results of the election in their states,” and "corruptly pressuring your own vice president to unilaterally refuse to count electoral votes" on Jan. 6, panel Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., wrote.

“You took all of these actions despite the rulings of more than 60 courts rejecting your election fraud claims and other challenges to the legality of the 2020 presidential election, despite having specific and detailed information from the Justice Department and your senior campaign staff informing you that your election claims were false, and despite your obligation as president to ensure that the laws of our nation are faithfully executed," the letter said. "In short, you were at the center of the first and only effort by any U.S. president to overturn an election and obstruct the peaceful transition of power, ultimately culminating in a bloody attack on our own Capitol and on the Congress itself.”

The committee told Trump it wants to ask him about conversations he had with former national security adviser Michael Flynn, Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward, longtime confidant Roger Stone, attorney John Eastman and former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark — all of whom invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when they were interviewed by panel.

The panel is demanding Trump turn over a number of documents by Nov. 4 — including any communications he had regarding extremist groups, such as the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, that were involved in the riot. It also seeks any communications Trump has had in the past year involving contacts or attempted contacts with witnesses testifying before the committee, and either "directly or indirectly" paying their legal fees or "offering or discussing employment" with them.

Donald J. Trump enters the stage at the 21:30 mark in the video.


President Trump has been declared the last victim of the House of Representatives Star Chamber Kangaroo Court - and appear to be preparing a Roger Stone-esque arrest should President Trump not bow down to their Unconstitutional Over-Reach. Should that occur this coming week - this may be the last President Trump Rally for some months ahead.
During tonight's Rally, President Trump is expected to reveal bombshell information that will challenge their Fascist Status-Quo - and reveal evidence and accusations ahead of the midterms with far-reaching implications for all American Elections to come. You don't want to miss this important Rally!

Disturbing news about Mr. Pelosi. The democrats put a "spin" on everything. Will they do the same with this unfortunate news and blame (even if indirectly) Donald Trump? With statements like this one, it is very possible:

The intruder's shouts in Pelosi's California home were an unsettling echo of the chants during the 6 January 2021 insurrection at the Capitol in Washington DC, when rioters trying to stop Joe Biden’s election searched menacingly through the halls for the speaker.

Nancy Pelosi's husband 'severely beaten' with hammer at California home.

2022.10.28 Destroying Democracy To Save It

by Gonzalo Lira | Oct 29, 2022

Destroying Democracy To Save It 28 Oct 2022

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Miles Mathis at it again..

Just over 9 pages.. suggesting it's fake, here is his first paragraph:

"How do I know? I looked up the alleged attacker, David Depape, above. He has only three photos on
the internet, including the one above, and they are all from a 2013 CIA event. He is listed at
Instantcheckmate, but his profile has been scrubbed, meaning the CIA got there first in preparation for
this current event. There are no relatives listed, because they don't want people like me linking him to
top families or to the CIA. But of course I am going to do it anyway. "

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The mid-term elections this week (8 November) demonstrated massive voter fraud (again). Oddly, the patriots were expecting the opposite which makes no sense because there is no reformations to the voting process. Donald Trump is behaving oddly and expected to make an announcement on the 15th (November).

The "Q" People are made Fools of . . . Again

Oh you poor deluded souls. The "Q" crowd. Duped yet again. The mid-terms have come and gone, the Democrats defrauded the nation again, and the whole "Q" crew is still waiting for some white hats to save them. Wake up for Christ's sake.

Still believing Mike Lindell about Trump being restored? Is he still saying "two weeks?"

Still believing that complete, utter, political fraud, Juan O'Savin?

How about that Live Action Role Playing (LARP) fraud "Q-Anon?"

How many more YEARS will you keep your head up your ass even paying attention to these psycho-babble losers?

The military isn't secretly arresting anyone because the Posse Comitatus Act forbids the military from engaging in Domestic law enforcement.

Trump never secretly invoked the Insurrection Act.

Nobody is being secretly shuttled to GITMO.

There are no secret trials, secret convictions. There are no executions.

It is all lies. ALL OF IT.

Now, maybe you're just too trusting - read Gullible - or maybe the reality that the country has been stolen through rampant, brazen, election fraud, in now TWO elections, is just too much for you to bear. Maybe you need some fantasy to get you through because the alternative, having to fight a bloody and violent fight to restore the Republic, is just to scary for you.

Whatever it is, please just knock it off.

Q in all its iterations, is a complete fraud. Always has been. You got duped.

Now shake it off and move on.

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Donald Trump is getting bad press and this time from many supporters (who would have thought it possible) who are disappointed over the lack of a "red wave". I chose a song he might have chosen to sing to disappointed MAGA followers and his long-time supporters:

The "father of vaccines", who was jabbed (at least twice) with the CV vax, has announced he is running for the presidency in 2024. Not enough attention was given towards all the rigged elections and with the same yada, yada or that it is not about the number of votes in a rigged election. Is he misguided or is it something much worse that people dare not speak out loud.

This needs to be addressed (not ignored):

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A vintage archived (deleted from YouTube) video that has as much truth today as it did in 2016.


Only the Law of God / the New Song is the (True) Solution. The New Song

Problem - Reaction - (false) Solution.

Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if [it were] possible, they shall deceive the very Elect. King of kings' Bible - Matthew

Revelation 13:8 And all that dwell upon the Earth shall worship it, whose names are NOT written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.
13:9 If any man have an ear, let him hear. King of kings' Bible - Revelation

Here comes the next (false) solution:

Earlier this week, it was reported that there would be a major announcement by Donald Trump.

I thought this was a parody, but apparently not. It is the announcement:

A Twitter clip broadcasts Trump's announcement with more details:

Trump hosts gala for homosexual Republicans at Mar-a-Lago after Biden signs same-sex ‘marriage’ law

Here’s the thing: Instead of celebrating the passage and enactment of the new law, President Trump and Kari Lake should’ve seized the opportunity to renounce it.

And instead of congratulating the 500 or so “GayCons” gathered in Mar-a-Lago’s ballroom, Trump and Lake should’ve asked these men and women to show that they truly are conservatives by affirming the immutable definition of marriage – as conjugal and complementary – and repudiating RMA.

Personal autonomy is a good thing within limits, an important component of human dignity and happiness, but clinging to personal autonomy to justify continued behaviors and policies which ultimately erode society by unraveling the fabric of marriage and family life – and which have led to the un-defining of man and woman, husband and wife, boy and girl, son and daughter – is to collaborate with objective evil.

This is a message many of us do not want to hear. But it is a message we need to hear. Hopefully it’s one each of us can begin to consider, then embrace. The future of our country and the western world depends on it.

There is no rationale – NONE – for acknowledging or surrendering to a law that enshrines something evil that is not real, that does not actually exist, and can never come to be. Homosexual “marriage” is not a real thing; It is an unserious thing.

And yet Donald Trump, Kari Lake, and a large cadre of GOP members of Congress have done just that. They benightedly continue to congratulate themselves and pat each other on the back for their role in undoing the most important institution known to humanity.