WE'RE COMING FOR YOU: Aussie Senator Malcolm Roberts throws down against government covid-criminals





Courageous Truth from one of the few a medical doctor speaking up on the corruption and ethical fraud...


Last week I challenged any one of Britain’s TV main networks – BBC, ITV, or Sky – to arrange a live debate on covid and the covid jabs.

Since March 2020 I have argued that everything the Government has done has been based on lies and misinformation. Two years ago I described the fake pandemic as a hoax and I believe the evidence proves that I was right.

I can prove that covid was never more serious than the flu, that the measures taken over the last two years (such as the lockdowns) did far more harm than good, and that the covid jabs were never necessary and are neither effective nor safe.

The mainstream media claims to discuss each side of every argument. But for two years they have suppressed the truth and demonised the truth tellers. I have been lied about constantly in the media and online.

Right at the start of this fraud I proposed a debate on the science around covid. I was ignored.

But it’s now time for the big networks to offer the British people a proper debate.

All TV and radio stations have given government scientists massive amounts of airtime to put forward their points of view – promoting the covid fraud and the covid jabs. But they’ve refused to allow anyone to question what they’ve been saying.

Last week I challenged the main networks to let me debate, live, with Dr Whitty, Sir Patrick Vallance or any number of scientists from SAGE. The programme must be live so that it cannot be edited.

I’ve heard nothing.

It seems that no mainstream producer anywhere in Britain has the guts to set up such a debate.

They know it would bring in massive numbers of viewers or listeners.

But they are afraid to set up such a debate because they know that the establishment spokespeople would be embarrassed and humiliated in public. They know that I can expose the covid fraud as a big lie.

Why should they debate with me?

Well, I’ve been writing and broadcasting about drugs and iatrogenesis for over 50 years. My books have been translated into 26 languages and sell around the world. My campaigns have changed Government policy.

And everything I have said for the last two years has been absolutely accurate. I’ve made over 300 videos, written six books and hundreds of articles. My predictions and warnings are all on the record.

I don’t believe there is anyone in Government with a track record half as good.

I’m not interested in a debate on anything other than a major network with a chance to reach tens of millions. And I’m only interested in debating with Whitty, Valance or advisors from SAGE. I want one or more of the organ grinders in a studio. And it must be live.

Let’s do this properly. The people deserve a proper debate so that they can see for themselves how they’ve been lied to, betrayed and manipulated.

If they believe that they’re right about covid and the covid jabs then why wouldn’t they debate? If they think they can support their own arguments and destroy mine, why wouldn’t they want a chance to do so in public

If no one will accept my challenge then that will be all the evidence we need that the Government and its advisors have cheated, that covid was never more than the rebranded flu and that the media has been bought.

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Thank you for sharing this video, it would be nice to see Vernon Coleman debate T.H.E.M.

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You're welcome.
Unfortunately it will never happen.
Vernon is not on their propaganda payroll.
He would rip THEM to shreds.



Australia Senator Confirms: COVID Vax Contains Nanotechnology; self-assembling inside PEOPLE. Calls it “Genocide”

Malcolm Ieuan Roberts (born 3 May 1955) is an Australian politician. He is a member of One Nation and has been a Senator for Queensland, Australia since 2019. He also served in the Senate from 2016 to 2017.

Appearing on the TV Show “Maria Zee Uncensored” Roberts dropped bombshells of information about the COVID-19 vaccines. He told viewers there is proof of nanotechnologyinside the Pfizer vaccine. He then showed images of what appear to be self-assembling nanoparticles in both the vaccine itself, and inside the blood of humans injected with the vaccine.


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You're welcome.

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A vote to provide Chief Health Officer with total immunity from decisions made in last two years.

Listen to this speech in Parliament, it is the most SHOCKING POLITICAL COVER-UP in Australian history!

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