Whistleblower reveals ‘irrefutable evidence’ of jab-related non-COVID excess mortality

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Journalist Liz Gunn releases an official statement advising the NZ Ministry of Health Whistleblower and person working with him have both been raided by police.

Liz Gunn reports police are still surrounding the Whistleblowers’ home after several hours following the raid.

Gunn calls for the New Zealand government to call off this tyrannical response and give the Whistleblower the honour and respect he deserves as a national hero.

Andrew Brigden on M.O.A.R.

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This analysis by Steve Kirsch was added to the article on Gibraltar Messenger as an update: Whistleblower reveals ‘irrefutable evidence’ of jab-related non-COVID excess mortality - Gibraltar Messenger

Data from the New Zealand Ministry of Health shows that the COVID vaccines have killed over 10 million worldwide

No State or country has ever released record-level public health data on any vaccine .

Privacy is not the reason for this; the data can be easily obfuscated (which we did on this data) so that no record entry would match that of any person, living or dead.

The reason the data is kept secret is simple: it would expose the fact that the COVID vaccines are unsafe, as well as all the vaccines that I have been able to get record-level data on.

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It's time for criminal charges to be filed against the NZ Ministry of Health officials. NOW!

New Zealand Stats Reveal Lethal Covid Jab Batches: Andrew Bridgen (UK MP)


"Whenever someone is vaccinated in New Zealand regardless of the season, the mortality rate increases for five months following vaccination. And also, the relative mortality rate increases with every subsequent, additional shot of the vaccine that you have. Some of the batches of vaccines have got very, very high mortality rates. The highest is around 30 percent of the people who took the vaccine on a certain day on a certain vaccine center by a certain vaccinator are no longer with us."

[Some may have been given placebos, because if everyone who got a shot died it would be too obvious.]

New Zealanders’ health and longevity are being sacrificed to save politicians and civil servants


[Same everywhere including Gibraltar.]

Expose highlights Dr. Guy Hatchard's Article – Korean Studies Indicate What Our Government is Hiding.

Dr. Guy Hatchard (who lives in NZ) –

Medsafe, corporate media, and the New Zealand government are telling us that covid-19 vaccines are safe and effective, but they are not publishing any comparable data. A computer systems developer working at the Ministry of Health noticed that death rates among vaccinated populations were unusually high and blew the whistle. He has been arrested and charged with “dishonestly accessing health data” (his job actually).

Who do you believe? The researchers in Korea who have published analyses of millions of post-vaccination health records officially made available by their government or our government who are still refusing to make health records available whilst insisting that covid-19 vaccination is safe and effective?

So what have they found in Korea? Researchers have released a preprint paper entitled “Hematologic abnormalities after COVID-19 vaccination: A large Korean population-based cohort study“. The researchers concluded: “This study demonstrated the haematologic adverse events associated with COVID-19 vaccination using real-world data. The cumulative incidence rate of nutritional anaemia, aplastic anaemia, and coagulation defects significantly and constantly increased for 3 months after the COVID-19 vaccination compared to the non-vaccinated group.”

Another study from Korea entitled “The spectrum of non-fatal immune-related adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination: The population-based cohort study in Seoul, South Korea” analysed official health data for Seoul residents between 2020 and 2021... *The researchers concluded: “The cumulative incidence rates of these conditions at three months following COVID-19 vaccination were significantly higher in vaccinated subjects than in non-vaccinated subjects, except for endometriosis.”

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Also From Dr. Hatchard:-

Why Did the Ministry of Health Whistleblower Publish the New Zealand Vaccine Health Data?

At the basis of the Te Whatu Ora and Medsafe claims of COVID-19 vaccine safety is an assumption that Covid vaccines do not have any long term adverse effects. Medsafe Safety Reports (now over a year out of date) assert that the mortality rate of COVID-19 vaccine recipients during the 21 days after vaccination is lower than what you would expect in the general population. They are only looking at the three weeks following vaccination and no further.

Yet the latest available official figures put the average number of excess deaths (the number in excess of the long term average) at 14 extra deaths per day.

That makes an additional unexpected 775 deaths during the latest reported eight week period alone.

775 individual people now unexpectedly and prematurely lost to their families and communities. A massive 14.4% above the long term average.

Four years ago, this would have been considered a national disaster. Today, we are being assured that something other than the COVID-19 vaccine is responsible, but we are not being told what it is. We have long since moved on from peak Covid, so what is happening? Apparently, no one wants to talk about it.

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Here's a quick summary of the key pieces of evidence that taken together show that the COVID vaccines are unsafe and that the medical community should not be trusted.


Steve Kirsch – 34 Point summary of the evidence against the COVID vaccines

Like lack of transparency by health authorities; Lack of interest in data transparency by the medical community; We aren’t allowed to see even the simplest of charts...

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