Virginia promises COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory


It’s Here: First Court Case Against Mandatory Vaccination (Video)

Posted on March 14, 2021 by State of the Nation

Spiro Skouras discusses the case with leading lawyer named Ana Garner who states there is a lot at stake and she wants to take this case to the Supreme Court. So what good will this do? The people need to return to God's LAWS in or for true Justice to reign.

video is 26:05

ALL of man made-up fraudulent legislation is satanic and evil and will NEVER accomplish True Justice, Freedom and Prosperity.

Without God's Perfect LAW (found primarily in the first five books of the Bible) we will never be able to experiences real JUSTICE. Deut. 4:2, 12:32 The True Bible

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The Supreme Court in America has refused to hear all the election fraud cases, thus proving that it is a corrupt and highly compromised court led by the alleged pedophile John Roberts. On many, if not on all, levels, the judicial system within America has been compromised and is no longer working for the people. Not sure that enough people realize that without a justice system, justice cannot be achieved. As simple as that sounds, it appears to be beyond the limits of understanding for most people.

"The Word of God told Isaiah the Prophet (in chapter 42:10-11)"


Without a just justice system, what power do the people have?

The video does not refer to vaccines, but it is about the election fraud. Will the so-called judicial system respond in a similar fashion for vaccines; like a brick wall?


Dear @NancyDrewberry,


Totally agree, most still think they can make a difference enforcing this satanic, evil to the core system, this will clearly never work for GOOD, it's what has gotten us all into this mes to begin with, NOT TRUSTING GOD ALMIGHTY AND HIS LAWS.

Totally disagree with the attorney in the film named Susan, she claims there is no need for new LAWS when these man made-up rules are not LAWS, they are fraudulent legislation and truthfully they must GO. She does go on to dig up evidence and point out some important point s about the ballots and fraud of the election.

How can the courts refuse to look at evidence if we the people are their bosses? All of this Provs they do not abide by their own rules muss less GOD'S LAWS.

The system is broke, we must return to God's LAW. In fact not only in America but the fraudulent system throughout the whole world is broke which proves God was right when He told us not to add to or take from His Perfect Laws, also proving He knows best. Man has arrogantly disregarded His Good instructions and His LAWS, thus creating this huge mess the world is in now. Therefore we are all responsible to help clean it up taking one step at a time in the right direction to do so. As Christ has told us to do, unite into one brother to accomplish this. The Way to learn how to do this, (love your brother as much or more than yourself), is to read and digest, put into action, what this extrodinary little book says, the book found in Revelation 10:2-10. If you think you are already saved think again, find some real humility starting a fresh this time listening to and obeying the GO(0)D voice inside. Please see link for download and audibale The Way Home


Thank-you @Persistent