There is strange news out of the Vatican. These days, that's not really news, because we've seen a lot of strange stuff coming out of the Vatican since Vatican II, and since the pontificate of Jose Cardinal Bergoglio, a.k.a., Pope Francis I, even more so.

But this latest strangeness shared by S.D. is truly both downright strange in one way, and in another, more of the same in the galloping secularization of the Roman Church, and notably, it's Russia RT that's sharing the story:

Vatican launches approval that might lead to EU ‘founder’ Schuman becoming a saint

Pope Francis has approved a decree recognizing the “heroic virtues” of French politician Robert Schuman, known as an ‘architect’ of the EU. The official decision is one of the first steps to Schuman potentially becoming a saint.

Having served as France’s finance, foreign and prime minister after World War II, the statesman became best known for proposing economic unity among European nations in the so-called “Schuman Plan” of 1950, which eventually evolved into what is known today as the European Union. In the late 1950s, he served as the first president of what is now the European Parliament.

The Pope’s decree on Saturday declares the “heroic virtues” of the politician, who can now be considered and called “venerable” by the faithful of the Roman Catholic Church.

The papacy's move, in other words, is a step toward giving papal sanction and recognition to the EU political and financial structure.

It's the integration of the papal tyranny, and all its claims, with the bureaucratic and financial centralization - tyranny - of the EU. Imagine for a moment the integration of the secrecy of the Vatican Bank, coupled with the papal claims, with the structures of the EU, and you get the picture.

Nothing good, in the long run, will come of it.