Why The CIA Loves Conspiracy Theories

Even the ones that they didn't start - MH


"A good investigator looks at all possible motives." - MH

MH offers some insights as to why he says the CIA loves conspiracy theories and how this is being used as another tactic to manipulate and steer public opinion.

He points out that most people will tend to get focused on the "how" of what happened, instead of the "why" and this is used to the advantage of the enemy.

He seems to bring up a valid point for researchers and truth seekers to consider during the 53 minute radio show.

Along with advising a healthy sense of caution when it comes to considering conspiracy theories (because of how they are used by the CIA and the government - they even create them) and saying that we should look at the "why" (which is what really matters) and not only the "how" (which does not really matter) he ends the talk by saying:

"If you think it's a conspiracy theory - if you think the government did something bad, let me just tell you right now - they did do it. You don't have to prove it to yourself. They lie about everything, ALL of the time. So it's easy, just believe that they are lying."

Subjects briefly discussed included:

Maui Fires
The Covid Vaccines
JFK Assasination
South Africa (points to Zionism)
Death of Prigozhin

We live in a world full of conspiracies. This is fact. But what many in the truth seeking community may not have considered fully, as he points out, is considering how they may also be being played when it comes to what is being believed, because the enemy is also very invested and into conspiracy theories and most likely how their own conspiracies are being perceived by a still somewhat unsuspecting and unaware public, that they are actively working against and seek to manipulate and control.

It is therefore important to use critical thinking skills to prevent getting "caught up" in possibly false narratives by becoming emotionally invested.

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." -William J. Casey, CIA Director

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” ― Lenin

"They are on to us. Deploy counter measures!"

The use of disinformation programs that are intended to counter the public is an admitted practice.

Examples: The FBI's COINTELPRO and the CIA's MK-Ultra programs, both of which are admitted, yet claimed to have been discontinued in the early 1970's.

Deploying counter measures that aim to misdirect a "seeker" missile (i.e. flares) is commonly used as a military tactic by fighter jets trying to avoid being impacted by a missile after being spotted and targeted.

It would therefore make a lot of sense for them to be using similar (including psychological) approaches and tactics (like Psy-ops) to try and keep truth seekers from being able to score successful hits on the intended target. We should not be discouraged though because we are in a war. Instead, we need to keep it up, since in doing so, we gain more experience and that we can then use to learn how to further hone in our skills.

The various attempts to misdirect people away from finding out and understanding their real aims can be seen to be failing, because once enough people are taking aim, then the counter measures stop being effective. It is through practice that we get even better at spotting them.

I absolutely agree the CIA engage in psyops, including the one's you mention etc. The Moon Landing was one of theirs too....Operation Mockingbird too where they took control of the MSM.

Something else, that was mentioned in the talk was that they want people to fear them and to believe that they can do anything they want. That idea is repeatedly shown in a lot of Hollyweird movies, too. And when people believe it they start self-censoring their views. It has gotten worse with the internet as sites can use filters to check comments, but it usually still needs actual people (moderators) to review content. Movies often create the impression that tabs are being kept on everyone all the time but in reality that would require a great deal of manpower which they are unlikely to ever have on hand. In a way, that seems quite similar to Operation Mockingbird, except they do it using popular movies.

Operation Mockingbird: Church Committee Senate hearing

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The CIA are certainly involved in enough conspiracies of their own.