Vox accuses the Andalusian government of recognising Gibraltar's sovereignty over the waters on its website.

The spokesperson for the Vox Parliamentary Group in the Andalusian Parliament, Manuel Gavira, accused the Moreno Bonilla government during the regular Wednesday press conference of being "Picardo's useful idiot" and "playing into his hands," after denouncing how the official website of the Andalusian Regional Government explicitly recognizes Gibraltar's sovereignty over waters that "belong to Spain."

Gavira demanded that Moreno Bonilla, instead of "being in the history of self-government," should focus on understanding "what is on its website," referring to the Andalusian Regional Government's website.

The Vox parliamentary spokesperson expressed surprise and indignation that it is the Andalusian Regional Government, led by the PP, that "says our fishermen cannot fish here," as the Regional Government itself explicitly recognizes on its official website "the claims over those waters that Gibraltar thinks are theirs," something that Gavira considers "very serious."

"This is the government we have here in Andalusia, and that's how we're doing," Gavira remarked while lamenting that "they are not even capable of defending what is ours."

Andalusian fishermen only "want to work, they don't want aid"
As Gavira pointed out, "we are talking about families that risk their lives and all they want is to work, to earn a living for their families," and even if the weather conditions are not ideal, they have to go fishing because otherwise, they won't eat.

Gavira insisted that Andalusian fishermen "don't want aid; they want to be able to work and be allowed to do so in these waters," which, as the Vox spokesperson emphasized, "are Spanish waters."

"Gibraltar takes advantage of the weakness of the Sánchez government"
According to Gavira, the authorities in Gibraltar are taking advantage "to exert pressure and harassment on Andalusian fishermen" because they "know the weakness of the Spanish government and know that Sánchez is more concerned with pleasing, appeasing, and accepting the demands of the parties that want to break up Spain," he concluded.