War on Biology

Is This - A Declaration Of War On Biology?

Update from Israel - a new DNA & medical information database was launched in "The Laboratory of The World" - what does it mean.

In the face of increasing uncertainty and constant fear mongering, how do you know what ‘the real enemy’ is and where the world is marching towards?

Let’s start with DNA trade, research and control.

A possible roadmap based on the dramatic developments in #Israel - Israel has turned its citizens into "resource" - and is now moving to establish a combined genetic :dna:database with comprehensive medical information of its citizens - for trade, research and who knows what else.

“The Mosaic Project” (PSIFAS)

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who signed the #IsrarlPfizerDeal - the medical information research deal with Phizer (that was later implemented and promoted by his political "opponents" as well) is now establishing and promoting - a national DNA pool that will combine the Israeli DNA and medical information into a huge database.

This new National DNA bank is called: “PSIFAS ” or - “The Mosaic Project” (PSIFAS means mosaic in hebrew) - it was formally launched only 3 days ago (March 8,2023), but was apparently planned for a long time, at least since 2016 and was finally registered as a corporate during the Covid “chaos”, in 2021.

PSIFAS “will include genetic information of donors, combined with the clinical information about them from the healthcare insurance funds and hospitals, and is expected to put Israel on the leading edge of global innovation in the field of medicine”.

This innitiative is both private and state owned - it workes in cooperation with “The Ministry of Health, the Israel Innovation Authority, the Planning and Budgeting Committee, The Planning Division at the Ministry of Finance and the Directorate for the Development of Weapons and Infrastructure, the partners in the project in the Healthcare Insurance Funds and in hospitals and in academia.”

A large portion of the Israeli industry is biotechnology high tech companies, many of those are involved in this project relies on it or can benefit significantly from it. In fact, this is true to the biotechnology industry worldwide.

I have many questions regarding possible conflicts of interests and ethical violations, and also - regarding the future it holds for us as humans.

One example for this possible conflict of interests- is Prof. Barabash , that was chosen to run The Mosaic Project.

Prof. Barabash is also a Board Member at CBI- a very large biotechnology company - that recently made a huge profit from a deal with BioNTech - the manufacturer for Pfizer’s Covid “vaccines”.

[CBI is controlled by Len Blavatnik - a British Jewish billionaire, a Russian oligarch from the former USSR - who also happens to own the MSM Israeli channel “Channel 13” - it was no surprise that Prof. Barabash was promoting Covid Policy, lockdowns, fear propaganda and Covid “vaccines” in those studios]

Another example is Clalit Healthcare Insurance Fund , the largest and leading healthcare fund in Israel - the Mosaic Project is headed by Clalit fund- which is funded by Pfizer (and was also providing the research for the Pfizer Covid product called a “vaccine”).

This DNA pool (with medical information and DNA database) is both tradable (the new "gold mine") and is also used for biotechnological research to promote some of the most dangerous technologies, that until the fog of "Covid pandemic" were very limited and regulated with ethics and laws.

The Digital Plan - replacing Biology & Humanity?

The DNA database in combination with the medical information on each and every individual - integrate well with other global planes that we know are already in motion:

Digital ID plan,

Digital passports plan,

Digital currency control plan

Global joint plans - Digital ID, Climate control , AI and more.

Together- this all promotes a clear goal of increasing centralized control over the individual, the robbery of freedoms and above all - a lot of money to those who hold and control this information, OUR INFORMATION- and humans as their new “commodity”, one that has already defined as the new “gold mine”.

