Vexille (2007)

Clip from the film 2:18 mins

Japan, 2077: A female agent named Vexille is dispatched to Tokyo to investigate whether Japanese are developing robotic technology, which has been banned by the U.N. due to its potential threat to humankind.


A clip (8:49 minutes) that elaborates further:


Vaxville: The Total Enslavement of the Human Race Engineered by Kill Gates and Satan Klaus

Did a 2007 Japanese cartoon about a vaccine that was used to enslave humanity predict the future? Or was it, asks Jeff Berwick, just used to gauge the public’s response to such an idea?

An Early Warning Cartoon: How to Take Over The World

premonitory cartoon 1930 "introduce a Weaponised Influenza" "Flood Newspapers and Radio with Death" "Shut Down Shops and Churches" "Use Law Enforcement To Stifle Dissent" "Parade The Sick And the Dead" "Inject a Vaccine To Sterilise The Work shy and Euthanize the Old" "the People who Own the Banks now owns the hospitals. This is Their Plan To Own YOU" 1 week ago

'UK viewers are reminded that policing strategy and training is to be on a global basis.

'The Ryton Hydra Suite was commissioned and licenced in 2007 and is one of three College of Policing Hydra Suites in the UK situated on a multi-purpose secure site that is staffed 24/7.

'The site is capable of delivering high quality training events, workshops, key briefings, conferences and seminars to a wide range of policing and public sector audiences.

'It provides a 354 bed residential site with quality, ensuite facilities plus state of the art simulation facilities and a 250 seat conference centre.

'The Hydra Suite has a large Plenary room, six syndicate rooms, video editting suite, dedicated studio and 'live' role play room. The large Control Room also has a separate Subject Matter Expert and facilitator room.

'There are currently international Hydra suites in the U.S.A. Canada, Australia and Ireland.

'All of these suites deliver their own bespoke exercises.

'For example, the LAPD suite run Counter-terrorism exercises, and the suite in New South Wales run a pandemic exercise.

'In line with standard Hydra practice, the international suites also build on the knowledge and experience of colleagues across the globe.

'With the advent of Hydra in the Cloud, the possibilities for further linking up these multiple sites are exciting: For example, a Hydra exercise could begin in one suite in London, the storyline could then move to Ireland, then America, and could finish in Australia.'

sovereigntea comments -

The Hydra Foundation Community

'There are now 84 Hydra and Minerva suites around the world and coverage across the UK is extensive.

'The majority of these are suites Police and Fire Service; Hydra is also operating in the Ministry of Defence Police, and the UK National Crime Agency and the UK National College of Policing.

'Across the world, Hydra is opeating in Ireland, LAPD, and there are three Police installations in Australia, in Victoria,, Perth and the Australian Federal Police at Canberra.

'FLETC, The Department of Homeland Security USA, has a suite in its Training Centre in Georgia.

'There are strong partnerships with a number of universities across the UK.

'The community is an active one, the Hydra licence ensures that all Hydra courses are available, free of charge, to all Hydra suites.

'There is a dedicated Hydra User Group that supports all suites through the Hydra Foundation website.

'There are regular Hydra User Group meetings at various locations around the UK, with international representatives attending, either in person or via video links.'



sovereigntea4 July 2021 at 01:51

Hydra a curious choice of name for a global policing initiative.

Welcome to the Hydra Foundation.

This debrief took place in the middle of the Covid 19 crisis and was commissioned to elicit responses from members of Local Resilience Forums that could be acted on during the crisis, as opposed to the more usual post incident debrief of lessons learned for the next crisis. The Hydra Foundation has subsequently delivered several similar de-briefs for the Metropolitan Police, the Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Executive. A further interim LRF debrief has been delivered and a safeguarding debrief with education professionals was also delivered recently.

Now lets see Hydra the Marvel Comics definition..

There is no terrorist organization more malevolent, nor influential, than Hydra. Having some of the most evil villains in history among its ranks, Hydra has been wreaking havoc around the globe since World War II.

To combat this threat, S.H.I.E.L.D. rose up as its equal, but opposing, organization. Despite the heroic forces resisting Hydra’s efforts, the dark syndicate continues to sow chaos and disorder across the world.

Dark Origin

Hydra’s name refers to the mythical many-headed Greek creature, and Hydra agents are known to say that if you cut off one head, two more shall take its place—just like the serpent beast once defeated by Hercules. The battle cry of “Hail Hydra!” is another iconic saying within the organization, along with the green and yellow uniforms its agents often wear.

Meet the World Economic Forum

The article includes a video (The Corbett Report - approximately 1 hour) .