Why Is There A Correlation Between The Vaccine Rollout And Increased COVID–19 Mortality? – Death On The Rock

While this excellent in-depth look at the vaccine rollout was written earlier this year and featured on the UK Column, it is a stark reminder of the ill effects coming from such a high vaccine uptake - from February's elderly death surge to the current casedemic in Gibraltar (which is really a pandemic of the vaccinated).


Correlation does not prove causation but it is reason for investigation.

The Fact-Checkers checked nothing, researched nothing, and simply used Picardo's spurious assertions to defend the vaccine rollout. In doing so, like the MHRA, they genuinely exhibited a callous disregard both for the truth and the lives lost. They weren't in the least bit interested.

It is possible, if unlikely, that the marked and rapid increase in mortality seen in COVID–19 affected communities around the world may be explained by new variants. But it appears, wherever you look, that a dramatic mortality increase correlates with COVID–19 vaccination programmes.

The numerous anomalies and contradictions suggest we aren't being given the full story. If vaccine adverse reactions were expected, where are they?

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