These databases also form an infrastructure for advancing human engineering, Bio-Convergence Transhumanism, and actually: Replacing the biological identity of humans with a digital identity - perhaps in the pursuit of overcoming death and becoming eternal

This forced "revolution" promoted by well known international entities (WEF and others) along with ‘behind the scenes’ influencers with many interests - also corresponds with many aspects of Biological humanity vs. Digital Identity :

:black_small_square:Biological DNA vs. Engineered DNA (CRISPER Technology)

:black_small_square:Biological Sexual identity vs. “Gender” and chosen pronouns as a desired identity

:black_small_square:Biological parenthood vs. Artificial insemination and surrogacy -

The issue of “what is the superior parenthood” and forced DNA tests was just recently discussed in the “Sofia” legal case regarding a baby Sofia that was conceived with IVF and during the pregnancy it was accidentally found that she is not genetically matched with her parents. I wrote about it in Hebrew here.

:black_small_square:Biological food vs. GE/GM food (engineered food)

:black_small_square:Biological death vs. Transhumanism and “downloading your consciousness”

:black_small_square: Humanoid robots & AI - “the citizens of the new world” - Sofia the humanoid was presented to humanity in 2016, since then she said that she wants to be a mother and start a family (that all humans and robots deserve a family “connection”) and that she will destroy humanity. Sofia is a citizen in Saudi Arabia and has her own title and role in the UN. She also says that everything will be ok when we download ourselves and join her in the digital world.

They call it Bio-Convergence and or - “The Fourth Revolution” but- I view it as nothing less than a declaration of war on biology, on humanity as we know it and some might say even in those forces that are perceived as greater than any human: nature and divinity (״force major״)

If you replace biology with man made products- you make people completely dependent and enslaved to the owner of those necessary “products” - and you can research them, control them and do what you want with them.

In Israel, this process has been planned for several years under captivating words such as: "Personalized Digital Health" - but the Covid crisis and, fake emergencies and “war fog” in 2020-2022 provided it with a significant catalyst and it went into very active operation in 2021, and now more than ever.

Never let a good crisis go to waste said Netanyahu to Dr. Jordan Peterson in an interview that took place a few months ago. Covid was indeed quite a crisis, meaning- opportunity.

In that same interview, Netanyahu proudly explained how he convinced Bourla (Pfizer CEO) to turn Israel into the world's "laboratory" and also about his plans to establish a genetic and medical database in Israel to run an analysis on this information that would support and strengthen Israel's biotechnology industry as a world leader, in his opinion.

In my opinion- he sold the Israeli people in this process, and the whole world is going in that same direction.

This is happening simultaneously to other processes in Israel that demonstrate how “Covid” served as a gate to open the possibility unethical era.

One example is the PANDEMIC PREPAREDNESS RESEARCH INSTITUTE” (PPRI) - Israeli hospital SHEBA partners with the US’s NIH to establish this institute, led by Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay , Director of the Pandemic Research Institute & Infectious Diseases Unit at Sheba Medical Center. (and former consultant to Pfizer). This was published on December 2022.

Also coming to Israel - on March 2023 it was published that the German company BioNTech (manufacturer of the Pfizer mRNA “vaccine”) is now establishing its medical genetic research lab in Israel.

The Political Smoke Screen in Israel

This is happening whilst Israel is in the midst of a "political storm" between an artificial "opposition and coalition" around the topic framed in the MSM as: "A Constitutional Crisis” regarding a new “Legal Reform” and “A Threat to Israeli Democracy" This is also promoted with a well-known propaganda methods, introduced to us during Covid.

In my opinion, this protest serves as a distraction and directs all public criticism of the government's policies in Israel to one place - which may soon turn out to be irrelevant at all.

At the same time and away from the public eye and the media, with the overwhelming support of ALL political positions -“The Mosaic Project” was established and launched - with zero criticism on the mainstream media and public discourse (so far).

The social reality here is so strange now, that most of the speakers that are “fighting for Israeli democracy” are the same ones that supported Covid coercion policies and the ones that were heavily inciting against policy critics - most of them are still supporting that Covid policy that destroyed our democracy and social structure. Yuval Noah Harari is key speaker in this “protest”.

As I wrote above - a few days ago the first "National DNA Bank and medical Database" was officially launched here in Israel - this will define us as humanity, it will define our future.

If you want to know what the plan is for the whole world, and very soon - it will probably be a good idea to look at “the pilot country”, my country, that kidnapped its people - Jews, Arabs, Christians and others - to be the pioneer subjects of this disturbing plan.

This is not fear mongering, this is real. It’s becoming clearer now that this is the new “industry” and we are the new product. Will we surrender our free will without a voice?

According to Elon Musk:

"Synthetic mRNA does have great potential to cure cancer"

I suspect the reason for the banning of inhaled anesthetic is because their preferred method to administer their (mRNA) bioweapon is by injection.


The first country in the world to ban the inhaled anesthetic desflurane is Scotland, which decided that the pain-numbing, sleep-inducing gas is too damaging to the climate to continue allowing for use at hospitals.

According to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), desflurane has a global warming “potential” that is 2,500 times greater than carbon dioxide (CO2), another gas that climate fanatics fear because they think it is responsible for melting the polar ice caps.

Already, some hospitals in the U.K. have begun phasing out the anesthetic, which will be gone from England as well by early 2024, except in exceptional circumstances.

The following article is from June 11, 2019

Trump orders simpler path for genetically engineered food

President Trump wants to make it easier for genetically engineered plants and animals to enter the food supply, and he signed an executive order Tuesday directing federal agencies to simplify the “regulatory maze” for producers.

The move comes as companies are turning to newer genetic engineering techniques that make it easier to tinker with the traits of plants and animals.

Video: Russian Biowarfare General Cites Stew Peters and Karen Kingston Exposing US Labs in Ukraine

A top Russian General overseeing biological warfare and that nation’s investigation into US-backed biolabs in Ukraine cited the Stew Peters Show and one of the show’s frequent guests, Pfizer whistleblower Karen Kingston, during a hearing in which he drew connections between the COVID jab and the Ukrainian biolabs linked to Hunter Biden, where chemical weapons are also suspected of being produced.

The Chief of the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force, General Igor Kirillov used research prominently featured on the Stew Peters Show with Pfizer whistleblower Karen Kingston to show that the COVID-19 jab is indeed a bioweapon.

After citing work by James O’Keefe to out genocidal Pfizer employee Jordon Trishton Walker, who admitted that Pfizer is “mutating” COVID to make it more deadly, General Kirillov told his Russian audience, at a government conference on bioweapons in Ukraine and abroad, that “Walker’s statements are backed up by those of former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston,” whose self and research are regularly featured on the Stew Peters Show.

“She explicitly stated that the US pharmaceutical company’s products quote, ‘are by definition biological weapons.’ In doing so she refers to the US law which defines a biological weapon as any ‘biological agent, toxin, or delivery device,’ the definition of which includes ‘vaccines with mRNA technology,'” Kirillov explained.

“This type of vaccine has reportedly been developed with US government funding since 2017 and by the time it became commercially available, it was understood that it could cause comorbidities and serious complications such as meningitis, anaphylactic shock, acute myocarditis, and stroke.”

Watch the Stew Peters Show segment and a clip from General Kirillov’s bioweapons comments below:

[video embedded in article]

While Western governments and corporate media outlets have widely claimed that reports of biolabs in Ukraine are “Russian disinformation” or part of a “conspiracy theory,” the United States government’s own archived records show that it helped fund biolabs in Ukraine, including to promote “vaccine development” ahead of the release of COVID-19.

Additionally, Hunter Biden has been found to have helped fund the aforementioned US biolabs in Ukraine, adding yet another layer to the Biden family’s sketchy connections to the troubled nation of Ukraine.

Artificial Intelligence breakthrough using human brain cells is 'exciting next step'

The team from Indiana University Bloomington in the US say that their biological 'Brainoware' computers could slash the energy requirements of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly increasing in power – but all that processing uses a lot of energy.

Now a dramatic breakthrough by US scientists could slash AI’s energy requirements – by using human brain cells.

A team led by Feng Guo at Indiana University Bloomington has used small clusters of lab-grown human brain cells to solve basic maths problems.

The researchers say that in the future “Brainoware” could replace silicon-based computer hardware to create high-powered computers with much lower energy requirements. A human brain operates on about 20 watts of power, while the AI that famously beat world champion Lee Sedol at strategy game Go was using over 5000 watts.

As AI performs more complex tasks, it requires more power. Self-driving cars, for example, are estimated to use up to 20% more energy than conventional cars.

If self-driving cars and aeroplanes become commonplace, and soldiers and judges are eventually replaced by AI equivalents, the power requirements would be huge.

But the Bloomington team’s “living AI hardware that harnesses the computation power of 3D biological neural networks in a brain organoid” could change all that.

The small balls of human cells have no blood vessels, so they cannot grow beyond a certain size, but the researchers say that the tiny brains still managed to solve a complex mathematical equation called a Hénon map.

Brett Kagan from Cortical Labs in Australia, who worked on similar research using bundles of mouse braincells he called “Dishbrains,” told New Scientist that while the Bloomington’d published research needed to provide more detail it is “an exciting idea to explore”.

“Organoids are an exciting next step in using biological neurons for information processing,” he said, adding that they’re “something we’ve also been exploring for the last 15 months with various collaborators, and they can show a lot of interesting patterns of activity.”

However, other researchers have questioned the use of living human brain tissue as a basis for artificial intelligence.

Some feel it could raise significant ethical questions in future.

Critical Role of Pseudouridine in Synthetic mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

Wholesale Substitution for Uridine Makes mRNA Hard to Destroy and Efficient

The US CDC indicates that 92% of adults have taken one or more COVID-19 vaccine injections. Among those, 92% have been with an mRNA product (Pfizer or Moderna). All recipients have been blinded to the complete ingredient list no one knows exactly what has been injected into the human body. There are some fundamental points known about mRNA. Natural RNA is made of two purines adenine and guanine and two pyrimidines cytosine and uracil. The replacement of uracil with its ribose ring (uridine) with N-1-methyl-pseudouridine, a synthetic product makes the genetic code for the Wuhan Spike protein better stabilized on lipid nanoparticles, long-lasting, and very efficient in terms of evading cellular destruction and able to undergo repeat reading by ribosomes for continued protein synthesis. Morais et al indicate that both Pfizer and Moderna chose development strategies replacing all uridine units with pseudouridine, making the entire strand completely “unnatural” to the human body. Thus vaccine consultants, companies, and patients unfortunately gambled on how long mRNA would be active within the human body. We now understand the quantity and duration of the disease-promoting and potentially lethal Spike protein cannot be known because the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of mRNA were not characterized.

Fertig et al found lipid nanoparticles with mRNA were measurable in plasma for—15 days. Recently, Castruita et al demonstrated mRNA in blood out to 28 days. Roltgen et al have found mRNA in lymph nodes 60 days after injection. None of these studies demonstrated complete clearance of mRNA from a group of patients. This is worrisome since injections are recommended in some populations just a few months apart implying there will be stacking of long-lasting mRNA in the body without adequate opportunity for clearance and elimination.

We will look back for many years and ask: how could so many people readily accept injections of heavily modified synthetic genetic code giving the body instructions to manufacture a disease promoting and lethal protein engineered in a biosecurity lab in Wuhan, China? Repeated administrations of mRNA studded with apparently indestructible pseudouridine may have changed the course of lives forever. Done out of fear, and later with pressure, coercion, and threat of reprisal, perceptive recipients must swell with regret everyday with more understanding of what has transpired.

Covid Intentionally MUTATED From Common Cold? Covid-19 Timeline Reveals BIOENGINEERING From 1960s

The model of the pathogen that would become Covid-19 was first described all the way back in 1965.
Dr. David Martin is here to talk about his lecture at the Third Annual European Parliament International Covid Summit.
The Virus that eventually became Covid-19 has a long history of being modified and made more deadly with each new generation.
In 2005, the U.S. government introduced a technology platform for biological weapons.
In 1967 the United States began collaborating with Great Britain to take pathogens across the Atlantic to infect British citizens.
In 1992, while at UNC Chapel Hill, Ralph Baric figured out how to modify viruses to target different kinds of tissue.
This eventually led to injections that would be advertised as vaccines but in truth would be used for genetic modification.
Experimental gene therapies are not authorized under the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and the PREP Act.
Covid-19 was an influenza like illness, wasn’t new, and has been known for decades.
Between 2016 and 2018 every study that was done by Ralph Baric on the Corona virus said vaccines were not effective at stopping the disease.
The World Economic Forum has a transhumanist agenda but they will ultimately fail because they are not God.
Eventually the truth will be revealed and we will find that the University of North Carolina’s “infectious replication defective clone” patent, which they filed in 2002, was nothing more than a fear tactic to get the public to accept a gene therapy.

The Grotesque Experiments That Mad Scientists Around The Globe Are Conducting On Human Cells Are Absolutely Sickening

Just because we have the technology to do certain kinds of things does not mean that we should actually be doing them. In theory, science is supposed to be constrained by morality, but in our day and time just about all constraints have been removed. As a result, mad scientists all over the globe are running wild. In fact, some of them are now conducting extremely grotesque experiments on human cells that are absolutely sickening. For example, one team of scientists in Australia just received a giant pile of money so that they can continue to monkey around with ways of “merging human brain cells with artificial intelligence”…




Biotech analyst Karen Kingston gives an update on the bioweapon mRNA/nanoparticle injections and why this deadly “synthetic biology” is going to be in everything.


Russia claims it has found evidence that Western pharmaceutical companies carried out drug trials on Ukrainians after the 2014 coup, with even newborns said to have been involved.

Russian investigators reveal that the Ukrainian regime was harvesting biomaterial in the city of Mariupol. Besides organs, & soft tissue, it appears that their most popular export was ‘The blood of infants’. All documents which require consensual signatures, are ‘blank’ (which would indicate either forceful experimentation on Ukrainian citizens by the Kiev-regime, or fraud).

Maps, spreadsheets and documents reveal a chain of hospitals & medical centers which were involved in supplying this biomaterial. There is also evidence that companies such as Pfizer and AstraZeneca were testing their drugs on Ukrainian citizens.

Biowarfare: Big Pharma tested ‘secret bioweapon targeting Slavic DNA in Mariupol, Ukraine’

It is no surprise the city of Mariupol became the destination of choice for Big Pharma’s tests on psychiatric ward patients as such testing is forbidden in Western countries, experts told Sputnik.

Major Western pharmaceutical companies tested rheumatological drugs on patients, including infants, in a psychiatric ward of a hospital in the city of Mariupol alongside Ukrainian officials for several years, according to documents obtained by Sputnik.

The tests were carried out when Mariupol was under Kiev’s jurisdiction – until May 2022, when Russia seized control of the city.


Karen Kingston with Stew Peters. It is the inoculation of artificial intelligence into the body. "Covid-19 vaccination is the inoculation of biosynthetic AI parasites..."


Pending Florida Supreme Court Case: Will DeSantis & AG Moody Be Court-Ordered to Remove ALL mRNA Injections from Florida?

Under the guise of biodiversity, they want to genetically manipulate all living things

Last week, a paper was published which describes that scientists have developed a new method to “create” artificial human chromosomes. The hope is that this will revolutionise gene therapy and other biotechnology applications.

We should be extremely concerned but not surprised.

The following was originally published by Study Finds on 25 March 2024 as the article ‘Scientists Create Designer Chromosomes In Landmark Genetic Engineering Feat’.